Mothers Do Wear Chuck Taylor’s

Let me explain the title first. The day after I cropped and put a collage together from the pictures of me wearing the Black Sabbath Hi Top Chuck Taylor (3rd picture), I checked the entries from the  Converse “The Doors” Sneakers giveaway and a comment from Joni made me smile.  Apparently her daughter told her that Mom’s don’t wear Chuck’s. She couldn’t be more wrong :) .


I’m a Mom of 2, a 10 yr old boy and 2yr old girl. Look at the pictures above, I’m wearing Chuck’s :). I also have a pair of the black hi-top Black Sabbath Converse sneakers (5th picture). I’m still pining over a pink pair, and the low top white “The Doors”. AND, I would definitely love to get a pair from the Pink Floyd collection as soon as it’s out. I don’t mean to put Joni and her daughter on the spot but Yes, Mother DO wear Chucks. It’s the only canvas sneakers I wear as a matter of fact. I’m not a sneakers (only when working out) kind of girl but I’d rock a Converse Chuck Taylor, anytime :).

Click “read more” for my outfit’s breakdown….

  • Only 9 Graphic smocked top, $3 (on sale form TJMaxx)
  • Levi’s Low Rise Flair Jeans, *can’t remember how much
  • Hi Top Black Sabbath All Star Converse Chuck Taylor, $49.99
  • white Circle cut out chain necklace, $3.99
  • Sterling silver bangles, $3.99
  • Sterling silver hoop earrings
  • Sterling silver watch

I would’ve loved it to showcase the Hi Top Black Sabbath All Star Converse Chuck Taylor by wearing skinny jeans or a straight leg jeans that’s cuffed at the hem but I didn’t want to change pants and we were about to leave so maybe next time :).

I do need to visit my hair stylist to get my bangs trimmed and layer the ends of my hair again. I’ll do that soon. I want longer layers this time around so I’m trying to grow my hair longer even more.

Don’t forget to check out my Hi Top Green Converse “The Doors” All Star Chuck Taylor giveaway. Good Luck!

(Images : Dexie Jane Wharton / Style It Less)

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    • Hand me Downs.

      Chuck Taylor’s dress collections are simply great. They are well suited for plus size women. You are looking beautiful in that dresses.

      Thanks for posting.

    • Awkward outcase citizen with great style and a great smile

      you know wat i think when i see this picture !? i think GREAT!! WOOO HOO !! good for you ! you have 2 kids ! your a mom ! your hot to trot! you have a pretty well…. okay body but i mean hey youve had 2 kids!! thats alotta birthday cake tehe ;) know wat i mean ! know wat i mean !? but seriosuly this picture inspired me !! i saw it and thought to myself i can be ahot stylish mother and i can get those chuck taylors back out from under my bed were they have beeen just catching dust and attracting cockcoarches ( yeh i have pretty smelly feeet :( ) its why my husband left me but thats a whole nother story all together! darling this photo just makes me wanna go out to the world in my chuck taylors and scream FUCK THE WORLD IM HOT BABY !! you are one sexy mummathank you sooo much ! haha jokes you look fucking terrible :)