Giveaway: Ultimate Pepsi Super Bowl Party Pack worth over $250!

Super Bowl parties are one of the top at-home party events of the year and have become much more than a gathering of football lovers, but a time to dissect the ads, eat party snacks and hang with friends. In fact, many people attending these parties do not necessarily love the teams playing as much as they love the excuse to get together with friends after a very cold month. So whether you are a diehard NFL fan or just want to party, Pepsi, the sponsor of the NFL Rookie of the Year, is offering you the chance to be wife/girlfriend/mom/friend of the year and win an Ultimate Super Bowl Party Pack valued at $250 for your own at-home viewing parties!

In the Ultimate Pepsi Super Bowl Party Pack:

• 1 football

• 1 beverage pail

• 1 snack helmet (my favorite!)

• 2 key chains

• 2 hats

• 2 t-shirts

• 5 Pepsi 24 pack coupons

• 5 Frito Lay coupons

Contest ends Jan 26, all items in package are courtesy of Pepsi ( To win, tell your story: Are you a superbowl widow? Or do you join in with the men (or have a party of your own???) – One winning entry will be chosen at random on Jan 23 so you can receive your winnings in time for the big event!

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    • Pamela Ray

      I love SuperBowl Parties. I would love to win this.

    • Bernice Bacon

      Super Bowl parties are the best; almost as good as the game itself.

    • KellyR

      I love Superbowl parties. I don’t really watch the football game, but love the commercials and the food!

    • Andrea

      I am a superbowl slacker mostly. I always go to the parties but never make it to the end due to doing it as someone elses house. For once I’d love to throw my own party so I can stay and enjoy the whole time!

    • geekbearinggifts

      We have church responsibilities on Sundays, so I’ve rarely seen the Super Bowl live, but my husband always records it. Our NFL team deserted us, so now the biggest draw for me is the amazing commercials (and an excuse to make Touchdown Taco Dip, a Pampered Chef recipe I really enjoy.) Thanks for the terrific offer!

    • Vicky Boackle

      this will make the game even better.

    • Lorri S

      I join in of course! It’s fun watching the Super Bowl with a bunch of friends and having a little party too :) I don’t know a lot about football but have come to like it!

    • Wendy Wallach

      I have never ever done anything specific for the Superbowl, ut this year I have a bunch of friends who probably have no where else to go on Superbowl Sunday, so if I dont throw a party, they spend the day alone. Who knows…one of us even might become a loyal fan!

      madamerkf at aol dot com

    • sandy

      I love to watch the game and watch the commercials- its fun to get involved and have a little sports spirit- We eat and drink and have a blast

    • Terry

      Hubby and I have thrown a big superbowl party every year for the last 18 years. We love it! Our friends love it too. I make my famous chili and cornbread muffins that takes me a day to cook but it is worth it. I really hope I win this!!!! Thanks so much.

    • Bruce Freier

      SuoerBowl and Free Pepsi Products
      It doesn’t get better than this

    • kendra

      commercials are the best ! thnx for the opp

    • Angela C

      No widow here, I join right in with the men. I actually love watching football all season long, especially the Packers!! Thanks!

    • Jackie

      I don’t normally sit and watch the Super Bowl, but I do try to catch the commercials, the half time show and, of course, the snacks.

    • Rita S

      No. We watch it for the commercials.

    • Karil Whetstone


    • goldie

      Each year it never fails, one of my family members is in the hospital and I’m there visiting. However I do manage to see the superbowl and even get a bit over excited (screaming & yelling). LOL, then the nurses come in to see what’s going on.

    • Pauline M

      My son has his birthday on Superbowl Sunday this year, this would be a great double whammy party!

    • Marilyn Wons

      I love Superbowl parties. We either throw one or attend one. The best part is the commercials and the food at half-time!

    • SHARON

      this prize is going to make my party happen!

    • Christie

      I couldn’t care less about football. However, I must say Superbowl Sunday is a great excuse to serve up a bunch of great food and pig out!

    • Pauline M

      Going to a Superbowl game is on my “Bucket List” of life. This would be so much fun to have a party, it would be my first step to getting there!

    • Rebecca Graham

      I will be there with the rest of the family hopefully watching the TN Titans win the Super Bowl!

    • Serge

      Please help the pepsi addict in my household!

    • Judith Musick


    • Tracy

      I join in the party because the snacks are too good to pass up! It’s always fun being one of the few ladies in the group, there is always a cute single guy to meet! ;)

    • Michelle

      I love to watch the SuperBowl especially since I usually play the squares at work and I’m hoping for a payday! Thankfully, my husband and sons are there to point out what’s going on so I don’t make a idiot out of myself with our friends there.

    • Sheila H

      I used to be a superbowl widow! Now I host a great big party every year and really get into it!



    • Debra B

      We watch the game together as a family and have our own Super Bowl Party with lots of snacking we’ll get pizza of course a few beers, etc and there will be lots of yelling at the TV but over all lots of fun. Thank you for hosting this super giveaway, and I’ll be crossing my fingers hoping to win.

    • Burt Neblo

      I’m a superbowl widower,I don’t watch sports but my wife is an avid fan.

    • crystle tellerday

      i watch with family

    • Jessica A

      (even though we live in cincy) we love football!!!! would love to win this prize!

    • Carolyn B

      My friends and I get together and have our own Super Bowl party complete with our own “Tight End” male strippers.

    • Margaret Smith

      Our whole family celebrates the Super Bowl together. Each year we invite friends and family over for a fun night. We really look forward to this each year.
      Thanks for this giveaway.

    • Adrienne Gordon

      I totally join in. My husband makes a ton of yummy food and we party with our kids!

    • jffryclough

      i usually don’t watch but the wife has to see the commercials

    • Carolyn G

      I join the guys. I love super bowl parties and I love cooking for them. Plus, it’s fun to watch the game and the commercials.

    • Kenneth A

      I join friends to watch. I would like to win this and I would have my friends over to watch at my place.

    • Sylvia Belle

      I love to go shopping when the game is on because the stores are empty

    • Kelly

      I’m a retired fan of the Oakland Raiders,the owners and players have to heart or balls..I stopped watching NFL football AND DO NOT GIVE A SH’T!!..I ALSO STOPPED WATCHING THAT STUPID ESPISSN A LONG TIME AGO!..TALK ABOUT A BUNCH OF TURDS!

    • chris swan

      I love the super bowl although the game isn’t usually that great but the entertainment and the commercials are great.

    • Karen M

      I love the Superbowl!! It’s so much fun to watch the wacky commercials and I have three sons & husband so of course football is # 1 in my house!

    • Cheryl W

      The men get together to watch the game, and us women go shopping!

    • tawnda

      Honestly… I never got into watching any sport… though I try, I just don’t see what there is to get so excited about… but my family would love this so Go Team! lol

    • Lynde F

      I, too, have a household full of boys, so Superbowl Sunday is a day that is as popular as Christmas here;) A big sub, some wings, and cupcakes designed for each team that is playing is a tradition for us!!

    • Elizabeth Y.

      Nobody could keep me away from my pro football. Now if my Bears could just get back to the big game…

    • Mary Marlatt

      I join in. I’m not a huge sports fan, but the NFL is my favorite of any sport. For years (in another life) I hosted a huge SuperBowl party. Now we have people over, but it’s much smaller.

    • Harry Barbee

      My wife IS the football fanatic I am more into NASCAR She would LOVE to have this

    • beth shepherd

      I am right in there with the men. I love every minute of it! Thank you!

    • Cynthia Rockwell

      While the guys do their thing, we gals go out for a fun night on the town!

    • Sarah

      i have a superbowl party but we’re really just in it for the commercials…

    • Denyse

      I like to go to a theme park (I live in FL) or something because it’s the quietest day of the year!

    • Jennifer B.

      As I sit here in my Titans sweatshirt, I dream of a championship this year. Yes, I watch the game, I party, and I scream my head off.

    • Christine Dionne

      oh man I dread the Superbowl Sunday fanfare. My husband’s screaming and drama over every little single tiny play just makes me crazy! I’m definitely a football widow. However I do love the commercials and have been known to watch the game just for the halftime show! LOL

    • Barbara

      yes, i am a superbowl widow…but it is a great time to bake bread…..

    • Donna Lee

      I really am a Super Bowl widow. My husband died last June 30th. But Super bowls go on and so do I. Hope this is the best Super bowl ever!!

    • Joanne Schultz

      no football for me! I get together with a friend and we watch a movie or bead together.

    • Sandy Tritt

      I would have to say that I am the widow. I don’t really watch football and end up dealing with the kids.

    • Barbara McCrea

      I guess I am neither, I am lucky enough to Have a hubby who hates it as much as me, so we just get friends together to BS and Party…..YEA ME!

    • Carol B

      I am a Minnesota Viking fan and my husband is a Chicago Bear fan… lets just say we have had parties that have reserve sitting for Viking fans. We always have fun watching the games together no matter who wins. Who I am kidding, when the Vikings play Chicago I want them to win!!!!

    • Rebecca Snodgrass

      I love football as much as my husband does. So, we watch together.

    • veronica sandberg

      a super bowl widow, but sometimes I will set next to him for awhile

    • Karen Gonyea

      Awesome Prizes – this will be great for the superbowl party :) I watch football with the guys :)

      ktgonyea at

    • Karen P

      I am right there with the guys. I love it when a man doesn’t think I know anything about the game and talks down to me, and I end up showing them up. Thanks for the contest.

    • Donna R

      I love to watch football. Please enter me in the contest and thanks.

    • Susan Smith

      I don’t watch football and prefer to watch the Puppy Bowl with my kids than the SuperBowl, but I do love Pepsi and Frito Lay

    • leloni

      I watch the game!

    • Casey H

      I’m a superbowl mama!! Its usually me and hubby, my parents, my grandparents and my kiddos all piggen out watching the superbowl and yelling at the tv no matter what team is playing!

    • Vergie


    • Denise B.

      I join in!

    • Denise Montgomery

      I love football-always have-my husband and son aren’t as big a fan as I am-I especially love the Superbowl-I would watch it even if I was by myself.

    • Rita A

      I join in. My husband and I are both in the fantasy football league with our friends. I came in 3rd this year but I beat my husband. He came in 7th. I love football.

    • Brenda

      Like the fun,excitement and guests not a die hard fan though, thanks for the giveaway

    • DeeAnn S

      Super bowl widow? No way! I can yell and scream at the TV just as good as anyone else! I love my wings, chips/dips and drinks just as much as the guys, thank you very much!
      E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles! Go Eagles!

    • Jason

      I love Super bowl parties and this would be perfect


      If you can’t beat em, then beat them at their own game. After hours of Sports Center, I’m now the Football Queen.

    • Anne D

      My husband is not a huge football fan (I like football better) but if we won we’d definitely have a party.

    • susan varney

      join the guys go with the flow

    • Tara Hill

      I have a party on my own! I’m a bigger fan than my husband! Go Bucs!

    • AmandaK

      I was raised on football, so of course I have to join in! The guys usually don’t mind and in fact, they enjoy another fan chanting along with them!


    • Kathy Scott

      I was always a basketball fan until I met my husband. Now I love football.

    • Kris T.

      I join in the fun…wouldn’t want to miss all those outrageous commercials! (And thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize!)

    • Veronica Jarvis

      Hubby & I throw a nice party with all of our football fan friends, and make yummy food and drink beer….it’s what the day’s all about!!! Thanks for the contest too!

    • paul haddock

      I join in

    • Erica C.

      I’m just one of the guys!

    • Patti Sherman

      I would be darned if only the men got to enjoy themselves. I join right in. What is better than a Super Bowl party? Good food, friends and a lot of fun!

    • Shilo Beedy

      I’m in it for the great food!

    • linda

      I go out with my husband every single year for Superbowl. I used to stay home, but now I love it. My son is a huge and I mean hugefootball fan so I learned the game from him.

      Thank you for offering this great set. And Thank you pepsi too.

    • sito

      I throw my own Super Bowl party. In fact, the men who live here would not do anything for the SB and I’m the one who arranges the whole thing. I do let them join in though, and even let them help clean up.

    • Michael

      I love SuperBowl Parties.

    • Roxann

      Woo Hoo throw me the ball and guard both my flanks and touch down zone here I come.

    • Angela S.

      I join in!!!

    • Shannon C

      It is all about the boys in tight pants and watching big burly men on the field. It is a time for men to be men, and us women enjoy it on primetime.

    • Barbara C

      I may have to get the food ready but I am right in there screaming with all the guys at game time !! As for Pepsi we have actually asked the Pepsi rep to run a pipe line to our home LOL..

    • Cynthia W

      I am right there with the men. I enjoy gathering things together to make the perfect party – the chips, dip, finger foods, beverages. And I will decorate the area in a theme depending on where the Super Bowl is being held. But come kick-off time, I am in my seat and ready to cheer (loudly) for my team!

    • Raklak

      Just this past year my 14-year-old son and my husband have begun speaking “footballese.” When a game is on the television I find myself sitting back and relishing their communications more than the game. The Super Bowl should provide several hours to observe this fascinating communication!

    • Janice Golden

      I love football more than the hubby I even named my son Dallas after the Cowboys so you could say I am alittle bit of a fan

    • Barbara

      yes i am a football widow…but it is a great time to make homemade bread

    • Marti

      OMG – My husband and two sons tie up every TV in the house, one would think that the score is different on each set. They set up snacks in each room; chip, soda, franks in jackets, mini knishes, and hot wings. They do alot of jumping and yelling. It is kind of scary, it is the perfect time for a long bubble bath.

    • Sharon Davis

      Since I am an avid college football fan, Univ.of Texas Longhorns, I can use all of my “football enthusiasm” for that and let the boys enjoy the superbowl. I leave food for them and find something that I love to do during that game. HOOK’EM HORNS!

    • cara brouder

      it’s all about the party!

    • Debra F

      I go shoe shopping with the girl on Superbowl Sunday. I leave the boys to their football. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    • Dree

      My husband watched both the NFL and College games. I wouldn’t consider myself a widow although he does watch a lot of football. He does still spend time with me and our son. Our son seems to watch much of the games with him.

      I only watch the big games like the Superbowl and the big college bowls.

    • Lynn S

      Poor me, I have to work and no TV

    • Stacey Brown

      I am definitely a widow I usually sign up to work, because I can’t stand to listen to them yell at the tv like they can hear them! lol

    • Cathy Truman

      I love football and the SuperBowl.
      It is so much fun having people over for
      a SuperBowl party and watching the game.
      Thanks so much for the fun contest.

    • Karin A

      Just watch with the family—don’t do anything special …..

    • Belinda

      We party together.

    • Sharon Jones

      SuperBowl Widow for sure…but I take the time to read a good book…:)

    • Vicki B

      The party’s at our house this year! Teens and all. Not a true Super Bowl fan, but love the parties!

    • Barbara

      yes a football widow, but i use the time to bake bread

    • Elaine

      Pepsi is my favorite soda drink so it would be wonderful to celebrate Superbowl day with these wonderful products. thanks

    • Tara

      I don’t mind football. I’m not a fanatic but my husband is. I do like to watch the superbowl and have a get together.

    • Maria P.

      For sure you gotta join in – after all, it’s a party! Who cares about the game?!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    • Twinkle

      Love to host parties. Hubby is getting better at helping before the party, but he has been really Great at helping with after cleanup. We like the Superbowl and are crossing our fingers that our Steelers are in it!! GOGo Go

    • Barbara

      yes i widow…but i use the time to make homemade bread

    • Angela S.

      Without a doubt, join it!

    • carol

      My son and husband have some time together and I go and watch a girly movie by myself! LOL I would rather as I am not into football.

    • Diane Baum

      I go for the food!

    • Julianne B

      I make the food and join in a little. I go do something else if I am bored. It really does not matter to me. I am glad they are having fun and that they rave about my cooking. :)

    • ashley

      i just watch it for the commercials!

    • Jessica Cote

      I’m not usually too big on football but I will join in and watch the game.

    • Sonya Allstun

      I would join in I am not the type of person to sit back and not join any activities

    • Barbara

      use the time to bake bread

    • Cheryl F.

      I enjoy watching the game with the guys :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

    • Tammy

      We all watch together!

    • Sarah Z

      When I have a guy – I don’t mind watching the Super Bowl with them… then again I am just as happy doing something else too!

    • Carol M.

      I am a “real” Super Bowl widow as my other half passed away last spring. We are planning a big Super Bowl party as a memorial to him and to keep his spirit going. He loved his football and we are sure will be up ther rooting for our hometeam “The Philadelphia EAGLES”. Hope they make it!! Thanks for the contest!!

    • Leann S

      I am as big a football fan as the men in my household. But I enjoy it more since my mood isn’t based on whether or not my team wins.

    • dawn

      I love Superbowl Sunday I am a huge football fan. I get a kick out of the commercials, and hanging with friends and family and tons of food.

    • Holly

      We have 4 tv’s in our house and they will all be tuned in to the Superbowl. With six kids, we always seem to have a houseful on Superbowl Sunday. Everyone has a great time watching and eating.

    • Barbara

      make bread

    • Selene M.

      I’ll watch some of the game by myself. Hubby is not a football fan.

    • Jennifer Savage

      We go to my brothers house for his annual Super Bowl Party. Football, family, friends & food! It doesn’t get much better than that.

    • Rosanne

      I join in. I got all four of my sons playing football not my husband. He’s more into solo sports like biking, skiing etc.

    • Molly Capel

      If I am home, I usually will watch, just for the commercials. But this year I will be working. This is an awesome prize!

    • Nan Campbell

      I join in

    • Carrie

      I enjoy hanging out, in the kitchen, with the “ladies”!

    • Barbara

      use the time to go for a nice brisk walk

    • Kathleen

      I join in with the men and watch every year. The more, the merrier! Thanks for the chance to win!

      kport207 at gmail dot com

    • Shanna B.

      OK, it have come full circle!! I used to be a football widow until I actually went to a live game. It was such an awesome experience. That, coupled with the fact that my husband *explained* the game to me, I now LOVE football and football parties!! We even have an entire room in our new house devoted to football.

    • Michele Wesley

      I am a football widow most of the season, but not when Superbowl comes along. Who can resist watching all the great commercials & the half-time show.

    • Kelly L

      I will watch the game with my husband and our friends, in between bringing them snacks. Thanks.

    • Melissa

      I am the only female in the house with my husband and 2 sons, so I join in. I do love the superbowl food and watching the great commercials.

    • Linda Moeller

      I love football. I’m even in several fantasy leagues. Who needs men for a Super Bowl party!!!! LOL

    • Barbara

      take a nice long walk

    • lifeasamama

      of all of our friends, i’m the only woman that wants to watch the game… so i’m always torn between watching and playing hostess to the ladies. it’s a rough night. but they understand. sort of.

    • Allison

      The game is always a fun time together.

    • Kayce

      I love the Superbowl commercials, so half-time is my favorite part of the game.

    • Kathy D

      I just like to watch the ADS leave the football to the guys

    • Barbara

      go for a walk

    • Michelle Rosborough

      superbowl widow

    • Shana

      We are Steelers fans here. If they are in I will watch the game and really be into it. If they aren’t I won’t get as much into it but I will still have a GREAT time! We are having a party (we even have a babysitter) so this would be AWESOME to win!!! :o)

    • Barbara

      why not just watch it too

    • Jenn Elliott

      No, I am not a superbowl widow. I have just as much fun as they do, and really get into the game.

    • Jodene

      No really a superbowl widow, I go to the parties but don’t really watch the game.

    • Elizabeth N.

      Instead of becoming a football widow, I learned the game too. My husband LOVED teaching me the rules and stuff, and it gave us something in common. Now, 10 years later, I know more than most guys do and watch football all weekend! Can’t wait for the Super Bowl, even if the Bucs aren’t in it!

    • Marlena U.

      Luckily, my parents host a party every year. So the men watch the game and the women watch the commercials. We talk in between and annoy the men who are trying to focus in on the game! :) m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

    • Bill Creek

      I would like this for my party. I have a group of friends over each year.
      Thank you.

    • Patti S

      Hubby only watches on Super Bowl sunday because we invite his family and buy beer. I love the 1/2 time show and the commercials.
      pattidriving (at) yahoo.

    • Melissa P

      My husband isn’t a big football fan, but he does watch the Super Bowl with me.

    • Shelley Slider

      I join in with the fun and watch the Super Bowl with the guys and have a blast!

    • Barbara

      why not just watch it your hubby and his friends

    • Kathleen

      I’m the road crew-in charge of setup and teardown. All the glory……

    • Candie L

      The entire family gets together and has a big to do at one of the relative’s houes. The kids play and all 8 adults watch the game and talk.

    • Noelia

      I love sports !!! SO i enjoy watching them :)

    • Janet Mahurin

      We will be home watching the superbowl with kids and grandkids who come over 2 watch the game and snack.They all love football along with my hubbie:)I will visit all who come over and listen to game from the computer:) ty 4 the awesome giveaway and entry:)

    • Denise

      My husband couldn’t care less about sports and neither can I, but I’d still love to win this for other fun events!

    • Steph

      I am not a Super Bowl widow, I love football more than my husband (or any man I know for that matter). This year looks to be a fun game and should make for a great party here at home. Go Cardinals!

    • Barbara

      watch it and cheer for the steelers

    • Jill L

      Luckily I’m not a Superbowl widow. My husband would rather hang out with me and the kids. We’ll watch the game together.

    • Angie P

      Hubby and I usually have friends over for Super Bowl Sunday. We have a good time watching the game and eating a lot of tasty snacks.
      That snack helmet is too cute! :)

    • jennifer gersch

      I wathc with my husband. Go Steelers

    • Sandra Brodeur

      I sit on my computer during the game but I DO glance up to watch the commercials and half time. I like the snacking that goes along with the game also.

    • Reveille Patterson

      During the Super Bowl Party, the biggest problem seems to be between those who are die hard viewers and those that want to talk and visit during the game. I have the room sit up where there are two areas, die hards are up front where they can really watch the game, and then there is the snacking area for those of us who want to watch a little and visit a lot. We are all able to see the TV and visit back and forth, but without interfering with those viewing the game…to much anyway!

    • Linda

      I’ll be watching my little grandson so his parents and older brother can go to a football party.
      lgrieser at sbcglobal dot net

    • Barbara

      dear me, it is only a football game…enjoy

    • Beverley Justice

      My husband and I enjoy watching football together. We’re looking forward to a quiet evening at home , watching the Super Bowl.

    • MWhaley

      Very nice…would love to win

    • patricia skinner

      We will be watching the Superbowl at home. Winning this would be great!

    • Kim

      We have a whole bunch of people over for food and fun … so definitely not a football widow (at least not on Super Bowl Sunday, anyway). Thanks for the terrific giveaway … I’m loving the snack helmet!

    • Theresa Clift

      We love to watch the “Big Game” as a family at home. Even if one of our favorite teams aren’t in it we watch it for the ads. Thanks for the contest and have a great day!

    • Brandi

      I love the super bowl! Go STEELERS!

    • Steve Scott

      Super Bowl makes a great excuse to have a party.

    • Tammy Marshall

      I don’t really enjoy watching the game per se, but I love hosting Super Bowl parties for my husband.

    • Barbara

      just go ahead and watch it, it might be fun

    • Robin Stephens

      I am not a football widow. If the “guys” are watching football, so am I.

    • Christine @ Live Laugh Love and Bloggings

      I am a superbowl widow (hubby heads to the stag night at the firehouse!); but then I am a hostess to my 2 teenage sons and their friends who all end up at my house! If I am lucky, I sometimes get a chance to catch part of the game, but usually I am running around to feed the bottomless pits that are my sons and their friends!! lolol

    • Julie Boudreau

      I only come in at half time..(to watch the commercials of course)..other than that I spend that time relaxing..

    • lisa

      I join in. I only enjoy the commercials but I do like spending time with my family.

    • christopher h

      there are no football widows on super bowl sunday — everybody watches

    • Rose Roberts

      i usually am not a big fan, but my sister has gotten me interested – oh yes and the Arizona Cardinals are in it – so i’m excited

    • Jennifer G

      I go to a friend’s party. They always have great parties with margarita machines and all!

    • Janet F

      My sons like to watch the Super Bowl. I sit with them and make snacks for everyone.

      janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Lori Downs

      I love to win this cause I am a huge football fan! I scream I yell atthe refs and the players sometimes even louder than my husband!

    • Tammy Darling

      My husband isn’t into football very much but he has learned over the years that I enjoy watching the super bowl. He even starts asking early in January when it is & what are our plans. I think he secretly enjoys it now!

    • Angela Cisco

      Neither I or my husband are football fans.But this year his friends decided to nominate us to have a Super Bowl party.Since we have the biggest TV I am thinking this will most likely be a new tradition.
      I enjoy entertaining so it will be fun.
      angelacisco at

    • Daniel M

      we all watch the game here

    • Sharon Seneker

      I like football! I don’t love it! The excitement can be contagious! Thanks!

    • Max


    • kerry

      love the commercials!

    • Barbara

      watch it and hope the steelers win

    • Jennifer Hedden

      I watch it

    • Sandy M

      There’s not much else to celebrate in February! I’d love to win.

    • Dallan Elk

      I watch the game but I’ve never watched it while eating out a helmet.

    • Tracy H

      What’s better than football, frito’s and pepsi? Nothing. Thanks for the giveaway! I join in the festivities. It’s just my husband and sons and me but we enjoy the family time together.

    • Peggy Miller

      I ALWAYS join the men (my husband and 3 sons) and enjoy the commercials more.

    • Melissa

      I love the Superbowl . . . You can’t beat the food, football and fun. :o)

    • Jenny Ham

      I watch the superbowl with friends don’t have a man right now to share the event with so have to share with a group of friends. Would love to win this group of items would only make the day more fun.

    • Steve White

      On SB-Sunday, regardless of who’s playing, we get together with friends to watch the ads… Thanks and ‘schmeelukk!

    • trudee carriero

      We will be with family watching the superbowl which we do every year

    • Amy C

      I’m not a Super Bowl widow since I love to watch football. But the Super Bowl is about so much more than football – the ads, the food, the parties.

      Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    • K.C

      I usually join in by making appetizers, or buying deli trays, chicken, wings or pizza, soda and beer.
      I love half time and commercials. But, one year I was a football widow and my husband went to a guy party. So, I went shopping. I had a blast. There were so many sales and no one was in the stores.

    • Robin

      We love the superbowl its a good time to get together with friend and share a little food and drink

    • Tammie

      If the game is close I can share the enthusiasm; however, if it is lopsided don’t expect me to remember which teams played… :)

    • Sonya

      My girlfriends and I party with the men, but we congregate around the table with margaritas and only watch the commercials!

    • Pamela Wesley

      I started out as a superbowl widow and used to go shopping. But NOW i party with the men and I have a great time. I don’t really watch the game as much as the commercials and halftime show.

    • Jamie W

      I live for football! Seriously, I get into the games way more than my husband. We have a huge Superbowl party every year. I can’t wait!

    • Lisa Grimm

      I am a crazy Steelers fan! I grew up in Pittsburgh, so you can do the math! I brought my husband on board when we met! I can’t wait for the Super Bowl! PARTY! Go Steelers

    • angelarcher

      I definitely join in watching the game – in fact, during the playoff games, I was jumping up and down – I get more excited about the game than my husband does! We haven’t had a Super Bowl party in a while, but with these cool Pepsi Super Bowl supplies, we would definitely plan one! Thanks for the chance.

    • Dddiva

      We have a junk-food feast with family and whoever else wants to come- everybody is in on it.

    • Jennai

      I like the food and the commercials and halftime entertainment better than the actual game. But it’s still fun!

    • Kristine Michelle

      We all watch the game here, but it’s the snacks (this prize would be great) that really make it!

    • Vicki Wurgler

      I love to watch the super bowl and the commercials are always fun

    • Eva D

      I dont LOVE watching football but I figure if my husband can put up going to the mall with me I can watch a few games with him. So I watch and try to enjoy the games with him. I really like the commercials better than the game though.

    • Chrysa

      It’s the only game of the year that I watch!

    • Crystal F

      I almost love football as much as my dh does. He likes watching all the teams play but I just like watching a few of them play. Steelers are one of them so I hope they win Sunday. Thank you!

    • Leigh Nichols

      I wanna be right in the middle of the action!
      I cheer the loudest and get the most excited!

    • Mollie G.

      This is a great excuse to get together with several of our neighboring families and hang out — the guys talk sports and critique strategies and tactics, the wives have a chance to relax, talk and critique the commercials, and the kids are safely all over the map — and this prize package lends itself nicely to a few favorite snacks, too!! Thanks!

    • flared0ne

      I like the way my wife often puts it — you gotta love any ritualized viewing opportunity which includes so many bathroom breaks AND mandatory snacks… And when we get several families together, the party just gets better and better!

    • Julie S

      I join right in with the boys, love football and snacks!

    • Paula Harmon

      My 13 yr. old daughter plans a superbowl party every year, with football cake, and team colored streamers/balloons, etc… daddy is so “surprised” every time! I’d give the prize pack to her to help make it the best party ever!

    • Candis Hansen

      I love the Super Bowl. I love the commercials but mostly I love the STEELERS!!!

    • Barbara

      enjoy it and don’t fret

    • Cassandra

      I party right along with the guys.

    • Barbara

      I’m only interested in the game if an old player from my favorite college team is playing. This year I plan on watching but I’m sure I’ll be more interested in the commercials since I’m not familiar with any of the players. ;-)

    • Amy Tucker

      If you can’t beat them join them is my motto! We have one big party and invite all our friends over.

    • Rachel Robertson

      I agree with the if you can’t beat them, join them! My dad always watched every football game he could and on Superbowl Sunday my mom would invited all their friends and make tons and tons of food! She told me that she never really understood all the rules of the game but my dad was such a good dad and husband that she made sure that Superbowl Sunday was special for him. I do the same thing for the same reasons and just seeing him having so much fun makes the game fun for me too!

    • Gail

      The men all go down to the family room and watch the game. The women stay upstairs gossiping and watching thw commercials.

    • Wendy

      We invite friends and family over and I really usually only watch bits and pieces of the game. I like the half-time though and the snacks!

    • Annemarie

      I am hosting a party at my place!! This would be perfect for it!!

    • Pamela Ray

      Superbowl? I join my man!

    • Andi

      I am NOT a superbowl widow :-). My husband and I watch together. He isn’t the die-hard fan he used to be so we just stay home, hang out, watch the game and enjoy each others company. The half-time show is my fave! Oh…and the FOOD!!

    • Sheila Wintermantel

      No, I’m not a football widow, thank goodness! My husband watches all the Pittsburgh Steeler games because we a BIG Steeler fans, but he does not watch most of the other games. We are really looking forward to the SuperBowl game! I’m going to put out a bunch of finger foods and some drinks and the whole family will kick back and enjoy the game. As much as I look forward to the game, the commercials are one of the best parts. Thanks for the chance to win some terrific prizes! :)

    • djgroz

      We all watch together and even play cards while we are doing it!
      Thanks for the sweepstake

    • Melinda L Smith


    • Tesa S.

      Don’t have a hubby, but in my house – I am the man! Love Football, will be watching with the kids!

    • Jennifer H

      I don’t watch the game… I am just there for the chips and dip!

    • Daphne R

      While husby’s rootin’ for the Cards
      instead, what I will do
      is bring snacks in when the ADS come on—
      (I think they’re BEST, don’t YOU?)


    • felicia

      not much of a football a matter of fact if the guys are lucky they can come to my party! The girls and I always whip up some pretty incredible snacks (not your standard fare of chips and dip) and really get into the game!

    • Cheryl Smith

      It’s more like my husband is a football widow! Go Cardinals!

    • jjampm

      I’m with Cheryl! I’m more into it than my husband. It works though since he loves the commercials too!

    • Samantha Miller

      I join in with the men! I am a sports fanatic.

    • wendy

      I hide when any game is on cause i cant handle the yelling and the loud volume.

    • David Clark

      I’m married and my spouse is still alive. I love watching football. My entire family watches the game together. We just wish the Packers were playing!

      Thanks for the contest.


    • Ellie W

      I’m more of a football fan than my husband. So I’m the one who is ready for a Superbowl party.

    • Melanie

      We watch the game every year.
      Always have.
      And Im going to keep the tradition going.

    • Shawn

      What a great prize! We are more into the commercials and halftime show around here than the actual game.


    • Julie

      My kids and I won’t miss the biggest game of the year, even if our favorite teams are in it!

    • Janet

      my family will enjoy the game and a party at our house.ty 4 the entry:)


      When it comes to football I am much more into it than anyone else in the house. If I have to be out for a Steeler game during regular season I will tivo it and if anyone breathes a word about the outcome they will have the wrath of my tongue to face. As for the superbowl short of death I will be there shouting and rooting the Steelers on and if the house falls down around my ears so be it.

    • Vicki

      I love eating all of the good food and watching the commercials!

    • Lisa G.

      I’m a Superbowl widow so this year I’m hosting a girls night at my house with my fellow “widows” Thanks!
      lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

    • JadaRose

      WOOOWEEE we love the Steelers. We are in the heart of Steeler country and we love to host the Superbowl party. lots of good food, friends and good times. The commercials can’t be beat.

    • Carolyn Nedrow

      I love everything to do with the Superbowl – the game, the food and the gathering of friends!

    • Kathryn Howell

      Oh, not a Super Bowl widow…I love the game and the party!

    • Julie K

      No way! I love football! I will be watching.

    • Marcia S

      If the Steelers are playing in the Super Bowl–I’m there, I’m excited!

    • Storm

      We get into it together – of course, I care more about the commericals I think! ;) It’s a fun excuse to hang out with friends.

    • Angela J

      I love football, follow the stats and all that, hate to miss a single game during the season.

    • Robert R

      the mrs watches the games with me…she’s just as much into the games as me

    • Jennifer Jozwiak

      I have my own parties! Girls can love football too

    • carol

      This is great!

    • Kristen

      I’m right there along side my man for the Super Bowl, love the big game. Can’t wait till next Sunday.

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • chastidy

      I join in, he’s not having a party without me :)

    • donner

      the superbowl parties are more fun than the actual game in many cases. I love them and the food!

    • Marc Hollin

      Why would anyone NOT have or attend a Super Bowl party? It’s as American as baseball & apple pie! ;)


    • R Hicks

      we always have 2 or 3 couples over for the big game and have a little party

    • Betty C

      I am more of a football fan than the guys in my family. They do watch the Super Bowl but through the season they only watch if their favorite team is playing while I will watch every game I can.

    • Jannet Tseng

      I am a big Superbowl fan and I love watching the Superbowl with my husband. Every year when the Superbowl we will sitting infront of our television to watch the Superbowl.

    • Miranda Allen

      I most definately join in

    • Elenna Louise

      We’re all Superbowl fans here (especially when the Steelers are in it)

    • Valerie Furr

      I hang with the men, I am as loud if not louder than they are. Sometimes they have to tell me to settle down. I love football.

    • Richard

      We watch the Super bowl as a family. Everyone cheering and having a great time.

    • Shelley Mitchell

      Definately hang with the men. It’s the one day a year all of our friends and family get together. We are huge football fans so we look forward to it every year.

    • Deborah Wellenstein

      I’m not a Superbowl widow. My husband can take or leave football. I work retail so I usually work Superbowl Sunday. This year we have the new TV, so we will be hosting our son and his friends. I always enjoy a party, so if I’m home, I will join in! Thanks!

    • Heather

      I love football and love planning our annual Super Bowl party. This prize package would be a great start!


      We have a small party with lots of food :o)

    • Jennifer M

      We’re both celebrating Chinese New Year that day instead, so no arguments!

    • Veronica Garrett

      Husband works Sundays. Super Bowl isn’t celebrated at oue house. I wait till next month when I celebrate my anniversary and Valentine’s Day.

    • Becky

      Not really a superbowl widow here I’m usually with the guys just laughing at them and watching the commercials…

    • Patricia Mortimer

      I join in because the commercials keep me entertained

    • judy chapman

      I join in because I dont want to miss the commercials.

    • joan olson

      I join actually I have the party do not really see most of the game though. This year really bad the game is a few miles away and we are not joinng any of the hoopla but want to.

    • Debbie Bays

      I am the Football (Super Bowl) Queen of parties! I think I enjoy it more than my husband. Lots of food and drink, but come game-time, I park it on the sofa. I’d love to win this. I never win anything!

    • John Deal

      I join in with the oter men and watch the game

    • kathy pease

      my hub is a football freak not me i hate it when im watching a movie and he screasms at the tv from the other room..IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING not to mention i almost have a heart attack with his big mouth..LOL

    • Dan

      We all join together for a group party with friends

    • Barbara

      root for the steelers

    • Denise

      I join in the fun!

    • Debi

      I love having the family and friends over for fun, food and foodball!
      It’s always interesting to see who likes the new commericals and who doesn’t. LOL
      Thanks for the contest :)

    • Michelle Simons

      I have noone not even a cat so i sit and watch it myself and hope pretend i am eating a huge bowl of chili and crackers.

    • Susan Craig

      I watch with my husband. We are both excited for the game. Our daughter wants to stay up with us, but the game is too late on a school night for her.

    • Deborah R

      I enjoy watching the game, but more often than not I’m playing hostess to a bunch of football maniacs, and I enjoy doing that just as much as they enjoy my efforts.

    • Angela Palmer

      I am a superbowl sleeper. He watches, I nap in my lazyboy. Works for us.

    • Tina Rath

      Hey, I join the guys and we argue over football!

    • Reva Skie

      I am not so much a football widow as a “my husband has to work on Superbowl Sunday” widow. I will be hanging out with friends.

    • Barbara Hunt

      Fortunately for me, my fiance’ does not watch sports, so we both usually go shopping! Thanks for the contest!

    • Katherine Frazier

      I join in – I have my terrible towel ready – Go Steelers!!!!!

    • barbara wright

      Yup – nothing like a bunch of overgrown little boys sitting around watching other overgrown little boys throw a little ball around a field.

    • Marilyn R.

      It’s fun watching the Super Bowl with a bunch of friends and having a great party :) I enjoy the game and interaction. the side pools are bad either

    • Becky Grady

      I love to watch the Super Bowl. I like all the good food even better.


    • Donna K

      My sister is having a party.

    • Beverly M

      We usually watch the game at home with a few friends and a lot of munchies. We all love Pepsi and Lays chips, so this would be great to win. Thanks for having the contest!

    • theodore esteghamat

      I love super bowl parties.

    • Helen

      We host a small party with family and friends and cook up different foods.

    • Marie N

      What can I tell you…was married to a Cowboy fan and gave birth to a Steeler fan and finally contributed to the clan with a former Saints now Jaguars fan…football runs in my veins. I would have a Super Bowl of one even if I had no one to share it with come game day.

    • Debbie B

      We usually watch the Super Bowl – but just a quiet evening at home my husband & me!

    • Lia Casson

      No not a SB widow, Yay for me!!! :)

    • Charlene Kuser

      I love the Superbowl now that im older.We
      watch it with family and friends.I am a
      football fan.Thanks for the giveaway

    • Samantha Pruitt

      i’m in it for the commercials and the dip, so i guess i’m just a hang a rounder not really here nor there, but mostly at the bowl of chips, hehe

    • Lily Kwan

      I have a party of my own.

    • Cfs112990

      I love this prize package!! It would make my day a whiz! Thanks for a great prize offering!

    • Sharon Davis

      I have reached the magic age! This year for the first time I have been invited to one of my daughter’s home for a meal and to watch the Superbowl instead of being the head cook and bottle washer. I hope this is the start of many good meals and invitations.

    • Ty

      Sheila! You MUST make your bow tie sausage casserole! It is just out of this world. I have passed your recipe on to many close and dear friends and they all love it. Have you ever tried substituting chicken sausage for the italian sausage? It works quite well.