Taylor Swift Looking as Gorgeous as Ever!


On November 10th, Taylor Swift arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theater for her guest appearance on the ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ in New York City. Swift just went through a public break-up, well she at least made it public. She revealed on the Ellen Degeneres show that Joe Jonas broke up with her on a 27 second phone call. She was obviously crushed, but let me tell you…she knows how to look amazing and Joe Jonas is an idiot!

Look at this outfit! I am drooling over her skirt and decorative hose. She did everything right. She wore a fitted black turtleneck, a gorgeous skirt that has some lace peeking out from underneath and then those hose with the knee high boots. Beautiful outfit, beautiful girl. Men, pft….who needs them! :-)

Image Credit: Newscom

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