• Thu, Dec 11 2008

Celebrity Mustache Battle : Who Looks Best?

I originally conceived the idea of a Celebrity Mustache Battle involving Brad Pitt and George Clooney. It turns out, Mel Gibson is also sporting his own mustache.


Brad Pitt and George Clooney pictures after the fold…



I wanted so much for George Clooney to take this one home but there’s just something weird and perverted in his mustache look. Sorry, I couldn’t find a better word. Mel Gibson on the other hand looks goofy with that wide smile. So Brad Pitt gets my vote. His mustache gives him a distinguished aura without losing his boyish and playful appeal.

So, Which Hollywood Men looks Best with a mustache? Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Mel Gibson?

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(Images : Newscom)

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  • Jim

    It’s all done for a good cause

  • http://www.thescentedlife.com Michelle Smith

    I vote for Mel, because I like the beard and mustache combo he has going on. ;D

  • Kepa

    Brad Pitt’s looking like Paul Newman with his mo’.

  • http://blogswag.blogspot.com/ Dree

    I vote for Brad Pitt.

  • Paul in SF

    Thanks for the additional info, Jim. Definitely changes things, knowing that they’re trying to raise awareness. Having said that, I still think they all look a little goofy.

  • MD

    Hard to say. I don’t think the look fits any of these guys. I’ve also never tried this look myself since my wife isn’t into facial hair!

  • http://2muchtv.info ClooneyStud

    I loved Clooney’s new movie men who stare at goats. The mustache looks amazing on him like the new burt reynolds. 2muchtv.info

  • Arthur

    Yeah, there is something perverted in Clooney’s look that makes him hot as hell for me XD

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