Brad Pitt In Tom Ford 3-Piece Suit


To complement Angelina Jolie’s goddess looking Max Azria dress, Brad Pitt wore a 3-piece Tom for Suit at the recently concluded 14th Critic’s Choice Awards.

To the suit mafias out there, you know who you are :), Brad Pitt’s vest has 6 buttons, and the last one was unbuttoned. A silk tie completed the crispy white dress shirt. They both look very regal, don’t they?

This picture actually reminds me of their wax statues at Madame Tussaude’s wax museum. It’s a little bizarre when the wax versions look like the real human beings. But then again, we’re talking about Brangelina here. They both look good, real, fake or otherwise :) .

(Image : Newscom) (SOURCE: JustJared)

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    • Joacim

      It’s a great suit, but what’s up with the pants?
      They’re at least two sizes to long. It ruins the whole look.


      The suit looks really good, the pants however have to much break at the shoe. That kind of takes that tailored look away IMO.

      Love your blog keep doing what your doing