Adidas Celebrate Originality Ad, The Game


I posted the 2 series for Adidas Celebrate Originality Ads a couple of weeks ago showing The Invite and The House Party. The 3rd part of this series is called The Game. What’s  a party without a poker game? The Game shows NBA star Kevin Garnett and Hip Hop Artist Young Jeezy in a middle of a serious battle of Texas Hold ‘Em.

That’s kinda cool. It made me miss playing Texas Hold ‘Em. The Game is part of Adidas’ 60th Anniversary House Party series dubbed as “Celebrate Originality“.

(Image : Newscom)

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    • MD

      Indeed. I’ve recently been turned-on to Texas Hold ‘Em and someone recommended the video game “Stacked” for me to check out. I learned a bunch just from the “Stacked” training videos posted on YouTube.