A Concealer to Love: Mary Kay Concealer

Concealer. Sometimes we can’t live with it, but we definitely can’t live without it.

There seem to be a zillion formulas of concealer on the market, and for each formula, there are several shades. Choosing the right concealer for your complexion and the flaws you’re looking to hide can be quite a challenge.

In my quest for finding the perfect concealer, I stumbled across Mary Kay’s Color Concealer and I’ve been hooked ever since. Its formula is creamy, but not gloppy. The coverage it provides is thorough, but not paint-like. There are several colors, but not so many that you’re left with your head spinning as to which one is your best choice. And the best part? If you are buying through an Independent Beauty Consultant, you can try before you buy, ensuring that you get the best color for you. And if for some reason the concealer you choose ends up not being right, you are able to return or exchange the product. Fabulous!

I know there are a ton of concealers out there that are fantastic and if you have a fave, please share with us and let us know. But for a mere $10 and delivery right to your door, I have found that the Mary Kay Color Concealer is a great product at a great price. Definitely a personal fave!

Image: MaryKay.com

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    • Leslie

      I LOVE THIS CONCEALER! I always feel sort of silly telling people that, but it’s amazing!

    • fschulte

      I’ve never really been a concealer fan because I feel like my face looks caked up but recently we had a Mary Kay representative come in to do a skin consultation and showed me the techniques and how to use concealer and I”m all about it now. If you are looking to buy Mary Kay, go through Candi Jeronimo – she’s awesome!

    • Arwa

      I’ve actually just become a fan of concealer. My absolute FAVORITE blemish/dark spot/redness concealer is Cle de Peau concealer. It’s absolutely perfect and stay s on forever. I don’t use it for undereye circles, though. I don’t have a lot of them, so I only use Armani Cosmetics Master Correcter (the peach one, shade 2) and then a bit of loose powder over that. I works very well for me.

    • Liberty Kontranowski

      Hi Leslie! Girl, don’t ever feel silly telling people about a great product! Thankfully for us beauty mongers, awesome products can be found anywhere. Cheap or expensive, from home parties or cosmetics counters, it doesn’t matter a hill of beans – it’s all good! :)

    • Liberty Kontranowski

      Hey fschulte! Thanks for the comment. :) I’ve always been a big fan of Mary Kay products and you’re right, this concealer does NOT cake up. Hooray!

      There are lots of awesome MK consultants in almost every nook and cranny of the nation and I invite any one of them to give me a holler and perhaps share some fabulous makeup application techniques with us all. Send me an email if interested…

    • http://www.marykay.ca/acavanagh Antje Cavanagh

      Hi Liberty, I am a Mary Kay Sales Director and would love to provide you with make up tips. Thank you so much for reviewing our concealer. One thing to remember when applying concealer is to lightly pat on the product using the ring finger, not rub it in to the skin. Also, a little concealer goes a long way! Apply foundation over concealer. Let me know what other tips I might give you!