Adidas’ Celebrate Originality Ad


Adidas is celebrating it’s 60th Anniversary and they pulled out all the stops to commemorates this milestone. You can’t celebrate without a party, right? That’s exactly what the premise is for the new Adidas ad. Aptly called, “Celebrate Originality“, celebrities in the different genre of fashion, music, sports and pop culture were invited to partake in the ad. Namely, David Beckham, Russell Simmons, Katy Perry, The Ting Tings, Missy Elliot, Method Man, DMC, Estelle, Young Jeezy and Redman, etc.

Here’s the invitation to the Adidas party :


Watch the Adidas Celebrate Originality Ad video after the fold….


Now that’s what I call a party :).

(Image : Newscom)

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    • Kyle

      Whats the name of this song, gotta find out?

    • tony

      What is the name of the song on that commercial?

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    • http://NO D

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    • http://NO D

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    • http://NO D

      I can celebrate without a party, with the Lord Jesus Christ, by His grace.

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    • Dexie

      WOW, for someone who professes love for Jesus Christ, you seem to have so much hatred within you. This isn’t the only post where you left hateful comments. I don’t think Jesus Christ would appreciate all the vile words that came out of your mouth and then using his name in vain. *Tsk Tsk*

    • J

      Ummm….so anyway….

      The song is a remix of “Beggin’” by Frankie Valli by Pilooski.

    • AK

      Beggin’ (track name), by Frankie Vallie/Four Seasons– proof that old school music still is great (if not better) than some new flashy deal

    • Dante Bellafante

      im a guy and i dont know what the fuck your talking about.
      using jesus as an excuse to justify your horrendous views of women is absolutely wrong.

    • Eazy

      Lol… funny it’s a “Celebrate Orginality” commercial, yet the song in a REMAKE/REMIX!!!!

    • Dexie

      Eazy, nice catch :)

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    • sweetness

      Anyone know what Redman is doing in that commericial? It looks like hes getting shot with an air cannon or something…

    • Todd

      So I came to this website to find the song from the Adidas commercial, because I absolutely love that song. Then I scroll down, and happen to read some of the crazy shit that “D” wrote. I gotta give it to ya D, or can I just call you douchebag… ok i’ll just call you douchebag. Douchebag… you talk to the lord jesus christ?? I think they call that schitzophrenia in the crazy person world. “Lord Jesus Christ lets me know about your womens tricks, trying to belittle men by calling them ‘guys” Really I don’t remember reading anything in the Bible about “women’s tricks.” It must have been in one of the parts of the bible left out, because it contradicts the other storys. Douchebag I think that your pulling things out of your ass like all christians do. Women were not made from the rib of man, like adam and eve says. Douchebag you are the most pompous, arrogant, ignorant, bigoted, close-minded, fundamentalist, and chauvenistic piece of shit that I’ve ever came across…EVER. You are an embarasssment to your race, your sex, and your country. I truly feel sorry for you, because you seek truth through Jesus. You are a lost soul, and a lost cause as a human being. If you weren’t so ignorant then you would understand what peoples arguments are. Douchebag I can only hope that you are sterile, and that you don’t spread you evil seeds of hate to you redneck offspring. *deleted last sentence by admin*

    • T

      Uhm. So, can anyone tell me what “D” read that pissed him off so, and where I can read more of his ignorant bullshit? It is some of the most amusing writing I have ever come across.

      Favourite part: “Jesus Christ IS Almighty God manifest in the flesh, and He saves by His grace.”

      It gets no better than people reminding you why you aren’t religious.

    • MD

      Wow, I totally forgot what I wanted to post in here after reading all of that! D’s obviously got problems remembering “love your neighbor as yourself.” Still, Todd shouldn’t lump all Christians into this mold. A radio talk-show host once said that “not everyone who claims Jesus is claimed BY Jesus.” Get it? Jesus treated women better than most Jewish men typically did in the 1st century.

    • MD

      Oh, I remember now. I was going to say that Beckham is an awesome, super-stylish and proud dad. Also, his photo reminded me that I need a haircut! :-)

    • sher

      The version used in the commericial is “beggin’” by Madcon

    • Heather

      Thanks for providing the name of the song, it was driving me crazy.

    • bumba

      nice ad!

      jesus is a douchbag

    • snowcat

      :/ the more people bitch about “D” the more you are doing exactly what he wants ¬_¬ giving him ATTENTION!

      but moving on, has anyone got a list of celebrities in this ad?

    • http://none pablo flores

      omg how could u forget to mention KEVIN GARNET! Rofl kety perry is no1 compared to the big ticket :D pluss.. he was on both commercials and did a lot of talking on the first one -_____- …..

    • og

      Why do producers insist on adding Missy Elliot to everything? She looks like an ugly gorilla and it makes me ill just to look at her. She speaks like an uncultured ghetto hoodrat too.

      utterly disgusting.

    • Sharoneyy

      All This About this D person is ridiculous

      Using Jesus as an excuse

      its Pathetic

    • She

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    • James

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    • http://OMG Van

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      May you be forgiven by your “Almighty” for your thoughts. I am sad for you and I am definitely goint to send you love…….