Unique Way to Store Your Lipstick

Are you like me? You own more lipsticks and glosses than, say, every woman on your block? Maybe your town? Yeah, that would be me. So I had an interesting idea to store them…sort of makeup train meets skillful hunter–an amo case.

ammo case lipstick

Never thought about that? Just look at the picture. If you look quick enough, didn’t you think you just saw a case of lipstick? It’s perfect for lipgloss too. Store everything upside down so that the label is showing making the color and brand you are looking for easy to find.

Do you have a unique way to store your makeup? Let’s hear it!

*Photo Credit: Outdoor Superstore

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    • http://www.beautybentobox.com Sasha

      Fantastic idea! I’d love to get my glosses and lipsticks and lip creams a case like it! Collection is still too small for storage concerns, though. I guess I need to buy more! Hehe. XD

    • http://wwww.myspace.com/workingnetwork Teija

      What a great idea!

    • http://decoratived.blogspot.com/ Decorative Diva

      I’m definitely a lippy lover. I have more lippies than anyone I know locally. I actually just bought this case that has 4 separate compartments for me to store my favorites in, so I can separate things out. It’s soft sided but firm in shape. 2 of the compartments are small, one side is meant for brushes but I use it to store my MAC pro longwear lip colors.

    • http://shopaholicsdaily.com Shopping Diva

      This makes so much sense! Here’s to organizing your bathroom counter which I’m on my way to do!

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    • http://youthful-skincare.blogspot.com/ The Skincare Lady

      Have you tried any other products from the Jenna Kidd line at Target? I’ve been curious about them.

    • http://www.browsemakeup.blogspot.com/ adrin

      how if i want to change link with you ? can u email me, i’m from indonesia

    • Sabrina

      Great idea, thanks!

    • Sophie

      I’ve read some comments on here saying that they store their makeup in their bathrooms. Quick tip: DO NOT STORE YOUR MAKEUP IN YOUR BATHROOM. All the steam from showers/baths is warm – hot and moist, which’ll land on your makeup and bacteria will grow. Save your makeup by keeping it in your room or somewhere which isn’ too warm or moist.