Hair and Makeup Artist Steven Lake Tells You How to Look Good in Pictures

Yesterday I got a small taste of what it is like to be a celebrity hounded by the paparazzi as my family chased after me with cameras flashing away. They often laughed at me as I said, “Yeah that picture came out bad, delete it!” Can you relate? Steven Lake, who is a celebrity hair and makeup artist (to Carson Kressley even!), worked in collaboration with Nikon to come up with some great tips on how to look good in pictures. Now Steven, where were you yesterday when I needed you?!


- For daytime events less makeup is better

- Use mineral power to warm up and even out the skin

- High definition powder instantly removes shine

- For day time – think mascara!

- Lighter lipgloss shines in daytime photos

- Highlight the “apples” with a bit of blush

- Daytime bronzer gives a fresh healthy look

- For photo-worthy hair give it a quick “jazzing”!

- Flip your hair over – bring back the fullness

- For those forever photos – guys can conceal a blemish too!

- Keep the shine away – blot your face before the photo is snapped

- A few minutes in the sun can give you a healthy glow

- For a picture perfect smile apply a bit of lipgloss and go for the SPF kind


- Use gel when hair is damp – avoid the spiky 80s look

- Less is definitely more when it comes to hair products

- Run fingers – not a comb – through hair for a modern look

- Plan ahead – cut your hair a week before the event

Now go make yourselves look fabulous ladies! xo

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      hey i was wondering maybe if you would come down to fostoria to do my makeup and hair for my birthday becausei really need someone to help me and i will be 18 years old.