Paris Hilton Wears her Nightie to the Grammys

By now we are all mighty used to one Paris Hilton wearing off-the-wall, skimpy duds pretty much everywhere she goes. But she really outdid herself at the 2009 Grammy Awards with this frock. Looks like it’s from the P. Hil Boudoir/Clown School Collection. Seriously.

I don’t mind that the girl is shakin’ down some serious color. Sure, the colors are that of a circus costume, but still.

And I don’t even mind she’s rocking a major mini. She’s got the stems to do it.

However, the combo of the style of this thing mixed with the ick-inducing colors is just too much to handle. This is one of her worst get-ups, in my snarky opinion. But yanno what? Whatever. Without Paris making major fashion eff-ups like this, I’d be out of a job. So, press on, dear Paris. Press on and find the most ridiculous garb you can…for the sake of us all.

Image: Bauer-Griffin

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    • amy lynn

      That just made me blush! Honey, that’s not even a nightie – that’s a bikini with a…. an apron? An unfinished bathing suit cover up?? :-D

      I do appreciate her efforts to keep all of us entertained. :) (Why was she at the Grammys??)