• Tue, Oct 14 2008

Happy Birthday Hugh Jackman!!


Happy 40th Birthday Hugh Jackman. You can be my Wolverine any day. *SWOON*. Hugh Jackman celebrated by taking a dip at Bronte Beach in Sydney, Australia, on the day after his 40th Birthday. Nice swimshorts..LOL. If it takes a birthday to get Hugh Jackman to take his shirt off, celebrate it everyday. Please! :)

(Image : Newscom)

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  • http://www.zebraavenue.com Karl

    I have to admit, he is in pretty damm good shape for turning 40. Makes me kinda jealous.. I gotta hit the gym.

  • http://www.sheknowsbest.com Dexie

    Karl that’s exactly why I did it. Motivational purposes. LOL ;)

  • Kepa

    Shizer, I didn’t realise the old codger was as built as that. Definite inspiration. Though it’ll probably be a while before I’m anywhere close to that.

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  • MD

    He’s cheating. His skeleton’s made from adamantium!

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