Wear your heart on your sleeve!

This week, between Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, we have many reasons to wear red.

The HEART t-shirt from Chewylou Designs has HEART on the front and Hope, Empathy, Appreciation, Resilience, Trust on the back (photo at left).

I am wearing mine today (and it’s totally cute) – and I have five more to give away from a random drawing of readers. To have your chance to win, tell me what the month of red means to you.

Deadline is Thursday, February 12.

Image: ChewyLou Designs

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    • Nora SP

      The month of red to me mean hope and heart health.

    • Nicole

      The month of red to means reevaluating your lifestyle choices and deciding what you can adjust to make a healthier you.

    • Jeannette Byrd

      I am a cardiac nurse and have seen the devistating results of heart disease. Great cause, cute shirts.


    • Kendra

      of taking care of your precious heart !! treat with love !

    • Aisling

      We should remember that the “best” hearts are full of love and also kept healthy.

    • Allison

      February is a reminder to not take for granted those we care about, and ALSO to take the best care of OURSELVES!!!

    • Delores

      The month of red to me means to take care of yourself and love.

    • Rita M

      Time to evaluate & make the necessary changes for the the better — not only of your heart, but of your health in general.

    • Tom

      My father-n-law just had a heart attack last week. She is really worried about him now.

    • catherine miller

      This is the month to make sure your heart is happy and healthy

    • Terri

      This is the month of red. I almost lost my husband to a heart attack in Feb. 08. This means that in Feb. 09-we are celebrating his regaining health and “our” new wisdom towards diet and exercise.

    • http://iheartintoronto.com Suzanne

      The month of red reminds me to be happy and healthy and to always do everything with love.

    • Pashkoff

      The month of red means to be heart healthy. EXERCISE and eat right!

    • dorothy l

      the month of red reminds be to be happy and kind con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

    • Kimberly Hall

      It means love and hope to me.

    • mlswin

      My husband underwent triple bypass several years ago. Since then he has lost 150 lbs so we strive for a heart healthy lifestyle.


      means love and hope and reminding gently to people take care of yourself

    • Jackie

      With Valentine’s Day being in February, you can’t help but think of the month of red being out love. But one of the symbols for Valentine’s Day is the heart…and so to me the month of red is about having a healthy heart and the ability to love.

    • Jannet Tseng

      To me it means Valentine Day with my husband!


      It means breaking a long family history of heart disease!

    • Angela P

      My family is doomed if there is no change. Red is change starting with me….

    • http://jeannesgifts.blogspot.com Lorri S

      The month of red reminds me to think more about my health, diet and visiting the doctor for cholesterol screening.

    • Karla Hull

      It means time to celebrate life by making sure that you stay healthy. and always show love to those who care about you.

    • tawnda

      finally, a shirt I could wear with pride not just grab & put on…

    • Audrey

      This is the month to make sure your heart is happy and healthy.

    • Mary Ann Linder

      Sadly lost both parents to heart disease

    • Stacy

      To try to give the best you can to your heart.

    • Patty

      Thank you so much for having this contest. I really appreciate it.

    • Linda Haberman

      Take care of your heart.

    • Mary Marlatt

      My friend Kathie had heart surgery four years ago — one of the healthiest people I know! She’s made me much more aware of women’s heart health since then.

    • veronica sandberg

      my sil had all the signs of impending heart attack. But through diet she has been able to bring her levels down.

    • Vicky Boackle

      heart health is very imprtant and these shirts are just the cutest.

    • Angela J

      Heart health should be a primary concern for all

    • Catherine KingChuparkoff

      My grandmother and father died to soon from heart attacks, so I screen regularly and support anything to do with advancements in finding better technologies to reduce premature death.

    • janeh

      the Month of Red is a wonderful idea…..heart disease in women doesn’t always have the same symptoms that is does with men….the Month of Red reminds women to take care and be aware of their own likelihood of developing heart disease.

    • Linda Ellis

      The month of red is a reminder to us all to be more health aware – and to teach our children to eat right.

    • Eileen L.

      Love the red T!

    • Diane T.

      Cardiac disease has touched my life many times. I lost my grandmother and mother, both suffered heart attacks. My father-in-law had bypass surgery recently. All this was eye-opening. We have to become more knowledgeable in the proper care of ourselves.

    • Julie Lawrence

      How cute!

    • Sylvia Belle

      My husband has a cardiologist. So we are very aware of heart disease.

    • jayne

      It is a time we all should concentrate not only about love but our “heart heath”!

    • http://www.dealite.blogspot.com Sue S.

      It means a lot to me. My mother died last year from heart disease. Although many people may think breast cancer is the #1 killer of women, it isn’t. It’s heart disease.

      The month of Red reminds me of how fragile our lives are and that we all have to be extremely proactive in taking care of ourselves.l

    • Ann F

      Love the t Shirt

    • michelle lopez

      The month of red represents LOVE, and that means loving yourself first. Taking care of your health.

    • Amy A.

      To mark this V-Day my husband will go get screened for heart disease. he’s young but has a strong family history of heart disease.

    • venus

      The month of Red means to me, in order to give with a whole heart, it has to be a healthy heart!

    • Danielle

      The month of red reminds me how much I am loved by my family and also how much I love my father who passed away due to a massive heart attack. I know that he is watching over me from heaven and I can feel his love. The month of red signifies unconditional love and the importance of a healthy heart in order to give out love to everyone!

    • Kayce C

      February means winter is almost over.

    • Damla

      Month of red means healthy heart and of course love! :)

    • Heather M

      The month of Red says Heart Health to me! My grandfather died of A heart attack at 50 and my other grandfather died of Congestive Heart Failure at 74. It’s tough! Thanks

    • cathi rushing

      to take better care, death is just 1 heart beat away

    • Evelyn

      It’s a reminder of what’s really important

    • Shari D

      The month of red reminds me of love and commitment.

    • joanna smith

      The month of Red means Love and compassion for our loved ones as well as for all people. Red also represents Thankfulness for all the Blessings that I have, and Hope for the Future. It is a month to reflect on all that we love and cherish in our life and to never take those things or people for granted. It is a month of Remembrance, to tell those that we love just how much. Thank you for letting me speak from my heart.

    • Patti Sherman

      The month of RED means women should take care of their hearts!

    • Gina Stratos

      It’s a reminder to be heart healthy

    • Sarah

      it’s a reminder to everyone to be aware of everything we do to our body!

    • Linda

      I am a subscriber.

    • Elaine R

      The month of February to me is Heart and Stroke Awareness Month.

    • Elaine R


    • tanya

      It means loving yourself and others to me.

    • Vicki Chrzanowski

      The month of red is a great month to remember all of those who you love. Hallmark allows me to send love everywhere and the little guys enjoy the couple extra dollars from Nana.

    • Chris

      It means hope for all the special women and future women in my life.

    • Karen

      For me it means celebrating love

    • jolene

      love and heart health

    • Audrey

      It’s a reminder to everyone to be aware of everything you do to your body


      it means to me to get your heart right with the lord and for others and to take care of your self

    • http://middle-aged-mama.blogspot.com Sharon Jones

      love, health, happiness

    • gerald paulk

      survived open heart surgery, reminder of the trials of life

    • Linda Haberman

      Wish everyone a healthy heart.

    • Kayce Crews

      Red means roses.

    • kim b

      The month of red means love!!!

    • Samantha Miller

      The month of red means love and just being grateful for what you have and not taking anything for granted.

    • Melinda L Smith

      To me red means-LOVE AND HEALTHY HEART

    • GG in GA

      LOVE LOVE LOVE, February means love love love with all your heart….

    • Laura G

      love, hope and vitality

    • Linda G

      Good heart health for women!

    • Cherie R.

      The month of red means to me, that we should show love to those around us, and to ourselves, and take care of our bodies and our hearts.

    • Sharon Seneker

      Red reminds me of love! Thanks!

    • Rachel Robertson

      Red reminds me of a womans heart both in love and long life.

    • Rita Sheppard

      The month of red reminds me that your heart is your lifeblood and you need to live a healthy lifestyle to live a long life.

    • Melissa Jensen

      The month of red means many things to me, love and strength especially. I have been a heavy smoker for way to many years,and have chosen this month to be the month i quit. So far I AM Strong and have been smoke-free for 5 days.

    • Melanie

      I celebrate Life and I celebrate those who have passed this month, because my mom’s birthday and the day of her mom’s death are both in February, [actually two days apart]. So I celebrate that I have my mom here with me, and honor the life of my grandmother.

    • http://mylifeinkamloops.blogspot.com/ Amy Tucker

      Red means love for me!

    • Lisa G.

      It means a month to make sure my family knows how much I love them and to make healthier changes so I can spend as much time with them as possible.
      lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

    • Wendy Wallach

      It makes me stop and think.

      madamerkf at aol dot com

    • Erma

      Red means love and hearts. Thanks for the chance to win.

    • Aisling

      The month of red signals that spring is on its way and this is an excellent time to be working on getting that body and heart in better shape.

    • reeva

      to me, month of red means stop and reflect.

    • Roseann Kies

      The month of red means healthy heart, healthy mind.

    • D Johnson


    • joni chadwell

      working together as a team for such a good cause!

    • Audrey

      take care of your precious heart!! treat it with love!

    • cindy ratz

      Heart awareness love & my birthday is on valentines day! Cute shirt ! I feel energetic in red.

    • Linda Haberman

      Love good hearts.

    • http://blatherfrombrooklyn.wordpress.com Annulla

      The month of red is also the month of my birhtday, so to me it means I’m going to get cards and prezzies. Woo-hoo!

      Blather From Brooklyn

    • Amy Gangloff

      The month of red means to me, to celebrate women and being drug free. Thanks

    • kathy pease

      i associate red with healthy hearts :)

    • http://www.themommy-files.com/ Shannon Steen-Larsen

      I remember the color red going hand in hand with “Jump Rope Heart for Health” when I was in elementary school. I think of the heart and love.

    • Jennifer

      To me it means that I need to take better care of myself and my heart. Thanks for the giveaway, the t-shirts are really cute!

    • Elizabeth Ray

      Wish everyone a healthy heart.

    • John Deal

      It means to try to keep your heart healthy.

    • Lu Ann

      I lost my Grandfather and Mom to heart disease. It means that I always have to be aware to might the right choices for a healthy life.


    • Erica Lu

      This is my birthday month, as well as Valentine’s and heart month. I have always started my new year’s resolutions on my birthday since it is closer to spring and the start of my year. Red is a very energetic color, and we could all use VALENTINE’S DAY AS THE BEGINNING OF OUR HEALTH RESOLUTIONS FOR THE COMING YEAR.

    • Susan P


    • ELSIE

      The month of red is the time for me to remember my mother, who passed away from heart failure.

    • Marcy Strahan


    • Audrey

      The month of red to me means to take care of yourself and those you love

    • Crystal

      For those we have lost & those we have the ability to help.

    • Donna K

      It means Love.

    • Lenae Lee

      It, the color red, means “How To Save a Life”. Stop and listen to a heart.

    • Robert R

      to me february is a month of red as it also represents the importance of seatbelt use which saves lives…most dot’s have a red out day in the month of february for this purpose

    • Helen

      Taking control of one’s health and heart.

    • Veronica Garrett

      Februrary means reminding myself and others how important our health is and to take good care of ourselves by having regular checkups and taking good care of our bodies because every year we are reminded of lost loved ones.

    • Susanne Troop

      Be kind to your heart!

    • Amber Bergstedt

      The month of red means heart, means February, a time for love and sweethearts. ambpool(at)hotmail.com

    • Rebecca Ford

      I love this month, i have been with my wonderful boyfriend of 5 years this march, and its just so nice to know i always have a shoulder to cry on, or a friend to laugh with. i don’t know what i would do without him. hes my everything :)

    • Lily Kwan

      The month of red means to me being heart healthy.