Oh My Gawd, Robert Downey JR Shaved!!

56th San Sebastian Film Festival: Tropic Thunder Photocall

Praise The Lord, Hallelujah! Robert Downey Jr. must have stumbled upon all my whining. He must have realized that the provenance of my slight depression was his obvious disregard to recognize that little thing called, razor. Or maybe he’s done shooting a movie where a mustache was necessary.

Nevertheless, thank goodness he shaved his mustache off. I can go to sleep happy.

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    • MD

      He must have taken your advice, Dexie. Hey Robert, she does know best! ;-)

    • Karan

      Wow i had alot of respect for him with his mustache in Iron man. That was a real mans mustache and i was gonna get mine down like that. Sad to see him shave but i guess he’ll let it back in when he continues making iron man 2