Victoria Beckham with a New Pixie Haircut.

Victoria Beckham debuted her new shorter haircut yesterday at the Marc Jacobs show during New York Fashion Week. We are glad she finally got rid of the wedged bob look. It’s over! Leave it to Posh to go shorter and probably start a new pixie-cut trend.

Now, this cute looks adorable on Victoria. She is tiny and has the face to wear a super short hair style like this. Woman everyone will no doubt be running to their stylists in the weeks to come wanting to copy Victoria’s new look. We send out a word of caution – this look will be everywhere, and a super short hair cut does not work for a lot of face types. The “barely there” bangs look is very hard to pull off. We sure hope anyone considering the dramatic cut does show with only good advice and extreme caution.

What do you think? are you liking Victoria’s new hair style? Will you want to copy this look? Let us know in the comments.

Image: Newscom

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    • CJ

      I think she’s gone from bad to worse. She looks like a poor starving child. I cannot believe anyone would want to copy this ugly hairstyle!

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    • g

      she looks great! she is a tiny, tiny woman and can pull off this look with out a doubt! i personally think she looks best with short hair and if this is close to her natural color well then good for her on that account too! society dictates way too much about the “rules” for women today. long hair is not for everyone. vb is a prime example. last years “do” was not long by any stretch and women were flocking to salons to cut off their locks in attempt to look half as good as vb did. this is a great look for HER!! that’s the real key here. she doesn’t look like every other hollywood star and therefore that is risky.

    • Laura Palmer


    • Jade Wright

      It looks good. It’s fun to cut your hair different. I have a great set of Kamisori’s and use them all the time.

    • LauraLee

      Love it
      needs the festive eye make-up and confidence to pull it off- but i think it is very feminine and sexy! – think of all the color changes possible with something this short and the great jewelry!

    • Ellen

      I actually have been wearing my hair almost exactly like this for years. It is a difficult style to pull off, and with short hair a bad cut is a lot easier than a good one (and I’ve had plenty of bad ones >__<. Careful who you get to cut your hair!) However, with the right cut and face shape, short cuts can be very feminine and cute.