Coldplay’s Grammy Fashion Sense is So Not Hot

First off, allow me to give my super props to Coldplay on their multiple awards for the crazy-hot song Viva La Vida. Swear to Gawd, that is one of my favorite tunes evah and I’m totally stoked they got some fab recognition for it.

However…I must question the ridiculous fashion ensembles these crazy fools be wearing. Sure, I totally get that they’re quirky and what not, but honestly, I feel like I’m looking at an old photo of Menudo or something from back in the day. The bright colors are a bit wiggy even for those who tend to push the fashion envelope. They just look damn silly, if you ask me, and I’m thisclose to being embarrassed for them (except that I just don’t have the energy to be embarrassed for people who make crappy clothing choices. Seriously.)

So, yay on the awards, boo on the goofy getups. Coldplay, you’ve got a lot going fer ya. Now take some of that cash and hire thee a stylist! Puh-leeze!

Image: Bauer-Griffin

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    • Dexie

      In one of their acceptance speech, one of them apologized to John McCartney for “recycling. St. Pepper’s coats”… LOL. They knew they looked ridiculous and had fun with it, makes me like them even more.

    • Liberty

      I heard that comment. My eyes rolled.

      You’re right, they were foolish and they knew it. But still. Blech!

    • Kelli

      Yep, blech!

    • Terrace

      Who the f** cares?
      I mean come on, they are awesome regardless. Part of the reason that I love them also is because they are not afraid to step outside the box and be fashionably playful and unique.

      It’s bright and cheerful slightly crazy and funky but that is what makes them stand out also, their unique fashion styles. I am sure if they came out in some blue jeans and t-shirts, they’d look like practically just blah whatever. But when I saw their outfits the first thing that came to my mind was there is my Coldplay, fashionably awesome.

    • sam

      Coldplay and many other modern day bands are bringing back the ‘MOD’ trend, so y the fuck r ppl questioning them for something so amazing. I would give anything for a viva la vida jacket as they are 1 offs !!!

    • pollett

      NO STYLIST. everyman and woman there had been dressed by someone else, what were they wearing? and expensive 10,000 get up that will be shoved to the back of their closet because its SOOOO last season from the dolce and gabanna collection for fabulous divas 2009… coldplay is unique, non polished, down to earth know that there is a world out there with regular people living in it. to me those jackets tell a beautiful story of happy men, living in a dream. they are wearing who they are… and thats something to respect NOT crittisize