Getting jiggly with Oprah and Caroline Kennedy

flabuless.gifGone are the trapeze dresses and flowing blouses.

This fall, it’s all about sleek silhouettes, fitted jackets, and tailored shirts. For most women, that means agony for the next twelve weeks. While diet and exercise is always the optimal solution for toned and slimmed bodies, many women today don’t have the time to eat right and exercise regularly. With hectic schedules, career demands and high cost of living, women need an easier solution. FLABuLESS, the first-ever arm shapewear that slims, conceals and re-shapes, is helping women feel confident in their clothes again.

According to a recent study, 63% of women feel self-conscious about their arms and hide them under baggy blouses and boxy blazers. “I noticed that many shapewear companies have developed products that focus on providing a slimming effect to the lower and mid-region of the body, while not even acknowledging the arms, an area that more than half of women are most self-concious about. How can we ignore this group of women that collectively make up such a large demographic of the shoppers in today’s retail stores?” says Lee Ann Stevenson, Creator and President of FLABuLESS. “FLABuLESS was created to allow women to wear styles and trends that they otherwise would not have considered.”

Looking Fabulous

FLABuLESS arm shapewear instantly lifts sagging skin while slimming and streamlining bulges and ripples. With proper size selection, it will not only provide adequate compression, but also provide a sleek, slender silhouette under tops, dresses and jackets. Available in two styles Pleine (long sleeve), and De Quart (short sleeve), two colors, black and copper nude (chocolate, bone, and navy coming in ’09), and 7 sizes ranging from S-4XL, this product truly targets every woman. Additionally, they offer the Veston, which is our take on the classic “shrug” that has built-in compression sleeves to wear over those sleeveless tops and strapless dresses. The Veston is available in short, three quarter, and long sleeves and range from size Small to 3XL

We have one FLABuLESS product sample to send to one lucky reader…to have your chance to win, share how you best conceal your extra few holiday pounds. Deadline to enter is December 31.

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    • Steph K

      Over the holidays I don’t leave my pjs… I have time off, so I stay at home and don’t change so you can’t see what I look like under my pjs!

    • marti

      BLAZERS–Hide the hips, tummy, arms–they multitask

    • Melanie Diehl

      I avoid anything tight and/or clingy. I like to where outfits that elongate my petite height. A flowing duster over a same color top and pants makes me look taller and thinner. Plus I have a bit of room to “indulge”, it is that time of year after all!

    • Wendy

      Good quality shapewears!

    • Sydni

      This product sounds amazing. We should have had this years ago. My best tip for concealing extra pounds is to wear A-line skirts that flow away from the hips and well-fitted shirts that smooth over bumps and nip in at the waist to make you look slimmer.

    • Rochelle K.

      I normally try to wear either loose fitting shirts/sweaters, or, preferably, baby-doll shirts that float away from the bust and allow for maximum concealment of any muffin-top action!

      As for the FlabuLess, I really want to win since I suffer from the dreaded Oprah Winfrey arms (as we so lovingly termed them in fat camp) that I have after losing 110+ lbs from gastric bypass surgery 6 years ago.

    • Robyn @ PurelyCosmetics

      I’ve had the post on this in my email since you originally posted it – I need to buy these, and they aren’t very expensive if they really work!