Grey Double Breasted Coat ala Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick, aka the most stylish, fashionable, troubled, and richest high school student in the history of high school show genres Chuck Bass sported a grey double-breasted coat while on the set of Gossip Girl in NYC.


If you like Ed Westwick’s look, here are few grey double-breasted coats that I found for you.


Tasso Elba Collezioni double breasted coat, $149.99



Kenneth Cole “wakely” double-breasted coat, $299.98


Givenchy double breasted coat, € 440.00


Debenhams grey double breasted coat, £110.00

I’m still looking for more grey double breasted coats ala Ed Westwick. Once I find more I’ll let you know :)

(Image : Pacific Coast News) (Debenhams, Louisa Viaroma, Kenneth Cole, Macy’s)

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    • Iaman

      Hmm, unfortunately, and this is the absolute bane of my existence, I am a rather small-framed guy (34″ chest, 28″ waist, thin noodle arms, et cetera) and so it is absolutely impossible to get myself a jacket that fits properly… I’ve seriously been wearing a badly fitting wool jacket for about two years now (the shoulder seam is seriously two inches below my actual shoulders, it’s terrible) because I simply cannot find a good, relatively cheap jacket that accommodates for someone my size.

      Any suggestions for brands I should pay attention to? It seems like a good portion of them just don’t even have offerings in XS anymore, which is about the only size that fits me anywhere near right.