Is Something Wrong With Daniel Craig?


Look closely and carefully at Daniel Craig aka James Bond. Do you see anything wrong with his v-neck sweater cardigan, dress shirt, tie, and trouser ensemble? If you think there is, then something is wrong with you my friend.

I can’t see anything negative in this picture of Daniel Craig. He looks so damn good it should be a sin. Whewwwwww! He looks regal, stylish, in control and every bit as James Bond that he is.

Like I said, if you think something is missing or wrong with this absolutely perfect creation of a hunk, then it’s time to get some new glasses, heh. :)

(Image : Newscom)

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    • Brian

      other than not having his bottom button unfastened on the cardigan, Craig looks good. A bit low key for his normal tastes, but well-put together. I will say he looks more like he’s going to the office than to an event.

    • Dexie

      I think it’s because he attended another event where he was wearing a suit. He probably didn’t want to wear suits bck to back :)

    • Rachel

      perfection – nothing wrong with this man here!

    • Dexie

      Nothing indeed! :)

    • Tom Smith

      Perfectly done. Perfect watch for the occasion too.

    • Iaman

      Very darn close to perfect. The only problem I have is how the pants are stacking up in that photo, but that’s so hard to control that it’s barely worth mentioning.

    • Tintin

      Leaving the bottom button undone is entirely correct and gentlemanly. Just as you would with a waistcoat/vest. Buttoning it up would be a faux pas.

    • Nick Bograd (Giblees Fine Clothing)

      I agree with Brian and Tintin, he should have the bottom button undone. His Cardigan is bunching at the bottom and just looks a touch off, otherwise great look. Pretty conservative but good.

    • Kichael

      On one hand he looks great, on the other hand I can’t help but think GQ Mr. Rogers???? Not very bond to me.

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    • MD

      Nope, not a thing. The blue adds something unique to this look.

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