SOTD : Alfani White Embroidered Shirt, $15

Check out this Alfani White Embroidered Buttton-Down Shirt.


How can you not like this Alfani White Embroidered white shirt? The tonal embroidery is amazing. This versatile button-down shirt can be worn with jeans for a casual day, a trouser for work wear or even with suits. Either pants would really look nicely with this white shirt. The embroidery is really the star of this button-down shirt. It turned a classic white shirt very appropriate during the day and perfect for semi-formal days. It’s on sale for $14.99. NIIIICE! Let’s hope you wear a size L or XL because those are the only available sizes right now. 

(Image : Macy’s)

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    • Iaman

      Aww, thanks a lot Macy’s, hating on us short skinny guys : |

    • Dexie

      Iaman, I think it’s what’s left right now :) .

    • Iaman

      Yeah, I know. There are actually a few things left in S and even XS, now that I check thoroughly, but they seem to be becoming such overlooked sizes these days that it’s disheartening!

      It also makes me wish H&M had an online catalog, as I can usually find good clothing there, but it’s so hard to predict what they will actually have that it can be a hassle to motivate myself to actually go there.

    • G. Michael

      I need this shirt. How can I order it?