Large Scattered-Diamond Watch, Rose Lizard Strap by Philip Stein Teslar

Large Scattered-Diamond Watch, Rose Lizard Strap by Philip Stein TeslarNow this is kind of interesting… “Every Philip Stein timepiece has integrated active TESLAR technology designed to reinforce the human body’s electromagnetic field with a natural earth signal associated with calm, meditation, relaxation, and enhanced performance.” And I just liked the color of the strap! Glad that I took a closer look!!

Price: $1310.00

Photo Credit: Bergdorf Goodman

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    • Julie

      That is a beautiful strap, but the watch sounds…complicated. :-)

    • gene

      Make sure if you order a Philip Stein watch that claims to use TESLAR technology, that it actually does!! You can tell the difference by opening the back and looking at the chip. If the chip appears to be bumpy in texture then it is a real TESLAR, if it is smooth: YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED! The smooth chip is an alloy module, which does not produce the same effects as the TESLAR technology does. If you want TESLAR do not order from Philip Stein — unless it is an older model!

      • smc

        What year range should I buy to ensure I get a Teslar chip?

    • georgia

      I have a Philip Stein Teslar and have been wearing it for the last few years. I love it… it has changed my life! I always buy them for my loved ones because I feel like I am making a positive impact on their life. I know if they wear this watch daily, as I do, they will experience less stress and enjoy a better night’s rest. I hope I can continue to buy these watches for my loved ones. I believe Teslar makes a difference. If this rumor is true and I have alreayd bought watches without Teslar chips I will be very discouraged.

    • rhonda

      I worked for “Philip Stein Teslar” for a few years, until about 2 years ago.

      “Philip Stein” and “Teslar” separated about a year ago and it was UGLY!!!!

      The people who now own “Philip Stein” have NO ETHICS. They essentially stole “Philip Stein” from the Teslar people. It was disgusting what they did.

      I know them personally. They don’t care if their watch helps anyone or not. They only care if they make money. They committed fraud with the Teslar chips since getting rid of the Teslar people.

      What they are currently doing is illegal and immoral. Even the testimonials on their website are “Teslar” testimonials from years ago!!!

      “Philip Stein” is committing fraud.

      The Teslar people should stop them.

    • Enrique

      This is just terrible… how can people with that much money try to scam a company like Teslar — who is actually trying to HELP people and improve their lives!!! Teslar needs to fight back and not let Philip Stein ruin their image and screw their customers who actually TRUST and SUPPORT the Teslar Technology!!!


      How about we get Oprah on this… she has a TESLAR –> I’d like to see Philip Stein try to screw her!