Nestle Goes Foo Foo With Glowelle

glowelle Good ol down home Nestle is going fancy on us with a new drink, Glowelle, that is being touted as a beauty supplement.  That is all well and good – I am all about nutritional drinks and beauty from the inside out, but Glowelle is available only at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf’s.  Huh?  I guess they don’t want to reach the masses.   And with the price somewhere around $5-6 apiece (for a packet that you pour into your own drink), they aren’t going to.  Maybe they will reevaluate this one.

Pass me a Crunch bar.  Chocolate is good for my skin too, right?

Image: Nestle

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    • charlotte

      i love this stuff! i just started taking it and i noticed a difference in my overall feeling right away…i felt happier, more energetic, and refreshed. even if it doesnt do anything for my skin i’ll take it. and if you get a 30 day pack its only $3.73 a packet…far cheaper than starbucks, and right around the price of 3 crunch bars.

    • cc

      I wasn’t impressed with the product for the price. $40.00 for 7 little packets. For a trial size it’s rediculously expensive. It should be more like $1 a packet with gas prices being what they are. I don’t care if it’s comparable to Buying a Starbucks, because it has nothing near the same appeal, and Starbucks has been around longer. If they want to draw in the public then they need to consider giving away at least a weeks worth of product to allow woment to really try it to see how they look and feel, because you can’t tell much from one shot glass. I didn’t notice much difference except that I wasn’t able to sleep after taking Glowelle for one day, It kept me up all night. If they want to draw people in then this is not a great marketing ploy, it needs serious revision. And the sales people, though being nice were just not convincing enough about the product, they were extremely vauge in their knowledge of the product. One of them that did have nice skin, actually admitted that she had been getting facial peels from a dermatologist, which seemed like more incentive to go to the dermotologist than take Glowelle.

    • Christina

      Charlotte – I’m glad to hear you have had good success with Glowelle!

      CC – Ya know, I would sure think that if they were selling something like this, they would have some superfantastic folks there pitching it to you. Wouldn’t you? I do like the fact that it gave you energy though, that is something that I always feel like I’m lacking.

    • sharon

      You know, I really love all these nutritional stuff that I can drink…. because pills just don’t do it for me. I can’t even remember to take my daily vitamins in that form!

      But the only think I can say is….. I can’t wait to try this out and hopefully, there’s not much calories to the drink :)

    • Skip Hire

      I didn’t notice much difference except that I wasn’t able to sleep after taking Glowelle for one day, It kept me up all night.