• Tue, Dec 16 2008

High-def beauty: The truth behind Botox!

aveeno.jpgIn a high-def world, old-school skincare treatments like facials and laser rejuvenation just don’t cut it. Actresses resort to “blu ray” makeup to make their skin appear crystal clear when under scrutiny and now Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Kamran Jafri is introducing the newest way to make your pores look perfect: Botox!

Botox, which is most commonly associated with reducing wrinkles in the face, is now being used to treat other skin conditions such as large pores, oily skin, and inflammation from acne. The new technique is called intradermal Botox, and it is transforming the way people with less-than-perfect skin look at their old-school treatments and remedies.

The difference between intradermal and regular Botox is where it is injected: where regular Botox is injected deep into the muscles of the skin, causes wrinkles to smooth out, intradermal Botox is injected into the skin itself.

The injection of Botox into the skin actually causes the pores to constrict in size, which is a huge plus for anyone who has tried to reduce them in the past – there have always been different methods and applications to reduce pore size, but there is nothing topical that can be applied to the skin to reduce their appearance.

Because of its interaction with the pores, Botox also does wonders for oily and acne prone skin. The pores of the skin contain sebaceous glands, which secret oil, which can cause oily skin and acne if the glands are over productive. By restricting the muscles of the pores, Botox also stops oil production from the sebaceous glands, allowing acne prone skin to become clear.

“Botox has been used in the ‘off label’ form for many years, with the most notable targets being wrinkles. Throughout the course of the application of Botox for wrinkles, doctors were noticing a reduction in pore size and an overall ‘matte’ finish on the skin,” says Dr. Jafri. “What we have discovered now is that Botox can be used for more than just wrinkles, and it can change the lives of those with acne prone skin. It provides an effective treatment where acne problems were previously left untreated.”

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  • http://www.PurelyCosmetics.com Robyn @ PurelyCosmetics

    This might be something that works for my daughter and her acne. She’s had peels, dermabrasion, laser treatments – her acne still isn’t under control. I wonder how painful it is?

  • Tina Renee

    Intradermal Botox sounds like the way to go to reduce pore size!

  • beth shepherd

    This sounds very interesting. Thank you for the review. I would love to be entered to win the Spa & Well-Being for Women. Thank you!

  • Holly

    I never heard of botox being used to reduce pore size before. Now I sorta want to try it

  • http://www.beautyorbust.net Crystal – Beauty or Bust

    wow! what an interesting article! i never would have thought botox could help clear skin. im still skeptical though! :)

  • anna

    i would love to get rid of large pores and extremely oily skin but i am not sure botox is safe:(

  • Sherry

    I had Botox injections in my forehead 6 months ago, and have just recently tried Dysport. I have always had dry skin, but both treatments have caused my forehead to be very oily I’m having to use different makeup than I have in the past and blot all day. But it’s a small price to pay to be rid of the wrinkles!