BREAKING NEWS: Nicollette Sheridan to leave ‘Desperate Housewives’

TV Guide magazine reported tonight that Edie Britt will be written off the show, though gave no details (boo!) on how or when it might happen.

I’ll keep you guys posted on this news, but it definitely brings up the Crazy Dave thing into question. Think he kills her? Edie’s gotta have a big, glorious exit and — now that we’re expecting it — I think Dave killing her is the only way (sorry, it pains me to say that…)

I’m really going to miss her. Wonder who’s decision this was? As you remember, Edie’s already made one departure at the end of last season.

Again, check back for more updates. I’ll post ‘em when I have ‘em!

Image: Pacific Coast News

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    • Jaz

      for some reason whenever I hear or read “BREAKING NEWS” I get really excited. lol!

      Im kind of glad its not someone like marcia or felicity leaving. Edie is my least favorite housewife, so i dont mind!
      i wonder how she (dies) leaves the show! i cant wait to see what happens now.
      I wonder how many people dave is planning on taking with him. he already killed 1 person(that we know of) so far.

    • Jamie

      I don’t think Dave will kill her intentionally. I have a feeling that she’s going to do the most unselfish, selfless thing that Edie’s ever done… I think she’s going to die accidentally; protecting whomever Dave tries to kill. Perhaps Katherine? Mrs. McCluskey? Susan? Will she jump in front of a bullet? Move them out of the way of a speeding car driven by Crazy Dave? It’s going to be a grand exit, indeed.

      But damn — I will miss her terribly. And I wonder who’s going to play the new town beeotch. Bree? Katherine? Lee? ;-)

    • George

      she is ungrateful! i cant believe she would do that to people she has come to know for 5 years….This is upseting!

    • Holly

      From what i’ve read, it sounds like Nicollette decided to leave as opposed to being written out. But I don’t know which is worse!
      Don’t go Edieeeeeeeeeeee!!
      Man i’m gonna miss her. When she pretended to kill herself I was scared she was being written out, then the end of last season I was also. Everytime she’s come strutting back. I wonder if she’ll still be in it in lots of flashbacks or anything?


      although it was in the daily mail so who knows how true it is

      TV insiders claim her character will be killed in an unusual accident involving her car and an electrical wire after she finds out her latest husband Dave Williams (Neal McDonough) is trying to kill her. claims that tv insider is “E! online columnist Ted Casablanca”. Who i’ve never heard of and don’t know if he’s reliable lol.

    • Holly

      Also.. from US magazine yesterday

      “Show creator Marc Cherry revealed Sheridan’s character would be crossing a moral boundary that “will have have devastating consequences for her and lead to a shocking conclusion to her time on Wisteria Lane” in the show’s fifth season”

      Although that sort of sounds like what happened after season 4, maybe someone got confused? Although if not, the word ‘shocking’ could be a pun? Oh dearrr…

      I don’t want her to go!

    • John

      I think it’s very sad that she’s leaving the show. If it is her decision, I can only imagine it’s because she never really had enough time to develop her character on the show. She was never one of the “main” housewives and always seemed to have sub storylines. If it’s the writers’ decision, I think it’s a mistake. I think she’ll be sorely missed and that she really adds a lot to the show. I hope she moves on to bigger and better things.

    • Tony

      I think it’s just a rumor, so let’s not get worked up over nothing. Until Cherry or Sheridan say it themselves, I won’t believe it.