Skechers High Heel Sneakers: Yay or No Way?

Skechers High Heel Sneakers

Skechers High Heel Sneakers

Well now here’s an interesting concept…high heel sneakers. Who’da thunk it?

As assanine of an idea as this is, I have to say I’m a tad drawn to these. Would I wear them? Probably not. Would I make fun of someone who was wearing them? I’d pretty much bet on it. But still, there’s something about them. Maybe because they are so unexpected. So nonconventional. So crazy. But in a cool way, you know?

So what do you think of them? Do you like them? Would you wear them? Are they a total Yay or a No Stinkin’ Way? Weigh in below…


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    • C

      Isn’t the whole point of sneakers comfort and doing various sports/activities in them? Wouldn’t them having a massive heal kinda hinder those points?

    • christine

      I would wear them in a heart beat! They look awesome!

    • Mags

      Um, YES! I love them!!!!!!

    • gloria

      Love it…..women love to look nnice with the sporty sexiness…….

    • shandi

      i have them in pink and wish i could buy some more but i dont think they make them anymore!! they are great and go with almost anything!! LOVE THEM!!


      i d love a pair so long as they really are high heels and i’d pay anything to get my feet into really high heels

    • hjkjhgfd

      I’ve been looking everywhere for them! I can’t find a pair I really like at a good price!