Rihanna’s Shoe Disturbia


Speaking of Rihanna and heels (see previous post), this is what the trendy singer wore during a casual afternoon stroll in La La Land with family and friends.   Umm, I could have sworn she was auditioning for Tina Turner’s part in a remake of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Although I’m all for avant garde fashion, I can’t vouch for these good girl gone wild gladiator stilettos.  What do you think?  Is Rihanna taking a fashion step forward or making a style misstep?

Photos: Newscom 

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    • Vera

      ugh! wat was she thinking?!

    • Leesa

      These shoes are BAD!!!! Definitely set a trend

    • chloé

      omg! they’re amazing! i say to each to their own, and she def has her own!! :) love rihanna