• Tue, Sep 9 2008

Win a Set of adesign Professional Makeup Brushes!


This is a travel set of brushes, with mini handles (but full size heads), as well as a brush roll, from adesign!  Included in the set:

6 essential mini handle brushes with full size brush heads. Our mini set includes the following brush styles: Powder, Foundation, Baby Buki, Shadow, Angled Liner and Brow brush.

This is a $45 value – yours for free, if you are the chosen one!

What do you have to do?  Just leave a comment – and tell me what makeup brush you cannot live without!  From all of the qualified comments left before tomorrow at Midnight Eastern time, I will randomly draw a winner.  Easy peasy – come on down!

Image: adesignbrushes.com

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  • http://GlamazonBeauty.Blogspot.com Lydia

    I can not live without my concealer brush from Bare Minerals! I love it!

  • http://www.b5media.com/ Christina

    You know, thats about my fave brush too. I have two of them, and keep thinking I’m going to get another one! Thanks Lydia!

  • Kaye

    I can’t live without big, fluffy blush brushes – they can do anything!

  • http://www.b5media.com/ Christina


    Amen to that, Kaye! Thanks so much for entering, and have a great day!

  • jtmoney

    i can’t live without moisturizer. boring, i know. but what good is makeup if your skin looks terrible?

  • Rachel

    I can’t live without blush. It keeps my look natural, but gives my face some color.

  • http://www.bigwigqueen.blogspot.com Eileen

    I can’t live without my Sonia Kashuk powder brush! It’s amazing and so soft, it blends everything very well together.

  • Ashley K

    I can’t live without my Bare Escentuals kabuki brush, it’s a must have for mineral makeup! But I’d definitely be willing to try these adesign brushes as well :)

  • kelly

    I can’t live without my powder brush!

  • Tatiana

    I love my angled eyeliner brush! i use it not only for gel eyeliner application but for correcting my eyebrows as well, so its quite versatile.

  • raha

    Love my Smashbox Kabuki brush. It’s got goat hair which makes it perfect for face make up application.


    my collection of Sonia Kashuk brushes!

  • Ellen

    I can’t live without my blush brush. It’s from a company (Professional Artist) that no longer exists. I have several of their brushes and they are all great but the blush brush is the perfect size and shape and amazing soft. Thanks

  • http://decoratived.blogspot.com/ Decorative Diva

    I can’t live without my fiber optic blush brush (or skunk brush). Without it, I couldn’t apply blush!

  • http://figuringoutthedetails.blogspot.com/ Victoria

    Absolutely cannot live without a kabuki brush. I love my face powder!


    I can’t do without my MAC 168. I use it daily!

  • vd

    Can’t live without my Tricia Sawyer foundation brush!

  • Beth

    My MAC 217 eye blending brush. Great for everything, adds color really evenly also. Love all their brushes but this one is tops.

  • http://bluemopitz.blogspot.com Sydni

    I can’t live without my prescriptives eye-liner brush. I love my bare escentuals concealer brush too.

  • http://lipstickgraffiti.blogspot.com/ The Smirking Cat

    The only make-up brush I currently use on a regular basis is my e.l.f. eye shadow brush, and I love it (it was $1!) I also have a lip brush for the rare occasions I actually use red or bright lipstick. I’d love to try a big, fluffy powder brush and see if that helps with keeping shine down better than the spongy applicator that comes with pressed powder.

  • Elizabeth Lee

    I LOVE bare essential brushes!
    they are cute and work well!!

  • http://www.drivennurseexec.blogspot.com NurseExec

    Can’t do without my Sonia Kashuk angled blush brush–it’s just the right size for my apples :)

  • http://www.regeneratormag.com rex

    i can’t like without my kabuki brush. you can use it for everything! foundation, blush, setting powder, i even use it for blending eyeshadows or contour.

  • Deda

    I can’t live without my Smashbox eyebrow brush. It is a lifesaver! A close second would be my eyeshadow brush because I adore eyeshadow.

  • Cher

    I can absolutly not live without my powder brush!!! I left mine at my friend’s house one morning and i had to wake up super early and run to walmart to buy a new one because i needed it!!!

  • http://collegebeautyandfashion.blogspot.com/ Mel

    I cannot live without my kabuki brush. It’s so soft, gives great coverage for my makeup, can be used for blush and bronzer, and holds my makeup within the hairs so i can just throw it in my bag and touch up mid-day!

  • Diana

    I cannot live without my …angled eyeliner brush! I have Sephora’s and I like how it does not have a super thin edge. Its a cross between a liner & an eyeshadow brush. This allows me to make awesome cats eyes looks with crazy eyeshadows.

  • hazel

    I have a cute little powder brush from mac that I love!

  • http://willitworkforme.blogspot.com max

    I can’t live without my foundation brush…greatest invention ever!

  • Ana

    I really love my Trish McEvoy #11 flat definer brush. I always get a perfect line, and to have that much confidence in a tool is not common, is it?

  • Becky

    I coudn’t live without my Benefit “get bent” angled eyeliner brush.

  • http://www.beautychatblog.com Stephanie

    Since a good friend of mine told me applying make up is all about your brushes, I can’t pick just one. I use to use just any old brush now Its like I an addiction to find the best ones out there. If I have to pick just one then I would say the Angled Brush because i can use it for a few different things.

  • Bailey

    I love my i.d. Bare Minerals brush. I use it everyday to apply the warmth/veil. It really does give the best glow/dewy look.

  • Kimberly

    Although I use my foundation brush on a regular basis, without a doubt I absolutely can’t live without my blending & concealer brushes. It’s important to get your eye makeup right, because if it’s not it’s messes up your entire look.

  • http://devildrinksmilk.blogspot.com Ana Baptista

    I can’t live without my smudge brush from Sephora. I have 4 of them!

  • http://www.b5media.com/ Christina


    I like that one too, Stephanie – thanks so much (all of you) for participating and good luck!

  • http://www.b5media.com/ Christina


    I wonder if thats the same one I use for my eyebrow powder/wax. Great brush!!

  • http://www.b5media.com/ Christina


    Yeah – that is the one I have. I LOVE that one too! Thanks Deda!! :)

  • http://akgonzalez72.fotoblog.uol.com.br Andréa Gonzalez

    I can´t live without my sephora foundation brush…I had bad acne as a teenager and this one helps to hide the scars…

  • http://akgonzalez72.fotoblog.uol.com.br Andréa Gonzalez

    I can´t live without my sephora foundation brush…I had bad acne as a teenager and this one helps to hide the scars…

  • Karen

    Love, love,love my double ended concealer brush from Bobbi Brown. Once cried when I couldn’t find it. I am pathetic.

  • K

    Ooh, I desperately need a mini set to store at the gym! Me please!

  • SkylarV217


    I cannot live without my 266 from MAC for applying my fluidline! It’s my saviour!

  • Mary Jenkins

    I love my lip brush, but I want that Kabuki brush pretty badly! it would be my favorite!

  • hannah

    i love my foundation brush, and it’s from avon! before i used a brush, my foundation was fugly, ya’ll! now i can at least put it on evenly, lol.

  • Megan

    I cannot, CANNOT live without my MAC angled brush. My eyebrows are so light I look like an alien! I won’t leave the house without my eyebrows on. I also use it for my eye liner. :)

  • Zoey

    I use a lot of powder, and I could NEVER go without my bamboo powder brush from EcoTools. It’s sturdy and visually pleasing, and the brush is very soft!

  • Yvonne

    I simply can’t choose one. I love eyeliner brushes- they are great for applying creme or liquid eyeliners. I have started acquiring a blush collection. I also like blush brushes!

  • Julie

    This is a prize it kills me to have come across too late. I just found your website! I only began wearing mineral makeup this year, and true to all things I do, I’ve now become “brush obsessive.” I’ve yet to find the perfect buffer and/or applicating brush. But I think it would be a dome or long handled kabuki type. That case alone gives me the shivers. Congrats to the lucky winner!

  • Trish

    I absolutely can’t live without my MAC foundation brush!!

  • layla

    i would love to own a blush brush i have a great foundation brush

  • http://youtube layla

    would love a blush brush

  • charlotte

    there was just a little girl
    in just al little hometown
    her passion for make-up was hugeee
    and to be honest, she really got talent ^^
    but her problem; the brushes
    the beautytiefs, had stolen all of her brushes
    and that little incent girl, has no brushes anymore.
    soo please help this girl :)

    hihi, oright i’m just joking
    i love make-up
    i love free
    i love brushes
    i love contest

    so i loveeeee to win this
    because i’m looking for good stuff
    for ages:$

  • Omgiitsfee

    I cant live without my eye brush

  • Iqra

    i cannot live without my blush brush

  • allpink

    I cannot live without my makeup brush

  • zina

    I love makeup brushes and i cannot live without them. these brushes would make my makeup look even more fabulous

  • Stacey Fleming

    Foundation brush!
    As it makes my foundation easier to put on, looking better!!

  • Christina

    My blush brush! I hope this contest isn’t over yet! :D

  • Lauren

    my favourite make up brush is an eye-shadow brush because it makes the eye-shadow look more evened out and look better

  • Natasha

    Omg i cant live without my air brush. any will be fine

  • ruthiepink

    I love the airbrush but lets go a little original huh?

  • Lakna

    i love the powder brush coz it’s the best!!:)

  • sarah

    i absolutely love the eyeshadow blending brush … imagine having unblended eyeshadow, i love my blush brush also. i think foundation brush is ok too.

  • kendyl

    i love makeup i cant live without my eyeshadow brush and of course my blending brush i like like eyeliner brushes but my fave is the buki brush love it. <3 :)

  • Sarah

    i can not live without my foundation brush, i love love love it! =]

  • ishi

    hi :)
    i could not live with out my foundation brush! it is just amazing, it gives me the perfect coverage :D