Vegan UGGs

12-15 fuzzy boots.jpg

image: ragazzi

Chic: OK, many people will argue that this is not chic at all and I’m hoping that UGG-like boots will stay in the same realm as Juicy sweatsuits, but there are people that wear them, and they look pretty cute. Who am I to deny them?

Green: Totally vegan. Save those Emus!

Buy: Buy vegan UGG wannabes at Ragazzi Vegan, $78

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    • Jene Luciani

      granted, as a fashion editor, there are approp times for uggs and times when i should be in my chanel pumps. however, with temps in the teens here in NY, these days, i’m opting more for my uggs! and when i looked for a new pair around xmas, they were still sold out…so people must still be buying them (even though everyone claims they hate them!) :-) anyway, these are cute too and i love that they are eco-friendly.

      ugg wearer for life

    • Karla

      I feel the same way about UGGs…. perhaps because I have size 10 feet! For an UGG, these are cute.

    • Lizzie

      I think uggs have traveled from the realm of “trendy”, to timeless classic. They’re not going anywhere!