Style Network hasn’t canceled Ruby

OK, I’m not positive that Style Network has renewed Ruby for another season, but I do want to say that the show hasn’t been canceled. I’ve gotten a lot of comments and emails pleading for Style not to cancel Ruby, but all good things must come to an end. Even our favorite shows have a season finale, and it was time for Ruby’s. I would have liked to seen a lot more of her weight drop off, but hopefully Style won’t deprive us that!

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    • Kerri

      What happened to Ruby? There was only 2-3 months of shows and then, BOOM, it just stopped! Did I miss a finale warning? She’s great and an inspiration to many people — why did Style stop taping?

    • Samantha

      Kerri – Style did advertise the season finale. I haven’t heard anything about season 2, but hopefully there will be, as the show seems to have had a pretty strong fan base.

      I’ll dig around to see if there’s anywhere you can watch Ruby online. Maybe try hulu? At any rate, you my Ruby finale recap here:

    • Karen

      Sheesh – who cares? Sorry, but her incessant whining and dressing up those poor dogs . . . .then the whole shrink “mystery” of why she overeats . .. enough already! She had a slew of professionals helping her and she still whined about her not being able to go to her favorite eating places. I liked her friends more than her:)

    • Leah

      maybe ruby gave up so there’s not much point in filming anymore?

    • bob

      i have no idea why the show got canceled but i know she didnt give up. she has too much positiveness and she knew it was time to do something about it. justthe style channel dont cancel ruby and make more episodes i love ruby and shes inspiring to all the viewers who want to lose weight. thanks for letting people have a say i n all this.

    • Robin

      WHere in the world did Ruby go? In this day and age of all the weirdness and dysfunction why can’t we have one normal person with a personality. Please, please bring Ruby back to tv!!

    • Dee Craig

      Please bring Ruby back. She is such an inspiration to us. Love her southern style

    • http://NONE jUDY GOBBI

      I too miss Ruby. Please return her show
      to TV
      she is s role model


    • Montreal Trainer

      As a personal trainer who trains many with weight problems, this show highlighted true weight issues many people have from someone as articulate and honest as Ruby. She still has a long way to go and is still as inspiring then as it is now.

    • Alex Drayton

      RUBY hasn’t been canceled – in fact, Season 3 premiered its first episode on Valentine’s Day, 2010! The show is always good fun as well as inspiring to watch Ruby continuing her journey with her vivacious love of life, and her challenges and temptations, including both food and her old boyfriend Denny. Go Ruby, we in the Drayton household are rooting for you.

    • Francesca2

      What happened to Ruby? She’s great and an inspiration to many people — why did Style stop taping? Is there someplace online where I can follow Ruby’s story?

    • Samantha Cabrera

      I believe Style Network is airing season 3 right now.

    • Jody Schiesser

      Francesca – Style has not stopped filming the show, in fact, Season 3 is airing each Sunday as we speak. You can find out more about Ruby and her show at the following website:


      Jody Schiesser
      Associate Producer, RUBY

    • motherbug

      What happened to Ruby? Is there going to be new episodes? I never even saw the episode that was advertised that she sees the doctor that she saw when she was little and the episode when she asks her mom what she is hiding from her and why did she have to go to the dr. all the time and why did she miss so much school?

      • Anita

        I did not see those episodes either and would like to know what happened also. I really like that show and wanted to see her loose more weight. al of a sudden the show just disappeared. Would like to know if it will ever be back on. I just don’t care for most of the shows airing on Style. I used to watch it a lot, but not any more.

    • lori

      i have been lookin every where to get a copy of rubys book.where can i get one?

      • Kelly


    • Dixie

      I love Ruby, please let her continue to lose the weight on the show. I would love to see her lose the weight, and have the surgery to remove the extra saggy skin.

    • Katie

      So its now October, 2011 – is Ruby cancelled or will it return?

    • Lisa

      Have been checking the Style network weekly for Rubys return just to find out today that the network cancelled the show. Shame on you – Ruby was down to earth, real and inspiring. The show was more realistic than those other stupid reality shows, showing her rewards and her struggles with her weight and her emotions. It was my favorite show and I will no longer watch Style TV!!!

      • Tina

        I’m with Lisa. No more Style Network for me. Ruby was the only program they had the drew me to watch Style. Then I’d see previews for other shows while watching Ruby and watch a few others. Now I have no reason to watch Style. One can only take so much vapid, hollow programming.

      • Pam P

        I will no longer watch the network either. There are very few inspirational shows on tv anymore. If there isn’t violence, nudity, prolific sex, etc in the program it seems like the networks don’t want to show it. Personally I am sick of 80% of the crap on tv and can spend my free -time watching the grass and flowers grow. It is certainly more pleasant! Good luck and god bless RUBY.

    • janet

      Where is Ruby and Clean House?