• Tue, Mar 3 2009

Charlize Theron Sports Gold Lame

Remember when Charlize Theron wow’d us all with her ability to transform into a gross criminal only to emerge a mere few months later re-vixenized, glowing and gorgeous?

Is this a similar ploy? This time, Charlize will disappoint us by attending Parisian film premieres swathed in gold lame…but then in a couple seasons she will be setting trends and be at the top of her fashion game again?

Image: Newscom

Image: Newscom

I don’t understand how someone so stunningly attractive could ruin her natural good looks with a horribly trendy haircut and a bunchy gold lame minidress.

Deep breaths…focus on the shoes..focus on the shoes…the shoes aren’t that remarkable, but they are the best thing happening here…

Image: Newscom

Image: Newscom

Someone needs to sit Charlize down and explain to her that the gorgeous blond waves she was born with are her personal brand. Right now she looks as uncomfortable as an America’s Next Top Model contestant who had to get her hair cut off only to prove to Tyra she really want to be on the show…only we all know she doesn’t actually want to be on the show because she’s crying in the confession booth and it will only be a few more episodes before she’s kicked off anyway because the hair was a handicap she could never fully commit to in the first place.

Know what works for you, and don’t let me ever see you walking the streets of Paris in gold lame again, Charlize.

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