• Sun, Dec 28 2008

Smelling Like Bella – Twilight Perfume

I’m going to visit my family for a late holiday get-together next week. We will be staying at my sister, Robin’s house. Robin is a huge Twilight fan – both the movie and the books. Huge. In fact, she told me today that she is right now rereading the books. Here’s something that I think Robin would really enjoy, Twilight Perfume from Hot Topic. The bottle is reminiscent of the book’s famous cover – a fresh ripe red apple.


Limit one bottle per customer.

Twilight Perfume

The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest! So take a bite of this apple-shaped bottle. It contains a delicious lavender and freesia scented perfume.Limited, and exclusive to Hot Topic!

2.7 fluid ounces. Imported.

My sister is not your typical Hot Topic customer, but it does appear to be the store to outfit shoppers in search of Team Edward gear.  Something else she would like is this limited edition Twilight t-shirt. Only 1000 of these t-shirts are available, so if you are a fan, get yours while you can. Also available in a black version.

Or this shirt that alludes to one of Edward’s special qualities……….

Looking for an Alice-style accessory?  How about Hot Topic’s version of Alice’s Choker


Image credit: Hot Topic.com

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  • http://homemom3.blogspot.com homemom3

    I use to wear chokers all the time, these look great.

  • Michelle Smith

    Making pretty chokers might be something that you and the girls could do while the kids are home on break. :D

  • emy

    hey all i love twilight my sister loren and i are going to watch it again tonight for the 9th time i love it and love rob too wouldnt mind the tshirts they look pretty cool too.

  • lil

    i smelled the new twilight perfume and it smells AWFUL
    i love flowery scents but this was just super strong and smelled like chemicals. . . .
    very dissapointing

  • Michelle Smith

    I haven’t had a chance to smell it myself. I should walk over to the mall and check it out. Did the chemical smell mellow any with time?

  • http://metroflog.com/_ghali_ ghalice

    hey hello
    you don’t know how many is about the ship
    to mexico $$$$
    if you know please tell me !!!

  • Michelle Smith

    Hello, Ghalice. No, I don’t know that. I’m sorry. I bet you could find out from the Hot Topic customer report though. Good luck and let me know what you think of the perfume when you get it. :D

  • Maria Murillo

    I bought the perfume from Hot Topic. After I opened it, I was a bit disappointed. It smells just like lavender laundry detergent. It is literally a “clean smell”. So, if you don’t enjoy smelling like soap, I would not recommend it.

  • http://www.facebook.com Maria

    hey that’s “NINA by NINA RICCI”, the perfume.
    i love twilight but i think all this … I mean, isn’t it a little too much? Becoming ADICTED to all that twilight stuff is not healthy at all…
    Try just to enjoy the story and movies every time you feel like… read the books even 10 times if you want… the rest is not necessary…
    In the end, you’re just feeding a company. They’re just making a commercial product out of a good story, and i think it spoils the story itself… takes away what is so original about it…
    That’s my opinion
    Kisses from Brazil

  • Johnny
  • carly

    i love the perfume

  • jess

    Johnny, The nina Ricci was first. Ive had it before twilight came out.
    Im very dissapointed that my favorite perfume has been copied by an awful book like twilight :|

  • http://google.com Addie

    ok. I havent had a chance to smell the perfume. If it really smells like laundry detergent, then i am dissapointed. And Nina should Lay off! Seriously! I mean ya the bottles are simalar. But the twilight bottles leaves are more rounded,darker and engraved. And if she is going to bring them 2 court for a very simalar botttle, she may as well tell Calvin Klein, to sue Juicy Coutore. I mean both perfume bottles are rectangles! So what both perfumes are apples! Nina you need to get a life i mean as if you arent rich enough! There are more problems, we dont need a lawsuit over a cat fight! WOW :) luv ya twilight

  • lilly


  • ello

    the bottle looks exactly the same as nina ricca’s bottle
    if i were her id sue
    and twilight sucks!!

  • Ximena McCarthy

    Where can I buy the twilight perfume for $48.00?

  • http://www.splendicity.com Michelle Smith

    You can buy it at Hot Topic – either online or in the store, I think. There are links within the post that will take you there.

  • lilly

    twilight is the best reply back if you like twilight

  • kelsey

    omg i wear this everyday i love it and it smells like lavender and something else. alot of guys complemint my smell and ask me what is my secret and i say it is complicated… lol but it really isnt it is so awesome it actually got me a date with robert loyed last weekend and like edward he DOESNT date anyone maybe im lucky and it is my turn to live the twilight dream lol jk i know im not the only cullen…… lol but use it it rocks and i really did get a date last weekend with robert

    vampire kisses forever =]:: the dots are the fangs u have to look at it on paper to understand lol

  • http://music4lifegal.blogspot.com/ music4lifegal

    When’s It Out In The Uk???
    I Luv Twilight!!

  • http://www.splendicity.com Kassie

    Hey, im obsessed with twilight, As any other sane person would be, and have seen the film 3.5 times xD
    I love the idea of this awsome looking perfume
    My question. Does it attract edward cullen? (Robert Pattinson)
    If it does, GIMME!
    Seriously though, looks awsome
    Chow dudes


  • kelsey

    its kelsey again and i wanted to comment on it just one more time because i am board. anyways it rocks on ice…and hardly anything rocks on ice… lol anyways me and robert are still dateing it turns out he is just human =( but o well he doesnt act like it anyways girls ur man will love ur new immortal sent… believe me.

  • karli

    i love the idea of the perfume, and does anyone know when it comes out in south Australia? and yes i do speak my mind so if their is anyone on here that HATES twilight , they can just PISSS OFFF and go to another site. and edward cullen is mine and knowones elses. and i have named my four kittens after the movie their is edward, bella, jasper, alice. they are soooo cute. well if anyone has anything to say just write. lol

  • http://splendicity.com charlie

    hey i watched the film twilight at my friend tracys house and i loved it and i really wanna buy it straight away so this saterday im going shoppinbg to get it and also the twilight perfume my mate jessica says it smells really nice!
    and im now getting my room all twilight posters and a massive poster of edward hes soo cute =] and im getting all the dvds when they come out =]
    and im getting all the books =]

    im your number 1 fan

    • Erica

      Edward is just a fucking fag

  • twilight roxs my world

    twilight is the best i am obsesstied with twilight i cann’t wait to get the perfume i heard it is the best smell ever reply if u think that the twilight perfume is the best smell ever

  • kelsey


  • kelsey

    my friend jessica is upsessed with alice cullen, she got her hair, and even got some contacts that are the same as the cullens and so did i lol anyways she also dresses like alice, so when i told her about that choaker she freakin died( well almost ) anyways she bought it and people mistake her for the girl who plays her in the movie now, lol it is so weird… but i myself would rather look like a more cali styled bella, i have almost compleated the look. lol. anyways buy the choaker it rocks…

  • twilight

    do dey still hav da twilight purfume?? i went on da hot topic website n it said it may be sold out.

  • twilight roxs

    twilight roxs my world it is the best go twilight wow
    maw maw xoxo

  • Rosalie

    I love everything Twilight. Michelle Smith, I don’t know what you are talking about, I bought the perfume and t smelled wonderful!!!!

  • http://www.splendicity.com Michelle Smith

    Rosalie, it wasn’t me that said anything negative. It was one of the other commenters.

  • Deb

    I am another who bought the perfume, and think that it smells wonderful. As an adult, I have plenty of experience over the years, and know that perfumes react to differently to varying body chemistries. I got to ‘test’ it at the dvd release party, and after trying it out decided that I truely did enjoy it. And the guy likes it as well. ;)

  • Amy

    They quit production of the perfume. You can only find it on eBay now. Apparently there is a law suit out because the apple bottle design resembles another perfume.

  • BreakingD

    Hi, I’m searching for that perfume whole the time for a good price. I live in Belgium and here is almost nothing of twilight. I wanted to buy the twilight perfume on a site, but I don’t want to bid. Where can I buy the twilight perfume??


  • http://www.splendicity.com Michelle Smith

    BreakingD, I just checked the Hot Topic (www.hottopic.com) website and they don’t appear to carry the Twilight perfume anymore. I believe that there was a problem with the bottle and/or the scent too closely resembling a different brand of scent. I may be wrong about this, though. At any rate, some place like eBay is going to be your best bet. Hot Topic does carry something that they are calling Edward Body Shimmer, so you might take a look at that.

    Good luck!

  • b

    isnt the bottle the same as nina ricci ?
    i love twilight and everything but isnt this going a bit too far ??

  • Kelly

    There is a twilight perfume by Sara Jessica Parker, it smells way better than this crap by Twilight Saga.(And it actually smells REAL kind of perfume instead of lavender)
    Twilight perfume by sara Jessica Parker also includes endless, and Dawn.

    And today I just bought the Nina Rici perfume… the bottle is EXACTLY like the Twilight perfume…….

  • twilightOBESSEDfan1

    no way !!!!!!!! am sooo getting the perfume, the chocker , everything i love twilight is like the best ever. TWILIGHT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  • ilovetwilight

    i love twilight but im not addicted but i still want the perfume. why is everyone going on about nina ricci because the symbol of twilight the book is a apple so why shouldnt they use it. and if you dont like the perfume why are u lookin at it in the first place or bought it for that matter!!



  • Kat

    Where can I buy the Twilight Perfume in Ireland??? Or in UK, it would probobly be the same shop… Anyway where can I buy it???? I WANT IT SO BAD!!!

  • ashley

    where do you get the perfume??

  • Amanda

    No! You have to be kidding me! No freaking way! This CAN’T be sold out! Noooo! I can’t believe it! Stupid Hot Topic lol
    I wanted this perfume soo bad! And I can’t buy it from eBay. I’m the world’s most unlucky girl.
    Bella is a four-leafed clover compared to me! xD

  • isabella dawn

    im trying to get the perfume now…i have all of the books, the movies, all the jewelry,wallets,purses,bags,..the purple comforter in bellas room, her haircut, the contacts, a 3d poster of new moon, the jewelry boxes, support vampires magnet, 5 shirts, the pjs, a perfume called vampire which smells amazing, shelves, i drive like a cullen license plate cover, i drive like a cullen window decal, a necklace with edwards venom in a glass fang and the heart next to it,all the magazines of twilight…i would pretty much say that im obsessed. cant wait to get it.

  • Hannah_Cullen

    Where in england can i get the TWILIGHT perfume the 1 shaped like an apple i need it so bad i have every thing else but this 1 thing and i am so Obsessed i need it is there an american website i can order it from ????? plz plz plz help me :’)


    • Vanessa

      Hi! Did u find the perfume? Im obsessed too and i want to buy in in us, but i cant find it! T_T. Please if you can help me, i’d appreciate! Thanks.

      Vanessa :)

  • sophie martin

    hi i am twilights no#1 fan and i must have this perfume , can u get it in glasgow plz tell me anyone !!!!!!!!!!

    • Brooke A.

      Hi Sophie, Sorry to say they had to discontinue this perfume, due to the copyright laws that were infringed {it looks too similar to the Nina Ricci perfume bottles} So they were taken to court. The closest you will get to this is the ‘Immortal’ {You can search for it on the web, it will show you your local stockist}.

      Occasionally, & I mean extremely rarely, the original perfume shows up on eBay, but only wait for it there if you have about £300 plus to bid for it. I would love to have some too but I missed out :(

      Hope this helps :)

    • Erika

      now does immortal smell the same as forbidden fruit? i own forbidden fruit but am low and NEED more

    • Annabel

      There is one for sale on ebay – I think it has like 6 days left


    • Lisa

      its been a while since you asked this but im selling mine. its still full just the silver ring on top is broken but its still sticking to the perfume. so im looking for someone to buy it. if ure still interested or anyone else i really want to sell it lol u can email me on sinkingthetitanic@hotmail.com its not my real mail but im not giving it out until i have any serious interest lol so just email me (:

  • jssica ramirez

    hi can i be in show pieas

  • karlia

    ARE U INSAINE twilight is soooo cool u need a life. how could u not like it!! everything about twilight is better than life. and yes i am soooo a twight fan so back of and if u have aything to say about them just SHUT UP!!!

  • karlia

    u suck!!!!

  • EDWARDSGIRLbeatthat!


  • karlia


  • http://splendicity.com charlie

    it sooo dusnt suck!!=[

  • http://splendicity.com charlie

    i agree with you if you hate it get of this website and stop spoiling it for all the fans and i love twilight so SHUT UP

  • http://bis.lords@bigpond.com.au holly

    learn to read she said “i love twilight” not she didnt. love the concept the journey it takes you on but be realistic there is always a money hungry compay right behind the amazing author and her books.thanks for reading bye MRS JACOB>>

  • Liabeff

    You people should read what you type XD You sound like toddlers having tantrums. Oh and I love Twilight, a lot, but I don’t feel the need to forget any English lessons I’ve ever taken.

  • sophiiee

    TWILIGHT IS F***ING AMAZING. okay im not obessed as some people but it is f***ing brilliant.

    spesh r.patz ;) (L)(L)(L)

  • Erin

    Uh, Nina by Nina Ricci.

  • Steph


    oh and By the Way, DNKY purfume, bought some last year, smells like apples, in the shape of an apple!

  • http://www.splendicity.com Michelle Smith

    I don’t think that they are making it anymore. You might look for it on eBay.

  • http://www.splendicity.com Michelle Smith

    They used to carry it at Hot Topic, but I don’t think that they do anymore. Take a look at eBay.

  • Kayla

    Oh goodness. Lmao now the “OME” thing is crossing it.
    This is one obsessive girly xD
    But I certainly do love Twilight as well :)