Giveaway: Win looks right off the Fashion Week runway!

I confess, generally when I think of high fashion, it’s not JCPenney – but sort of like looking at an old friend and suddenly becomes super hot, making you realize how totally you were missing out, I had a similar experience earlier this week when I kicked off my Fashion Week festivities a few days early by checking out the JCPenney runway at the premier Espace in New York City.

The fashion showcase of its Spring 2009 exclusive designer collections included styles from exclusive brands nicole by Nicole Miller, Bisou Bisou by Michele Bohbot, ALLEN B. by Allen B. Schwartz, Fabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons and I “Heart” Ronson by Charlotte Ronson.

It was a super-exciting locale, and I spotted some hot local (and not so local) celebs, such as the star of the newly released movie Push Djimon Hounsou; host of Univision’s top reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina Giselle Blondet; actress April Lee Hernandez known for her role in the acclaimed drama Freedom Writers, and the fabulous Lindsay Price from Lipstick Jungle.

The real star, however, was the clothes. This fabulous event brought together fashion, beauty, music and art and a mix of styles inspired in retro 70′s prints, revealing sheers, bohemian chic and the latest runway sensations. My favorite out of all came from the new I Heart Ronson line, shown at left – I love the 80s-esque look of pairing the ruffled skirt with the fitted menswear vest. There’s a great symmetry to it all. (And the entire outfit retails for well under $100!)

Another favorite of mine was from the nicole by Nicole Miller line – I was immediately drawn to the embroidered mesh top, and I thought it was extremely well pair with the white jeans – another hot look for the coming season.

Now, here’s the exciting news: I realize not all of us are lucky enough to attend the runways of Fashion Week – but that’s no reason not to feel like you had! One lucky reader will win an outfit right off the runways of this JCPenney fashion show – their choice of either of the two looks presented above.

To win, share your favorite fashion memory – have you ever been to a runway? Ever experience an especially amazing shopping experience? We’d love to hear about it! Deadline is February 26.

Images: JCPenney

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    • Wally

      My girlfriend would like some new outfits.

    • Dianne F.

      I never have been to an actual “runway” show, but my most memorable experience relative to “fashion” was long, long ago I had the good fortune to attendthe Rhode Island School of Design fashion show which was, at the time, a major event. It was incredible! Full of new ideas, avant garde designs, really HIGH fashion and everyday wear constructed from unusual fabrics and accessories. Students were designers and models, many of whom later become famous in the industry.

    • Erin

      Years ago, when I was young and skinny, I got to do runway work for a petites line. It was a great experience, although it took me hours afterwards before my knees stopped feeling like jello! And I loved seeing all the outfits up close.

    • susan varney

      bellbottom pants and mini skirts are my memmories

    • Tom

      My wife would like a new dress

    • Leann S

      My oldest got to do a fashion show when she was in elementary school at the local mall. It was a blast.

    • Kate

      Back when I was in the Miss America pageants I had the best clothes. Beaded gowns, silk pantsuits, perfectly fit bathing suits. But alas I am no longer a size 2 and can’t fit into any of them anymore. But I will always remember the way those gowns made me feel like a Princess.

    • Abby

      I remember when I had lost my 30lbs and I went shopping I couldn’t stop posing in front of the mirror wow everything looked so awesome on!

    • Estelle

      I’ve never been to a fashion show, but I remember the first time I discovered designer clothing. I took a trip to Chicago a long time ago with a few friends and got to shop at some of the most fabulous boutiques and shops. It was fun, albeit expensive.

    • JoAnn L.

      When I managed a clothing store we use to put on fashion shows twice a year.

    • betty crawford

      I did some modeling when I was a teen.

    • Charity S.

      I would love to win.

    • Eliane

      When I was younger I bought a really expensive purse. It feels so good but I never had the chance to do this again.

      eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

    • Deci Worland

      I think my most memorable experience was finding a 100% silk Armani shirt in my husband’s size at a local thrift shop. He wears it on special occasions.

    • Danielle

      My favorite fashion memory is when I found the perfect dress that fit me well and was on sale in the clearance section!!!

    • paul haddock

      My wife needs new clothes for work

    • Dar.

      Love a new outfit..

    • Michelle

      While I’ve never been to a designer fashion show, we did have one in high school for Home Ec. We had to parade our handmade skirts before the entire school. Mine was blue paisley and never did fit right since I’m not the world’s most proficient sewer; my zipper was cock-eyed.

    • Dana

      My favorite memory is back to school shopping in the San Francisco Garment District. I work and save my money all summer long, just to blow it all in one day!

    • Linda Peters

      never had the pleasure of attending one, but I try to keep up with the fashions of the year, and buy one good purse or a pair of shoes I love

    • Stephanie V

      Have never been to a runway show but have had some unexpected shopping finds — of course always when I’m no looking for a particular item.

    • Lisa L

      I love summer and summer dresses!

    • nicole

      My favorite fashion memory was when I won a customer appreciation survey contest for a bag of betsy ross accessories. My fellow female family members had a field-day.

    • Jennifer Monteiro

      I modeled for Sears catalog 30 years ago as a child. It was so fun.

    • Nancy Munson

      my favorite fashion memory was when I lost a bunch of weight and I was able to go shopping for some cute clothes and actually enjoy myself

    • Pat

      Stanford Shopping Center is owned by Stanford University located in Palo Alto and is not far from where I live. Every time I visit this impressive place I’m awed by the variety of options offered so that’s my favorite memory.

      Thank you for the contest.

    • Messelina Myrie

      In this economy I would not turn down an outfit from JCPenney.

    • http://n/a Cheryl J

      My sister was a seamstress years ago so I was in one of her fashion shows. I also attended a fashion show for charity.

    • Gina Stratos

      I took my daughter to a spring fashion show sponsored by Macy’s in San Francisco. We had a fancy lunch at a restaurant downtown. It was a great day.

    • Valerie Ann

      I actually did a lot of runway work in the 90′s. It feels like a lifetime ago….I quit, finished my degree and now I’m now married with children. It was always mayhem backstage. I always was amazed at how it looked so seemless when I saw film of it.

    • Christy G.

      The only fashion moment that I can think of was the time I went to Saks Fifth Avenue. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Roxy

      My favorite moment was participating in a local fashion show as a model. I never knew so much talent existed in my area and it was so much fun to experience the night of a model!

    • mrshendu

      my favorite fashion memory is taking my mom shopping; she was probably 65 before she started spending any money on clothes, and then she was like a kid in a candy store — so cute!

    • Pamela Ray

      I love lookin.g like I just stepped on a runway

    • Kelly Jones

      could definately use this. thanks.
      happy valentine’s day

    • Kelly Jones

      most memorable would be the shopping trips when i was little with my gram. love her, she’s the best and would do anything for her.

      never been to a runway show.

    • Karen R

      I truly miss New York City shopping! Used to get to travel there for business at least once a year, and I shopped til I dropped. What great finds there were and the fun of visiting funky and unique boutiques.

    • Denise

      I was so proud when I got a yellow jumpsuit with those black squiggly designs on it from the 80′s.

    • Erica C.

      hot! thanks :)

    • Apple

      I remember winning $300 worth of GC at this department store and I shopped a lot of fashion items. I wore new clothes straight for a week and everyone is impressed with my taste. :)

    • McKim

      Never been to a runway show – but memorable times shopping would be each year taking my daughter school shopping. What a great mother-daughter experience!

    • Laura Owens

      I have no fashion sense whatsoever, but my daughter does! Funny how that works.

    • Jodi

      When I was in Jamaica on vacation I was asked to be in fashion show! It was so much fun modeling all the swimwear and breezy dresses.

    • Pamela Brigance

      Never been to one, but shopping for nice things at good prices are my specialty — THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY !!!!!

    • http://google john ferris

      JC Penny has good quality clothes at reasonable prices.

    • Kathleen

      Happy Valantine’s Day all

    • Jackie

      I love the Nicole Miller outfit!
      I’ve never been to a “real” fashion show, but the elementary school has a ladies night out with a fashion show. It’s so much fun to see the outfits for the upcoming season.

    • Debbie Lott


    • Dixie

      Never been to a runway show and my most amazing shopping experience was when I discovered outlets-lol.

    • Jessica Cote

      The closest I’ve been to a runway is watching Project Runway! haha! I have no great fashion memories! I think I am behind in the fashion trends!

    • sandy

      ok gogo boots and miniskirts- whit4e gogo boots- boy am I an old fart

    • Ken Robinson

      Sorry, I’m just a computer nerd with a face full of acne and a terrible fashion sense. No pleasant memories here. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

    • Mya Brooks

      I love Penney fashions!!!

    • amber

      Awesome! I love JC Penney! I always find awesome fashion finds in NYC, you can find brand new items from designer brands in a lot of secondhand shops, even if the clothes are brand new! You can find awesome deals that way.

    • Carolyn G

      I actually had to help with a fashion show at Neiman Marcus in Palm Beach. We had to model pajamas for a fundraising event we were doing. Luckily, they had staff and volunteers help model and it was a blast. And we got to keep the PJs!

    • Sheila H

      I;ve never been to a runway before, they closest I’ve come is watching ANTM!! My fave fashion memory was finding a really cute prop dress on sale for $85!! It was normally $145!

    • djp

      my niece will love this for graduation

    • Kelly

      I have never been to a fashion show but I love to watch America’s next top model. I haven’t got a good shopping memory it is very difficult to find clothes that fit me.

    • Paige

      As a teenager, I got to model in a runway show at a local mall. It was fun, but I admit that I was really nervous walking down that catwalk.

    • Muneeba

      The craziest shopping splurge I had, had to be the one I made when I was only 17. So, all summer I had been working as a medical receptionist earning about $9/ hour. The funny thing is working that much made me less frivolous with my spending. I had given up my starbuck’s frappucino and hadn’t shopped much the whole month. So when my dad said we were vacationing in London to end our summer-I was super excited-I had about $1000 saved up and I was ready for a little splurge since I was working so hard all summer. So as soon as we got out of the airport I dragged my sister to go shopping with me even though she was dead-tired-I just couldn’t wait. I don’t even remember what the first store that we went to was-but I saw these patent peep-toe louboutin’s-and oh my god-I HAD to have them! They were $795- impossible right? nope, not in the vocabulary of a 17 year old. I couldn’t buy them in front of my sister, so I had to wait the for the next day. Yes guys, I bought a pair of louboutin’s at 17-with my summer job savings, crazy? just a tad bit..

      the funniest part is-my mom asked how much they were, I nonchalantly replied $50, my mom shook her head in disapproval and said I spend too much…hah-I could’nt defend myself there..

    • Kathryn Bakken

      I would have to say when I bought my wedding dress. I felt so pretty and like a princess for the first time. It’s been many years and I can still remember that day and the feeling.

    • Lorri S

      I’ve never been to a fashion show/runway. The best shopping experience I’ve ever had was when I bought new clothes with my first paycheck.

    • Kristi C

      I have never seen a fashion runway in person. My best shopping experience was when I bought my first Coach purse.

    • Carrie

      My daughters find some great vintage designer stuff at resale shops and they both make some of their own designs so maybe one day they will have their own “show”!

    • Susan

      Right before I got married I had lost some weight, and I remember everything I tried on looked good!

    • Cynthia C

      I remember going with my mother to the big city for school shopping. We had the best time!

    • Judith

      My best shopping experience occurred when a collegue recommended a clothing store across the street from our place of work.

    • Sylvia Belle

      I have done amature runway work for charities and other organizations.

    • kimberly b

      Neither. But my best shopping experience was when H&M was having their buy two get one free on kids clothes and I hit the clearance rack. My daughter was styling that school year.
      Thanx for the contest.

    • Lori Hilts

      My kids make fun of my “fashion sense” because I’m so stuck in the 1970′s styles. I’m at the point now where I can’t stand anything in my closet and could really use something new to wear.

    • Shari D

      I have never been to a runway. My best fashion experience was last year I bought a $300 Tahari blouse at Winners for $20. I have had so many compliments on this one.

    • Tracey Byram

      I love shopping the outlet stores. Since I wear a small size, I can usually find lots of items at a rock bottom price. I’m a bargain hunter that doesn’t dress like a bargain. People are always amazed at how little I pay for my clothing and accessories and still look stylish.

    • Debbie Schmidt

      I have lost 20 pounds and really need some clothes that fit


      I have been to local runway shows as a friends daughter had gotten into modeling and we would travel the malls within the tristate area every weekend. It seemed every show had some type of calamity from minor ones to major. The worst was when a model was struting to the front of the stage and made the sharp turn to go back must have turned to sharply causing the seams of her dress to split open. The strapless gown fell to her ankles and needless to say left her wearing only her shoes and a tiny thong.

    • tawnda

      I’ve never been to a fashion show but my daughter just loves the pant outfit…

    • Barbara

      boy do i need some new clothes

    • Shellie Seering

      My shopping nirvana story was the day I was searching for the perfect girls-night-out outfit, and it came together like magic! White capri jeans, chocolate tank, white fitted jean jacket, and the most adorable turquoise bag…I doubt I”ll ever experience that again.

    • Laurie

      It feels nice when you find a purse, pair of shoes, or shirt that you just love. It is an item you use all the time.

      laurieahigh at yahoo dot com

    • Denyse

      When I was little my sister did a fashion show at a store called Burdines.
      I’d sooo love to win this!

    • donna gonzalez

      my favorite memory is : while shopping with my best friend i had gotten a great red lacy type two piece skirt set- it was fantastic- well a few weeks later for my birthday she presented me with perfectly matching shoes that she had found in a catalog- the design of the skirt was not a common one, and to this day i still have the outfit and shoes- everytime i wear them people are amazed that i have the matching shoes- i love it!!

    • Adrienne Gordon

      Never been to a show. My favorite memroies are off bargain hunting at fielne’s in Washington Square.

    • skena

      I’ve never been to a runway but I’d love to win

    • Zeliha Senturk

      Great giveaway!

    • Ronni Fox

      I won a trip to Monte Carlo and we are going in July. Sure would be nice if I could win a new outfit to wear there!

    • Patti Sherman

      Have never been on the runway!!! I remeber with great fondness going on the train (for$5) to NYC to shop with my mother,

    • Sharon Jones

      never done the runway…BUT my favorite experience/memory was looking for a special dress for my sister’s wedding that would fit. I looked everywhere..and low and behold…I ‘found’ it in my girl friend’s closet…who offered it to me…and it didn’t cost me a dime…and looked great…(whew…)

    • Jessica Gugel

      I’ve never been to a runway show or any other kind of fashion show for that matter. I do love JCPenney’s, that’s where I do almost all of my shopping. I really need a personal shopper or someone to go shopping with me. Shopping is not one of my favorite things to do. I always have a hard time finding styles that I actually like on me, love the outfit on someone else, but when I go to try it on I end up hating it. Shoes are the worst and have been since I was a kid. I can NEVER find a pair of shoes that I actually like and that are comfortable to wear.

    • Judy O.

      I’ve never been to a real runway show. That would be so fun. I have won or been given a couple of gift certificates over the years, and that is always fun, getting to buy clothes for free! Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to win this one!

    • Mary Hodnett

      i have never been in a fashion show,but I would love to win a new outfit.

    • heidi

      not a runway model, lately it is well overworn clothes

    • veronica sandberg

      really need an update my clothes are well worn and out of fashion.

    • sue s

      Would love a new outfit, for job interviews!

    • Colleen S

      A favorite shopping memory was being in a rush to find a interview suit. Increadibly I found exactly what I was looking for, in my size and on sale, even the shoes were on sale. This never happens, but on that day the shopping angels sang!

    • Angela J

      No, never been. The “fashion” memory I have is realizing, after a huge weight loss, that I could move over to the clothes section where the colors were brighter and stop wearing the “fade into the wall” fashions.

    • Janice Wright

      I’ve never been to a fashion show, but it sounds fun.

      My favorite shopping trips are ones that I find great deals on stuff I will wear & use. With the economy the way it is, I’ve got to shop smart.

    • Katharine

      Never been to a real runway show but when I was young a little boutique near our place at a Christian resort would have a fashion show for the ladies auxiliary luncheon. I was a model for the show one summer, it was fun.

      I love that Nicole Miller outfit!!!

    • Jan Noorman

      I shop GC Pennys often – would love to win this

    • Kristy C

      What a great prize. Thanks for the contest.

    • lois

      Who won’t want a new dress!!

    • Denise Bentley

      Always can use a new outfit!

    • Christine

      My favorite shopping experience, aside from picking out my wedding gown, was when I spent a whole day looking for the perfect little black dress and when I was ready to give up, just plucked it off the rack at the last store I went to. It fit perfect and I still love it to this day, it’s my go-to dress. Thank you so much!

    • Linda Chaput

      I am a subscriber.Please enter me in this contest.

    • Susan C

      When I was a kid, me and my cousins would put on our own fashion shows. We sure had some odd get-ups!

    • Patty

      Thank you so much for having this contest. I really appreciate it.

    • Linda Lansford

      JC Penny has good quality clothes that deserve to be on the runway

    • Holden Humphreys

      My wife would love some new outfits. “Good clothes shopping experience” sounds a bit like an oxymoron to me, but I do recall finding a $2000 Armani suit in a thrift store on clearance for $35.00. That was an awesome experience.

    • Kaye Knight

      never been in a fashion show but a girl can dream.

    • Kelly Ann T.

      The Harley Davidson fashion show was fun and my dog and I had a blast. They even gave me the jacket for him.

    • Norma Babcock

      JC Penny has come a long way with style. I would love to win this one.

    • juedy

      How many remember the sack dress?

    • Denise B.

      Oh good Lord no! You wouldn’t catch me anywhere a runway unless it’s at the airport! I like to wear normal, casual, and comfortable clothes.

    • sean pynaert

      one time i went to the mall and all the clothes i tried on fit!

    • Sylvie W.

      I attended one fashion show. It was at the Gallerie Lafayette (department store) in Paris. The fashions were lovely but at that time the dollar was weak in Europe so I was not buying but it was a feast for my eyes.

    • jayne

      Going with my Granny. She loved to take the “girls” on shopping sprees! We would have the time of our lives!

    • Nanette Olson

      I love JC Penney and would love a new outfit.

    • Julie

      Lately an amazing shopping trip consists of a day of shopping without my 5 year old – that way I can actually try on clothes and get something for myself!

    • Holly

      I have not been on the “runway” but with four girls we often play dress up and have our own “modeling show”. It would be great to get a fun new outfit.

    • Jennifer B.

      I haven’t ever been on a runway, but my husband has taken me shopping sometimes and made me feel really special.

    • Maureen

      Platform shoes!!!! I fell off of them soooo many times! LOL!




    • Carly Waldman

      My favourtie fashion experiene was when i was in 12th and i was one of the co-chairs for our grad fashion show. It was a fundraiser and i loved work out all the details and working with people i didn’t normally work with. It was stressful but soo much fun at the same time. I even modeled in it, i was sad when it was over

    • cheryl b

      could use a new outfit..ty

    • sunchicka

      My fav fashion experience,aka disaster was in middle school when thin fabric vests were in. I never did forgive when I was presented with a horrid holiday themed vest as a gift. I wore it only once….

    • Terri D

      I’ve never been to a real fashion runway, although, I did as a teenager participate in a small fashion show.

    • Mia J.

      I have been to some small local fashion shows which have been really fun and seen some really cute clothes.

    • kathleen haas

      did some modeling as teen. loved the free clothes you sometimes got.

    • Karissa

      I modeled for a little bit in my early 20′s. it was so fun to play with clothes. and at the time I didn’t have to worry about my weight, even thought I was bigger then some of the girls. gasp i wasn’t a size 0! ha! but the clothes were always so awesome!
      i don’t remember getting any free ones. that would have been excellent. i almost went to japan, but that was when i gave it up. it scared the dickens out of me, to leave my family for that long. heck I had never left the state with out them!

    • Donna R

      I’d love to win a new outfit. Thanks.

    • Renee Lacasse

      Could always use a new dress!

    • Joyce Pogue

      I love JCP clothes.

    • Ashley

      Great giveaway

    • Carol G

      I am apparently in the minority, since I hate to shop. My very fashion conscious daughter took me out once when I was visiting, and she picked out 5 outfits for me in approximately 30 minutes, all of which looked great. What can I say, some have the knack, some don’t!



    • Brandlyn

      I was never on a runway nor have I ever seen one except for the runway shows I see on Sex and the City that Carrie Bradshaw is always going to. But I was in a beauty pageant once and I felt like a runway model. It was fun.

    • Karla V

      My favorite fashion memory is my sister and I getting sent home from high school for being the first to try to wear blue jeans to school. We tried to make a fashion statement.

    • sonya j

      my fashion memory was wearing a beautiful dress only to realize that it was tucked into my underwear.

    • Jacquelyn Cannon

      My 13 year old daughter loves shopping at JC Penney.

    • Dddiva

      Ahh the closest I’ve been to runway was when I was a *model* at the mall way back in the day.
      Great giveaway, thanks.

    • Karen Gonyea

      Count me in :)

    • Barbara

      love to shop

    • lynn H

      Jc Penny rocks !! I love St John’s Bay!!

    • Elizabeth J

      Never been to to fashion show but I love to shop!!!!

    • Starr Greenwell

      I’ve never been to a fashion show either, but I also LOVE to shop

    • Monique Rizzo

      I’ve lost some weight and could use some new clothes!!

    • Damla

      Never been to fashion show, and I can’t decide very easily, so it’s very hard to choose for me what is best for me, but I love clothes:))

    • Rita J

      I was in a fashion show. With the hair, makeup and fashion dress. My husband did not recognize me!!

    • Susan

      I did a runway gig when I was in high school for a local clothing store! What fun! We got to buy the clothes we modeled at a big discount!

    • Kristen Fitzgerald

      My niece & I did a charity fashion show – we honestly did it to help the charity, but it ended up being so much fun! Some of the clothes were from JC Penney too!

    • CAndie L

      I am from Arkansas. I remember when I was in high school we went to New York to visit distant relatives. I was able to shop at Macys. I thought I was somebody.

    • Wendy Wallach

      I never went to a runway but I wouldl ove to. My most amazing shopping expereince was the first time I bought maternity clothes…it drove home the reality that I was actually having a baby.

      madamerkf at aol dot com

    • Gayle

      I cant say that I’ve ever actually attended a runway show, although I’ve been to small, dept store fashions shows … my coolest shopping experience was in Paris, buying a sweater !

    • Marilyn Wons

      My amazing shopping experience was that my husband wanted this certain gold necklace. The next day while at the mall, I passed the exact one he wanted in a jewelry display case. I purchased it. There was only one and I have never seen it anywhere again. What luck

    • Wendy


    • beth shepherd

      I have not been able to go to a runway event but just a few weeks ago I went shopping with my husband and children. I know doesnt sounds like fun right? but it was. They helped me find the the perfect outfit and it fits perfect! I love it and loved having fun with my family. Thank you for a great giveaway!

    • Keonte Smith

      I have been to tons of bridal fashion shows lately. I even saw a Monique Lhuillier show. I love fashion!

    • Glenda

      remembering my double bell bottoms tropical floral pattern circa 1969 from San Francisco!!

    • Sharon

      I would love to have a new outfit. Since the economy has been bad, I have been not been shopping. I am starting to look boring.

    • Evelyn

      enter me

    • Barbara

      no to a runway “experience”
      no to a fashion “experience”…plain old boring, boring…sorry

    • Sarah

      i went to a small fashion show at a women’s convention once. hideous clothes…

    • ktanjatk

      I’ve been to quite a few! My favorites are from fashion students and young designers, I like the fresh ideas and playfulness which youth brings :)

    • Rhonda Struthers

      Once when I worked in Retail, the mall had a runway show of the stores clothes. I actually had to model lingerie….Can’t imagine doing that now

    • Rosemary Simm

      Just a few days before New Years eve, I was looking for something to buy to make a big hit. Never looking at the designers labels before, I found their clearance rack and there was a black sheath dress with ostrich feathers on the hem. The best part was it was my size and marked down to $25.00. That was back in 1967, and I was the hit of the party!!!!

    • Vicky Boackle

      penney’s has nice clothing at a great price,love their sales.

    • Jane K

      The memory of shopping for my wedding dress.

    • reva skie

      I haven’t been to a runway show but I have been to a red carpet gathering in New York. I saw some riduculous fashion there.

    • Barbara

      not really a fashion statement, but when i was younger, a friend and i got stuck in a macy’s elevator after the store had closed….exciting

    • trishden

      I’ve never been to a runway show, but would like to someday. My most exciting fashion memory is finding a YSL classic raincoat for a fraction of its cost at Lord & Taylor. I think it was under $25 but was origionally priced close to $200. Thanks for a great giveaway!

    • Rochelle K

      I think one of my favorite shopping memories/experiences was on my birthday a few years ago and my boyfriend took me on a mini-shopping spree and we went around and I tried stuff on and he bought me a bunch of stuff that I liked and just spent the day with me helping me pick stuff out and picking up the tab. Now, the reason this was so special was # 1 we had a BLAST! I tried on silly stuff and sexy stuff and normal stuff and we just had fun. # 2 he didn’t really have a LOT of money, so it really meant alot that he’d get me whatever I wanted (within reason) just to make me happy. It was a one time thing, but it was definitely the most fun I’ve had shopping ever.

    • Kathy Scott

      I won a trip to LA for a cancer benefit. I got to rub shoulders with Eva Longoria and Lance Armstrong. There were other rich and famous everywhere.

    • Barbara

      no “fashion” experience…sorry

    • Lisa Overcash

      I always shop JC Penny

    • Michael

      When I was in school everyone thought I was fashonable!

    • lois

      I love shopping at Penneys!!

    • Sherri G.

      I worked as a clothes model in a local mall when I was in college (many moons ago) and loved the mini fashion shows at the start of each season.

    • Barbara

      no fashion experiences….guess i’m pretty boring, but just not into shopping

    • Kim B

      I have been to a few bridal shows but no significant amazing shopping trip!

    • Patti

      My daughter has been modeling a bit and to see her walk the runway is a HUGE thrill!

    • Debbie Schmidt

      My 8 year old daughter did a back to school fashion show locally, and had a blast. JC Penny rocks.

    • dianne

      My daughter did one years ago in a senior citizen home.

    • Amir

      I’ve seen em on TV- but that’s it! I’d love to win though:)

    • Rosanne

      My best fashion memory was not at a fashion show or runway but of my own doing. I had my first job helping my aunt after school and she paid me $4.00 for the week. I was about 11 or 12 years old. I immediatley went shopping and bought the first clothing item I ever bought for myself- a green plaid A-line skirt with a belt. I’ve bought a lot of clothes since then but I most remember that skirt.

    • joe gersh

      my wife loves jcpenney

    • Teresa

      My fashion memory is awful. It was right before Christmas when dressing rooms are packed when this little boy crawled under my door while I was in the buff. He was only seven or eight but it still ticked me off.

      :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

    • ann

      my favorite fashion memory is shopping in hollywood (melrose, robertson, etc) when it’s raining. i live in socal and it’s usually either packed over there or moderately traffic filled, but if you go when it rains you practically get EVERY store to yourself… its a unique and fun experience.

    • N Moyer

      I have never been to a runway show. I do watch Top Model each year. This would be a great outfit and I would love to own it

    • Renee C.

      My daughter has gotten a few opportunities to model, they were not HUGE runways but the joy and excitement of my 10 year old made as proud as if she were in Milan or Paris.


    • Alice C

      every good deal is an amazing experience :0)

    • holly

      My best fashion memory was modeling one of my friend’s designs during a college fashion show. It was just a lot of fun, and my friend made a pretty dress soo…

    • carol

      The best fashion experience of my life was when my two teenage daughters were in our town’s fashion show and they wore long old-fashioned belle gowns. It was beautiful to watch and so much fun! I’ll never forget it.

    • Barbara

      zero fashion “expeireince” whatever that means

    • leslie


    • Vicki Wurgler

      I’ve never been to a runway show, but I’m sure it would be fun

    • Sarah Z

      In the past month I have bought 4 pair of pants from Macy’s for less than $10 each – can’t beat that!

    • Tammy Darling

      The best time I had was shopping for new clothes for my honeymoon.

    • Christina

      My favorite shopping experience was when I discovered a purple lace dress with long sleeves and a triangular (hand-kerchief–life) hem that was just ME!
      I bought one in the same size in red and wore them both for many years and the purple one (the top was actually spandex although it didn’t look it, looking like lace instead, but it was form-fitting) I wore when I had a formal photographic photo done that I’ve loved forever!

    • Barbara

      sorry, no fashion “experience” whatever that means

    • Melissa D

      When I was a little girl, my fashion addict mom took me to many runway shows. The beauty, the glamour, the music… I was hooked on fashion from birth!

    • sally wess

      no to a runway experience, except for the dept. store ones.
      my fav shopping experience was in Marrakesh, morroco. you had to bargain for everything, and you get so “in the spirit” you forget what you are bickering about. my casr was a wonderful purse, but another shop, i walked away from a silver teaservice because, the shopkeeper would’nt go lower. after we left, my husband looked at me and said ” you gave that up, for a dollar?” did i feel stupid.

    • joni chadwell

      I won a trip to NYC and got to see DVF and I did get to see a real fashion show

    • ky2here

      I was at a charity runway event with drag queens. It was unbelievable.

    • JadaRose

      Never been on a real runway but when I was a teen our church would put on fashion shows and I got to model a sweater and skirt with a new pair of shoes. The store even let us keep the shoes. I love the selection JC Penneys have and they fit right off the rack, no paying for extra seamstress. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway.

    • debbie c

      When I was asst. manager of a well known clothing store I had to put on a spring fashion show for children’s clothes. I got to pick the children to model and the outfits they were to wear. It was so much fun for them and me.

    • joanna smith

      I have always loved to wear really stylish clothes that represent what is the hottest and coolest styles to wear at the given moment. When I was growing up in a fairly small town in Upstate New York there were not a lot of places to shop where you could find really hip and trendy clothes, and I was always frustrated because I wanted to mimmick what I saw in all the fashion magazines, but just couldn’t find them when my mother took me shopping. From about age 12 years old and on I used to study over and over again all the gorgeous clothes in all the magazines dreaming about wearing them! So when I was about 12 years old this little boutique opened up called Sue Handlin’s Fashions. This woman was like a miracle to me, she stocked the racks in her store full of the coolest clothes I had ever seen and I can remember just going into her store and literally standing there begging my mother to buy me anything and everything! Needless to say we become her biggest customers. I can remember her store literally changing my life and all her clothes started me on my own journey to discovering my own personal style of dress. Having the opportunity to see the hip and trendy clothes up close and personal has a huge impact on my being able to define myself as an individual and allowed be to create my own unique sense of style. To this day I am able to continue evolving as a woman, constantly looking for new and unique ways to reinvent myself and my looks through fashion! I am so impressed with the amazing designer labels that JC Penneys is now carrying and I have seen so many glamorous, feminine, ultra chic designs that I would love to incorporate into my own wardrobe! Thank you so much for letting me share my personal story!

    • Nicole D.

      My favorite experience was when my mom drove me down to NYC and we went shopping at all the big stores – Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc. It was so exciting – I can’t wait to go back!

    • Emmy T

      I have yet to have a dream shopping trip, but when I was little, I looked forward to the yearly trips to the mall for school clothes.

    • Barbara

      what fashion experience?

    • Barbara K

      The only runway I have been to is the children’s fashion show at our local mall. The kids looked so cute and trendy! My daughter was in the fashion show and wanted to keep the clothes! ( the store allowed her to keep a small item and I ended up purchasing the rest)! Fun times though.

    • Jay F.

      No runway experience here, but my cousin’s 17 yr old daughter was a model in NYC, Paris, London, and Tokyo last year. I had to track down a Canadian fashion magazine she was in for her grandma. That was a trip.

    • Katt

      I got to go to Fashion Week this year! I went to the Heart Truth show, with all the red dresses. It was fun! I used to model when I was younger, but that was about 20 years ago.

    • Catherine Burke

      My son has done some modeling but his sister would rather enjoy the JC penny gear :)

    • Diane Baum

      My fashion experience, or better to say lack of it-consists of skiming through expensive fashion magazines and dreaming.

    • Carla Pullum

      My fashion memory was I was on the runway at one time and it was at Bullocks!
      That store is no longer around but I loved being on the runway! My memory was wearing bright yellow! Today you would say fashion emergency but back then it was the style with a big yellow belt!

    • Jillian Veit

      I have modeled twice for the fashion show at my school. It was fun…but next year I plan to make my own collection for it!

    • Gloria S

      I have no modeling experience==just dreamer.

    • Laura G

      I love going clothes shopping with my husband. He has great tastes and always chooses pieces I would ordinarily look over but love on.

    • Tammie

      At the end of my senior year, we had a fashion show held in the gym -where every function that involved all students was held -in which I was asked to participate (in the swimwear selection). I will never forget my partner’s response as we walked/posed onstage together… “%&$@, I have a fiancee” ;)

    • Valeen N

      My daughter was in a fashion show last summer. Of course, I thought she was the cutest, most fashionable one there!

    • Barbara

      no fashion experience

    • Susan Ledet

      I went to a Fashion College and took modeling as a minor subject and can vividly remember the first time that I had to walk a real runaway. I was terrified at first and then started to enjoy myself.
      Thanks for the great giveaway.

    • Julie

      I get most of my fashion from magazines!

    • james anderson

      the closest i’ve ever gotten to a runway was while distributing postcards outside of the bryant park tents during this year’s mercedes-benz fashion week. i got to see hal levinstein from in style magazine and…anna wintour as she left to get into her car. she was not wearing shades and looked quite normal, lol!

    • Louis Huf

      can spend hours browsing the little boutiques downtown

    • hazel hunt


    • cindy ratz

      I took my daughter to JC Penneys and she bought clothes for her 4-h queen contest. I love shopping there for the whole family!

    • Sharon Seneker

      A club I was in had a fashion show to benefit St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. That’s my only runway connection! Great giveaway1 Thanks!

    • Pamela Ray

      I attend a fashion show in Califorina and loved the experience.

    • Susan P

      never been thanks

    • kay wolter

      never been but would love to show off this 22wp if I could get new clothes PLEASE

    • Chrysa

      Win I was in 8th grade I was in a local fashion show and it was so fun!

    • Lisa G.

      The most exciting thing I’ve ever done was back in high school. Our local mall was having a Prom Fashion show and I was friends with a girl who’s mom owned a bridal shop so we got to model a prom dress each at the Fashion show. There were only about 30 people there watching but it was so nerve racking and exciting.
      lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

    • Dree

      I’ve never been but would love to. I watch the shows on TV.

    • Barbara Hunt

      Thanks for the contest!

    • Kate

      I usually live vicariously through the projectrungay blog when it comes to red carpet ins and outs; but I also love love love project runway and all things involved. I try to fashion similar looks with what I can get on sale! Whatever works!

    • Denise M

      I took my daughter shopping right before she went to college. It was so much fun trolling the mall with her. We bought out the stores together!

    • Betty C

      I haven’t been involved in a really great runway but once our Girl Scout troop got to go behind the scenes at a local store that was doing a runway. It was a lot of fun.

    • Penny

      My very first job out of high school was at JC Penney’s. I ran the childrens department. We had our very first model runway event at our Mall. How thrilled I was to be part of this. I have gone one to help local models in runway for bridal. I love shopping at this store. It has all of the elements of high end without the high price.
      Thank You for your time !

    • jennifer gersch

      I was on the runway when I was 19, modeling for bonton

    • R Hicks

      I have never been to anything but I do like Miss America pageants

    • Bonnie Gee

      Would love to win!

    • Heather

      My favorite fashion memory is of a fabulous dress I had as a small child. It was pink and grey with a grey hood and I loved it, I probably wore it almost every day until it wouldn’t fit any more.

    • Angela Palmer

      Been to a runway? I’ve run a runway! I had a short term job as a production manager for fashion shows. What a nightmare! Between models that can’t follow directions to being personally responsible for $1mil in jewelry….no thanks.

    • AL O

      Absolutely great for my daughter in college!

    • Barbara

      sorry, no fashion “experience” whatever that is

    • A Casson

      Favorite faahion memory is whe I was into capri pants of fancy colors, would wear them everywhere. No never been to a runway. skyxsky27(at)

    • Mary Mclain

      I have never been on the runway. I have been in school plays and that is about as close as I ever got to being on the runway.

    • Krista

      Browsing through antique through modern fashion at a museum in New York was the most inspirational fashion moment I have experienced!

    • kathy pease

      i love clearance sales and i always find tons of great deals at jcp.. i once got 2 bags of clothes on clearance for 44 bucks

    • amy delong

      I have never been to one but would love to for dkny!!
      love jcp&have always gotten good deals their


    • Veronica Garrett

      i have never been on the runway. Favorite fashion memory shopping for my wedding. It eas hectic but I felt like a princess.

    • Michelle H.

      A couple of years ago, I found some great deals on the net by shopping the sales and using codes and I was able to build a nice wardrobe . But, I think that I am too clumsy to model.

    • Lily Kwan

      My favorite fashion memory was getting a beautiful Jessica McClintock dress at a great price.

    • Michelle Simons

      ha this reminds me of when my friend was modeling night clothes at a tavern in town. Its the closest to a runaway i ever saw. How funny it was to see her parade in the jammies she had to model. I laughted till i cryed watching her! Lots of pople were there and she had the guts to do it. some of the stuff she wore were pretty revealing. LOL

    • Helen

      I remember shopping for a dress for my first school dance, I felt so grown up at the age of eleven.

    • phyllis a perkins

      thanks for the contest i love them all

    • Heather C

      My fave memory was when I wrote a fabulous essay for a contest and won a shopping spree with a stylist in NYC. I spent allllll daaaaaay shoppping.

    • Anna

      This is an awesome contest!

    • C Moore

      My favorite fashion memory was my prom dress. It was designed by me.

    • Charlene Kuser

      My favorite memory was watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show for the first time.It was amazing and fun

    • Donna K

      I remember shopping for my prom dress.