Sean John Corduroy Sport Coat, Under $100


This Sean John Corduroy Sport Coat used to be $300 but is currently on sale for $99 at Macy’s. That’s a pretty sweet deal, don’t you think? You can pick from either black, brown or the one in the picture which is camel. For $99 each, you can get 3 of them in different colors and spend the price of the original price of 1. That’s up to you of course. Do you need 3 sport coats right now? Then again, that sale will justify having varieties in your closet :) . 

This corduroy sport coat will take you anywhere. A casual wear accessory with jeans, a night out in town or even at work place. It’s versatility at it’s best.

(Image : Macy’s)

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    • MD

      Cool find. Of course you could have *too* many sport coats, but that would depend on the definition of “too many.” I picked up a couple of them at GAP (navy herringbone and brown cord) when they went on sale and I could still use another (black moleskin?). Sport coats are very cool because they are not just outerwear. You could have one on and nobody would go, “Hey, are you leaving so soon?” like you just threw on a puffy ski jacket or something to go out in the cold. I can go from lecturing in the classroom to a holiday party in one. They’ve totally versatile and every guy should have a few at his disposal.