Giveaway: Juicy Couture Green Leather Bag

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, are you already thinking about something green? I am–this Juicy Couture bag. Featuring brilliant green leather, goldtone hardware and Juicy charms, this handbag would be a fabulous addition to your spring wardrobe. Right now at Shopaholics Daily, we are giving you a chance to win this bag.

Juicy Couture Leather Baby Fluffy Bag

Juicy Couture Leather Baby Fluffy Bag

To enter the contest, just leave a comment here on the blog answering the question, “What’s your favorite holiday?” With your comment, you will be automatically entered into the giveaway.

The contest runs through Wednesday, March 11, 2009 at 11:59pm CT. One random winner will be selected from all the comments to receive the Juicy Couture Bag.

Please only enter once and leave your email address in the appropriate spot so that we can contact you.

If you want to buy the Juicy Couture Leather Baby Fluffy Bag for yourself, you can get it at Neiman Marcus for $298.

Photo credit: Neiman Marcus

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    • Danielle

      This bag is gorgeous! My favorite holiday is Christmas because it is a time when everyone is happy and everyone comes together to celebrate and share the love of the season!

    • cranepuffin

      I love Cjristmas! Everyone is always so happy…or drunk.

    • Hil’Lesha

      I love Halloween. :)

    • slauslau

      My favorite holiday is Chinese New Year! Give & get money, gamble and eat till your stuffed.

    • Shauna

      Wow, what a lovely splash of turquoise! My favorite holiday is Halloween b/c it gives everyone a chance to dress up as anything they like. Not only that, candies are always half off the day after and I get to go on sugar overload for a while.

    • janeh

      My favorite Holiday is Christmas……it’s a magical time.

    • Heather

      I love Thanksgiving – gift exchanging, just beging with family and expressing gratitude. But I also love St Patrick’s Day. We throw a rockin’ party!

    • durberville

      St Patrick’s Day is fun, but my favorite holiday is Christmas.

    • vgiacoppo

      I love Memorial Day Weekend- it’s the start of summer, and a three-day weekend filled with relaxation, time with family & friends around a picnic table, the grill and with fun games that last until night!! It doesn’t get much better!

    • Pamela Muldowney

      My favorite holiday is Easter!

    • Laura P.

      Oddly enough, I really like Halloween. I think its because it is a pretty low pressure holiday. You can choose to participate but nobody really cares if you decide not to.

    • Sonya Sparks

      My favorite holiday is Halloween.

    • Jaque

      My favorite holiday is Christmas….it brings out the good in everyone. Thank you. :-)

    • Sue

      My favorite is Thanksgiving – all about just being with family. But I might change my mind and become a St. Patrick’s devotee if I win this super cute bag. Thanks for sharing~

    • joanne

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • venus m.

      Halloween Rocks!

    • Roslyn Weatherall

      I don’t really have a favorite holiday, but I guess it would be Christmas if there wasn’t such pressure to “Give” presents.

    • Jan

      my favorite holiday is Christmas – but I love Juicy for any holiday

    • Gail Zambie


    • susan varney

      christmas is the cats meow

    • Jennifer M

      My favorite holiday is most definitely Christmas! I love getting together and sharing traditions with family!

    • Sandra

      I love halloween! I use to hate make believe as a kid but now I LOVE dressing up!!! My husband just bought the baby couture diaper bag for our little girl on the way but I think i deserve a new bag too! Thanks!

    • Kacy

      New Year’s Eve

    • Anne

      My favourite holiday is Easter! Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, warm air is on its way and making Hot Cross Buns with my grandmother was the ultimate experience for me.


    • Elizabeth Dehart

      Memorial Day – it means that summer is here to stay!!!!

    • Luna

      I love my BIRTHDAY the best! It’s my day.

    • Kimberly Ripley

      oh my gosh! That bag is amazing!!!!!!!

    • Linz

      Easter – I love chocolate eggs !

    • Kiki

      My fave holiday is Thanksgiving


      ParkingGoddesFTW at gmail dot com

    • CharlieJeanne Klumpp

      Favorite holiday? For me, it is the Christmas season. I love the decorating, the baking, the gift wrapping, the guests in our home. I particularly enjoy the sparkle amid the darkness of winter, and the pervasive feeling of kindness and love.

    • Rosemarie

      thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love that season and the warm feeling of family getting together enjoying delicious food!

    • tanya

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. By far, I love everything about the season, magical to me. My second choice would have to be New Years. Champagne (yum!), a chance to reflect on the year past and a chance for a clean slate/new year.

    • Lisa L

      On the 3rd day~Easter!

    • Amanda

      Christmas I love getting together with all the family.

    • Hanna

      Christmas is definitly my favorite holiday! The smells, the songs, the sweets, everything! I start counting down in about June! ;)

    • Sandra K321

      Thanksgiving. I get to visit with all of my family and my husband’s family but without all of the pressure and hype of Christmas.

    • Cheryl K

      Christmas is definitely mine and my family’s fave holiday. Great giveaway!

    • Carol Mathesen

      My favorite holiday is Easter. Both for the reason for Easter and the pleasure of building baskets for my grown children.

    • Jeannine D


    • Michele Pineda

      I love the Fourth of July, the fireworks, warm summer nights and it’s also hubby’s birthday!

    • Michelle Smith

      My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love the dress-up aspect. And, well the chocolate aspect, as well.

    • barbara

      I love 4th of july. the parade, picnic, fireworks.

    • Eliza

      My favorite one is St.Patty’s day actually, which the color of this bag fits right in. Kids love to have the leprechaun visit. Otherwise it is Halloween.

    • Bailey

      My favorite Holiday is the 4th of July and New Years.

    • Karly

      My favorite holiday is New Year’s Day! It’s time to start a brand new year.

    • Laura

      I LOVE Halloween!(almost as much as I love that purse!)

    • Erica C.

      very cute! I love green!

    • Rita

      My favorive holiday is Christmas, but I like Halloween too.

    • Vicky H.

      Christmas is my favorite. My childish ways and love for my friends, family, and Christmas music are what make this holiday even warmer.

    • Michelle

      My favorite holiday is Halloween: I live all year to bust out my stash of Halloween decorations. I love sitting on the porch and handing out candy in my costume.

    • christopher h


    • Rhonda Clemens

      I would so love to win this. Thanks for the great contest & please enter me :)

    • Carolyn G

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. All that food, yummo

    • Melody C


    • Aly Walansky

      MY favorite holiday is my birthday – the one day of the year that is all about me. but this year, it was snowed out. and at the last minute, i had to cancel my birthday party – only because i knew no one would come. (did i mention it was a big, scary, milestone birthday?) yeah.i’m not irish, but i deserve this bag!

    • Peggy Doty

      Halloween since it is my birthday month


      I love everything about Independance Day. It is in the middle of the heat of summer which I love. It is patriotic and family oriented. I wish every day were the 4th of July.

    • Jacquelyn Cannon

      Its a tie between Christmas and Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday because its the time of the year when my family and I have a wonderful time together.

    • Lauren

      I love valentine’s Day!

    • Michele Cook

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

    • Margaret Smith

      What a wonderful prize!
      My favorite Holiday is by far Christmas. I just love seeing our kids faces and excitement on Christmas morning. I also love having all our family together for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It’s just such an festive and happy holiday for me.
      Thanks so much for offering this wonderful prize.

    • Alicia Webster

      Definitely my birthday. While not technically a holiday, it should be.

    • nicole

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because all of my family comes together and we cook family traditional recipes that I am busy trying to record so we don’t lose them one day.

    • tanya

      I love Christmas!

    • Christine Farrar

      My favorite holiday has to be Easter. There is just so much fun in filling the eggs with money for my little cousins, cooking a huge meal for my family… and of course, the chocolate bunnies… Mmm!

    • Adrienne Gordon

      I love thanksgiving

    • Charlotte Winters

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love everything about the season. The food, the gifts, seeing family and the beautiful real Christmas tree. I also appreciate the reason for the season.

    • Susan

      I get really sentimental about Christmas.

    • Melissa Zimmerman

      I love Halloween. It’s a day when I can be completely crazy without someone wanting to commit me =D

    • Jessica Cain

      I love Halloween, not only do I have dressing up, I love candy! I have been taking my neighbor’s 5 kids a few years now and I get just as excited for the candy as they do! Plus thinking up costumes is always fun for kids and adults alike, and you get to be creative and crazy as you want to be because for one night it’s socially acceptable! =)

    • Teresa Caroselli

      Honestly my favorite holiday is the 4th of July. I love the hot weather and we usually have a large family get together with picnic, games and watch the local firework show. It’s great.

    • raina

      July 4th– it’s the day my hubby and I went on our first date. Fireworks!! :)

    • Vivian Deliz

      My favorite holiday is not a holiday… it is my birthday! I love to celebrate my birthday by making others happy… I celebrate the entire month.

    • Melissa Mathey

      For that bag St. Patrick’s Day is my fav …
      Truthfully Christmas is my favorite, spending time with friends and family.

    • Lindsay

      I love Thanksgiving, Fall is my favorite season and there is something great about staying home and pigging out all day

    • Angela

      It’s not a Federal Holiday but I love Halloween. I love the scariness of the day, the movies related to it, and the sense of suspense that just comes with October 31st!

    • Rosie Leather

      Mother’s day is my favorite holiday. It’s a day of total pampering for my self :)

    • Ashley Shute

      Oh, can I win? I want it! Battle of Flowers. Does that count?

    • Andrea Dimario

      Christmas definitely! I would so love to win this! it would be like Christmas for me literally! lol

    • Jackie

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love being with family and seeing everyone. Christmas seems to last the whole week until New Years. Thanks for the giveaway…green is my favorite color!

    • Jennifer B.

      I love Christmas. We spend all day laying around laughing, opening presents, and eating. It is soooo relaxing. On Christmas Day, there is nothing that I “should” be doing instead of enjoying myself.

    • chris Conanan

      i love valentines day. love to be with my lover.

    • Carol Harrity

      My favorite holiday has to be Easter with its promise of spring.

    • Ellen Ring

      Thanksgiving is my favorite. It’s the one holiday where we can all get together as a family.

    • Carol

      I love Halloween. The costumes and of course the candy.

    • felicia

      I love Halloween. Getting everyone dressed up is so much fun!

    • Catalina K

      Definitely Easter! It is a holiday of hope and renewal!

    • Shilo Beedy

      My favorite holiday has to be thanksgiving with all the yummy food and getting together with my family.

    • Tiff C

      i love christmas, i love listening to the christmas music on the radio the whole month of december…i also love independence day, fireworks!

    • Tanna Moddison

      I love Halloween, there is no gift giving pressure, no possible stress regarding family get togethers. Just a fun day to dress up, have candy, and party with friends.

      Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous bag!

    • kim

      Christmas is definately my favorite. All about tradition, family, and celebrating the birth of Christ.

    • Jean D.

      I love Christmas. My favorite thing in the world is finding just the right gifts for my favorite people.

      Great giveaway. Thanks!

    • Ays Z

      I love Christmas!

    • Caroline Morin

      I love Easter. Spring, chocolate, bunnies… it’s perfect.

    • Jamie

      I love the family and food at Thanksgiving.

    • Brigitte Walsh

      My favorite holiday is Christmas, simply because it brings the whole family together like no other holiday.

    • samira abdelhady

      Totally would be halloween :)

    • Pam Morse

      Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday.

    • Kiara

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving!

    • wendy wallach

      The fourth of July is my favorite holiday.

      madamerkf at aol dot com

    • emma ward

      Being irish I would have to say St Patricks Day lots of fond memories of back home

    • Theresa Jenkins

      Halloween is my favorite.It became a family thing to out do each other and now the grandkids.It’s great FUN

    • cathy miller

      I really like all of the holidays but I guess Mother’s day is my favorite, My kids call or give a small gift and I am thrilled beyond belief. Thanks for the chance to win

    • Marilyn Wons

      My favorite holiday is Christmas!

    • Jan N

      Green says Spring is on the way and what better way than with St. Patricks Day.

    • kara

      I guess I’m old school…I love me some Christmas! Now that I have two little girls there is just nothing more fun to me than watching them rip into their presents on Christmas morning. I get to be a kid again :)

      Love the bag – awesome giveaway!!

    • Kelly Ann T.

      I love christmas because I get to see my extended family.

    • Estelle

      My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. I love summertime, and we usually have a huge family get together, and do some grilling, and swimming. It’s a blast, and I love watching the little one’s eyes light up for the fireworks.

    • Erin C

      My favorite holiday is Christmas….I just love all the traditions that go along with it.

    • rooann

      my favorite holiday is halloween.. because thats the time that the best candies are for sale AND they go on sale afterward. yes, its the gift that keeps on giving muahahhaa.

    • Irene

      Christmas is definitely my fav these days!

    • amber

      OMG this bag is sooo cute! My favorite holiday is St. Patricks day…because my birthday is the day after it. So my friends and I always have extra fun going out on St. Patty’s day. This green bag would look cute on me wearing it out this year! ;) Thanks!!

    • sandy

      Easter is my favorite because it usually gives everyone two stat days (time off is fab)!! And of course the spiritual aspect of the holiday is really important to me. :)

    • Marlene

      Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love getting together with my family and buying presents for everyone. Its so much fun to watch the excitement of the little kids.

    • Shelly T.

      How cute!
      Would love to win.

    • Shelly T.

      oops forgot to tell my favorite holiday!

      It’s Christmas!!

    • Lucy Schwartz

      My favorite Holiday is my birthday. I know it is not a national holiday…yet. But I have big aspirations.

    • Rose

      Christmas, when it snows!

    • Kathryn Bakken

      My favorite Holiday is Christmas. I just love the decorating and the tree. I love the baking and yes I love buying gifts. It’s just such a warm feeling all nestled inside with a fire and snow outside, so cozy and warm.

    • joy

      love the bag i would like it too be in one of my collection.

    • stony

      I love halloween, we always do up the whole house. I love this bag for the color alone.

    • sunchicka

      Valentines day, there’s nothing better than a box of chocolates and spending time with those you love.

    • William Sizemore

      Although I am keen on St. Patrick’s Day my true favorite holiday is Independence Day.

    • holly

      My favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving, nothing beats a tummy full of turkey and mashed potatoes. Oh and uhh you get to spend time with family too. I’m not all about the gluttony, I swear!

    • Jackie O.

      My fave holiday is Christmas! Thanks for the giveaway, blessings!

    • Carol

      Oh I love Christmas. My kids are so enthusiastic about it too. I love doing the tree, the baking, and just the whole happy vibe.

    • stacey dempsey

      my favorite holiday is thanksgiving love the food yummmm

    • Lisa K.

      My favorite holiday is Halloween. I’ve always loved the costumes, and non-serious side of it!

    • Anita S.

      I love Halloween! It is so much fun to dress up in a costume and party with your best buds! I love the interesting ideas that people come up with for their costumes!

    • Debra B

      My favorite holiday is Halloween, I love all the fun and scary sides of it, we used to decorate the house in spider webs, bats and witches hanging up outside when my kids were small,and then all the specials on tv at Halloween time, its always been my favorite, Thanks for hosting this fantastic giveaway

    • arielle

      Ohh Love this bag! My favorite holiday is Christmas because thats when all my family is together! We always have a blast together doing all the fun holiday stuff :)

    • Patty

      Christmas is my favorite. I like that whole month before, gettng ready, gettng n the holiday spirit, spending time with my family.

    • Ann Fantom

      Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love all the family traditions.

    • Ret

      Thanksgiving – no gifts or frantic shopping, just enjoying good food with my family and friends!

    • Darlene Alexander

      I love that bag, Juicy Couture! Please count me in!

    • Ada Kopec

      If I could I’d choose Summer Holiday:) 2 weeks off the work… mmmm travelling, sleeping till noon, doing whatever I want.
      As probably it will not match to holiday I will say: Christmas and shopping for presents:D:D:D

    • Kristi C

      My favorite holiday is Christmas.

    • Linda Fish

      My favorite holiday is Christmas

    • Cheryl

      It would have to be Christmas – I love watching my kids get so excited about it.

    • Snejana

      My favorite holiday is Easter! The air stsrts to warm up and everything comes alive in spring: the green grass, the beautiful spring colors of fresh flowers, event the blue sky seems more lively. It’s a long awaited rebirth that brings hope and joy every year!

    • Lynn H

      It would be Christmas…I love to watch my family open their gifts Christmas morning!

    • Apple

      My absolutely favorite holiday is Christmas! I just love all the food for Christmas Eve’s dinner and the gifts! :)

    • LindaD

      My favorite holiday is Halloween. I live in a very active neighborhood, and get 300+ trick-or-treaters to my door. Even though it means spending $$$ on candy, the kids really go out of their way to be inventive and entertaining. Fun Fun Fun!

    • Heather S

      I love Easter because it is Spring and all the new flowers and baby animals are out. It is just a happy time.

    • Mary Casper

      My favorite holiday is Christmas and this bag would be a great late xmas present. I love the color of this bag

    • Tracey Byram

      My favorite holiday is the 4th of July because we have a huge get-together of family and friends to grill, play games and laugh.

    • Virginia Murr

      My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. It is one of the few holidays that encourages my family to talk about the history of the United States and how far our country has come in such a short time.

    • Alice C

      xmas, because of the kids :0)

    • Jennifer

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the decorations, the family get togethers and all the food.

    • scarlette

      my favorite holiday is xmas

    • Ali

      Definitely Thanksgiving- the smells, the food, the company… I love it :)

    • MMangual

      definetly christmas

    • Rochelle K

      My favorite holiday is Hanukka. Not really, for the presents, although those are great, but more because we all get together as a family and have a big meal and my mom makes her Brisket which is by far one of my fave foods, and we have Challah, and Knishes, and just good home-cooked Jewish food, and we’re all together as a family (mom’s side anyway), which we don’t get around to being as many times during the year as I think we’d all like. It also gives me a reason and opportunity to see my dad who I don’t see as much as I’d like since he’s sick and lives a bit far away to see more regularly. So that is definitely my fave (or one of, at least).

    • Halifax

      I like Christmas, for the fun that my daughter has had for the last few years. It’s just joy to see how excited she is every Christmas morning

    • 216amyc

      Halloween is my favorite holiday!! I love the spookiness of it, plus I also love fall.

    • Chrystal Davis

      My favorite would be the fourth of July because I LOVE seeing the fireworks!

    • Shellie Seering

      I love Christmas…the snow, the peace, and family all together.

    • mineola

      Actually I love Thanksgiving- the weather is not usually terrible for traveling and the emphasis is on excellent food & drink. Love the gifting holidays too. Easter also great as we make & serve traditional treats… like pierogi! And you know, you can’t beat springtime.

    • Renee C.

      We live quite a ways from family, we have since my kids were born. It may sound corny but the kids Enjoy ANY holiday that they are with grandparents or cousins. Right now they are looking forward to Easter b/c we get to see my parents in Florida. While they are excited to go to Disney, I think they are equally excited to see the grandparents.

    • Patti Sherman

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. It means family together and many memories of parents long gone. I have a tree decorated with ornaments from every place I have ever visited. I just love the sparkle of the light and the smell of the tree!

    • Jody Tews

      Christmas. Snow, food and drinks, the decorations and tree and most important family!!

    • Denyse

      My favorite holiday is Christmas- not only do we celebrate the joy of giving but also the birth of Christ. It’s the one time of year I know we’ll get to see the entire family w/ no excuses!


    • Mickeyfan

      St Patrick’s Day. ALWAYS an excuse for this Irish clan to party! (Heck, he even proposed on 3/17.)

    • Catherine

      Valentines – I love when my dear husband shows his love with a beautiful card and present.

    • Debbie Dorsett

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love it that the kids are a little older, and no longer want to get up at 3am. We spend the whole day in our pajamas, and enjoy relaxing.

    • AmandaK

      My favorite holiday has to be Thanksgiving. It brings my family closer together and we always get a chance to remind ourselves what we are thankful for.

    • Chung Le

      My favorite holiday is Christmas because everyone in my family always comes together on this day to exchange gifts as well as their love for each other. Its just a great time for everyone to catch up on each others lives.

    • Jennifer

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It’s a good time to reflect on how blessed I am with family, friends and so much more.

    • carol

      love the bag…I love all kids of bags and would love to win this…thanks for the great giveaway

    • Deborah R

      My favorite holiday is Mother’s Day – it’s the holiday that I don’t have to spend in the kitchen, and I’m queen for the day.

    • Snejana

      My favorite holiday is Easter! The air starts to warm up and everything comes alive: the green grass, the beautiful spring colors of fresh flowers, the warm sun, even the blue of the sky seems livelier! It’s a long awaited rebirth that brings hope and happiness every year!

    • Karen

      My favorite holiday is Christmas.

    • Sheila H

      I love Christmas, everyone gets together every year!

    • amy ormsby

      my favorite holiday would have to be any but thanksgiving, because thats the one i host at my house for about 35-40 people.

    • shonda

      my favorite holiday is my birthday. because it is my day. i hope i win this bag!!

    • Elena

      My favorite holiday is Independence Day–it’s hot and there are fireworks, what more could you ask for? Thanks for the contest!

    • david basile

      chrictmas its just very family

    • Davina

      My favorite holiday is Christmas! :)

    • dianne

      Thanksgiving because my daughter and her family come in from out of state.

    • Vicky Boackle

      my favorite holiday is christmas.

    • Gina Stratos

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. The lights…the food… the snow…. I love it all.

    • Teresa

      So cute!

    • amir

      I love Christmas because the family all gets together.

    • Anne D

      I love the Christmas decorations, food and family.

    • Naz H.

      My favorite holiday is Easter.

    • Margie B

      It has to be Christmas–nothing like it!

    • McKim

      Thanksgiving. It’s nice to have the family together without spending a quiet day together with good food. The house is full of good smells as everything is baking.

    • Maxine

      St patricks ‘cos I’m from the ‘old country’

    • Amy F

      My favorite holiday has to be Thanksgiving! All the family gets together and the food is delicious! Not to mention the perfect weather!

    • laurie

      my favorite holiday is halloween, I love that time of year!

    • betty crawford

      Halloween. Its just fun.

    • Linda Peters

      Christmas is my favorite time of year with all the family around

    • Maria Goulart

      Even though it’s not a holiday, I say Halloween. I love to dress up and eat candy!

    • Carol F

      Thanksgiving without a doubt I love the fact that weather has changed, the family is all together,the food but without all the pressures of Christmas

    • Sandra

      St Patricks Day is probably my favorite. This purse would be perfect for St Paddys!


      MY FAV COLOR sys SPRING my fav time of year and my fav holidays is THANKSGIVING

    • Nicole Jamieson

      ST. PATTY’S! I love green beer!

    • Charity S.

      The 4th of July! It’s when all of my family gets together.

    • Jana

      4th of July is great for us. Our neighborhood always does a block party with kids games, huge bbq and lots of fireworks in the street. My kids look forward to it every year and we don’t have to go anywhere!

    • Susan C

      Easter-it signifies the end of a cold winter!
      smchester at gmail dot com

    • Lisa B

      my favorite holiday is Easter

    • Denise B.

      Christmas, the most important day of the year.

    • simplyjenny

      it would have to be the chinese new year.. between the dimssum and rice cakes it’s simply heavenly~!!

    • Kristy Clayman

      My favorite holiday is Valentines Day! :)

    • paige chandler

      4TH of July. Summer, hot, beach, fun and romance.

    • Renee

      Christmas is my fav, eat all you want.

    • sherry nickerson

      My fav hoilday is christmas!! family and gifts & food!!

    • kimberly b

      Fourth of July. Nice summer beachy weather.

    • sally wess

      definately HALLOWEEN. i have loved this holiday for all the reasons you could ever think of. this last halloween , a friend and i went to Mexico City to take part in thei Day of the Dead celebrations.

    • Saneeya

      Labor Day as I love the hints of fall that keep peeking in and the blaze of colors that nature brings

    • SUSAN K.


    • Linda Lansford

      Thanksgiving because the family shows up for a meal

    • Angela J

      Easter, the weather is nice, and there is a feeling of hope in the air.

    • Lee

      My favorite holiday is Christmas, love the whole winter season!

    • anna

      my favorite holiday is my birthday… i know it’s not an official holiday but it should be :)

    • Phyllis Lamken

      Halloween….I was married on halloween

    • Nicole J.

      My fav holiday is Christmas.

    • Becky

      Christmas is my favourite holiday!!! I love pressies and contests :)

    • carol

      Oh my gosh! This is gorgeous! I love Christmas then Valentine’s Day and then Thanksgiving, in that order!

    • Barbara

      thanksgiving….family time

    • sylvia

      St. Patricks Day is my favourite holiday, spring is in the air, the beer is green along with everything else LOL and green being my favourite colour St. Patricks day cheers me up, makes one think of the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

    • Natasha T

      Thanksgiving. Good food, good people, and a wonderful time to think about how thankful and blessed your life is truly is

    • diane

      chrismas has always been my favorite holiday

    • diane

      chrismas has always been my favorite holiday.

    • liza

      My favorite is Christmas.

    • Susan Smith


    • Paula

      My favorite Holiday is Christmas, I love watching the joy on the little one’s faces, however, if I won this fabulous bag….well, we’d just call it Christmas on St. Patrick’s Day!

    • Becky

      I was thinking about this earlier in the week, and I used to say Halloween or Christmas.. but I honestly think my favourite holiday is Carnivale! :D Thank you for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com.

    • Judi R

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the food, friends, family, decorations, smells and gifts!

    • Shari D

      My favorite holiday is Christmas in spite of the crazy commercialism.

    • Teresa L

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! Family sharing love, food and making memories. Thanks for the awesome contest! :)

    • Linda Short

      I love the Spirit and Loving generosity of Christmas.

    • http://ebeautydaily connie kolter


    • Christina Brunetti

      I love Halloween!

    • Pam T


    • Karen Simmons

      Well, Saint Patrick’s Day use to be my favorite holiday until a drunk hit me head on going the wrong way on the highway! My new favorite holiday is Thanksgiving!
      Pretty appropriate huh? It is so awesome to be with my family members. It is always lots of laughter and fantastic food and even better memories are made! This bag is so very cute. Perfect color green!

    • Lauren K.

      My favorite holiday is Christmas.

    • Valerie

      that bag is soo lovely! I need a new one so bad, haha

    • TheTinyJEWELBox

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it’s about recognizing your blessings and also family.

    • Autumn H.

      I love Christmas because my son is getting old enough to get SO excited!

      autumn398 (at)

    • Sharon H

      I don’t think I’ve ever had a green bag before -it’s very pretty!

    • deidra cox

      i love Halloween, it’s fun, you dress up and it’s my birthday!!!

    • Lori Berman

      I love 4th of July. BBQ, sunshine and fireworks!

    • Anna G.

      Christmas if my favourite holiday!!

    • Sherry D

      Christmas is my favorite holiday. I start decorating Dec. 1. I love the lights, decorations and family get togethers

    • Delilah Vela

      My favorite is Valentine’s Day

    • Mei N

      The Lunar New Year aka the Asian New Year. =) Bring on the superstitions!

    • LaLa

      My favorite holiday is Christmas.
      I really love that juicy bag!

    • alice cartelli

      my favorite holiday is valentine’s day which happens to be my birthday =)

    • elizabeth

      christmas for me, too

    • sherry gibbs

      OMG!!! I LOVE Juicy and have loved Juicy Couture before anyone really knew what it was. Wow…an EXCELLENT giveaway!!

    • Jill L

      What an awesome contest! Thank you so much!

    • Rita A.

      Thanksgiving. I love the smells and the time with family.

    • Stefanke Brown

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving!

    • Kim Allen

      My favorite holiday is 4th of July. Every year I am reminded of the very essence of summer, the lightheartedness of the season, and how fortunate I am to be alive. And to top it all off, fireworks!

    • Michelle

      I love Christmas because it is such a warm feeling holiday. I love spending the holiday with all my friends and family.


    • Christine V

      awesome contest

    • Daphne

      Christmas is my favorite holiday because it brings back wonderful childhood memories.

    • Tiffany Massimi

      I love my birthday. Yes, it’s my OWN holiday because it’s about me and it’s the one day I can be selfish with the money I get for the age I turn and go on a wonderful shopping spree.

    • Kelly L

      Thankskgiving – good food, football, and no pressure of giving/wrapping gifts. Thanks!

    • Kris Lindsey

      Favorite Holiday is Halloween

    • Karin

      Christmas–you hear lots of beautiful music during that season.

    • Nicole

      i love christmas and being with family and firends!

    • Margare Imecs

      I love Easter because Spring is coming at last!!!

    • Colleen S

      Halloween is one of the best holidays. The costumes, the weather, the parties, all of it is wonderful.

    • Chris N

      Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s all about the food.

    • Cathy Truman

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Family and friends over
      and a wonderful meal. Thanks for the contest.

    • Linda Chaput

      Christmas is my fave.

    • Doris Calvert


    • Catherine

      Christmas! Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Aliah D

      I love the December holidays–Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Chanukah. With my diverse group of family and friends, it is great to celebrate each other and learn more about each other during the holiday season.

    • Shelly Miller

      mmmm, being single this is hard, they all kind of roll in to each other.. 4th of July!

    • bina edwards

      wow that is a SWEET purse

      i’d love to own that but the cost would prohibit me quite alot

    • kay wolter

      oh this would be amazing I love Summer and think of it as a holiday….cottage, deck, sun, reading, hammock

    • Sonya Allstun

      my birthday because its a day that is all about me :)

    • Paige

      I love Halloween; dressing up is so much fun.

    • Vilma

      My favorite holiday certainly matches the color of the bag shown, and not it’s not St. Patty’s Day, it’s CHRISTMAS! Green and red and presents and family and fun, what’s not to love! :-)

    • Tracy

      MMMmmmm Valentines Day – it’s all about Romance, a great dinner, Presents (like this juicy bag, hint, hint, wink, wink, to the person in my house who happens to find this page open on my computer and reads this!), and of course a ready made excuse to down chocolate truffles! ;-)

    • Belle

      My favorite holiday would have to be Australia Day! I moved here from Australia 5 years ago when I met my husband here on a trip. Ever since I still celebrate Australia Day on Jan, 26th – it’s hard to get used to though when it is snowing here and normally 100F in Australia for the holiday!

    • Nina

      My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas! I love the crisp cool air, the shopping, the eating, spending time together!

    • Christine W

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love to get together with family and friends on that day.

    • Valerie

      I am a party girl so St. Patty’s Day is right up there on my faves. Gotta love green beer :)

    • Jamie Whitlock

      St. Pattys Day of Course. Everything is green, and green is the color of………..

    • zed


      zedthewizard at gmail dot com

    • Brandy

      I really love them all but the least stressful for me is Easter. It’s so much fun for the kids and doesn’t break the bank!

    • Rhonda Struthers

      This is the most beautiful bag I have ever seen. I would love to be seen with it.
      My most favourite holiday is Thanksgiving. Lots of food and family

    • jayne

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! I love the special time spent with family and friends!

    • Martha H.

      My favorite holiday is July 4th. I love all the fireworks.

    • Emily Bertronski

      Valentine’s Day is the most special day of the year, since it is about love.

    • Simone

      My fav holiday is Halloween. I don’t always dress up, but like the fact that I could if I wanted to. Not to mention the free for all on candy! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

    • Jovita

      My favorite is valentines…

    • Deborah D

      Easter – it means that winter is just about over and the beautiful spring clothes come out!

    • patricia skinner

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it brings family together and focuses on giving thanks for each other and life in general.

    • Lisa Cook


    • Susan

      Great giveaway! My favourite holiday is Christmas! It’s a magical time!

    • etirv

      Love Thanksgiving…it’s all about family and friends and hope.

    • Stacy

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love watching people open the gifts I’ve picked out for them.

    • Amy

      Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I like cooking a big meal for my family, then playing games together.

    • sandra

      i like christmas the best :)

    • Gayle

      my fav holiday is CHRISTMAS ! – & this green bag would be appropriate with that season :)

    • serena ossana

      omg this bag is amazing! This green will go with my eyes! My favorite holiday is Christmas, I love being with all of my family!

    • bonnie

      my favorite holiday is thanksgiving it is such a pretty time a year

    • Anna

      I love Christmas!

    • Ken Robinson

      Christmas/New Years is my favorite holiday. My sister would love this. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

    • terry

      thanksgiving is the best

    • Tim S

      Easter is my fav
      God bless

    • Sheila B

      My favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s Day, a time to celebrate my heritage, and the day my momma got married.

    • Stephanie

      I love Christmas because of all the good food and time you get to spend with your family!

    • DeniseG

      I never owned a green bag but I would love to.

    • Whitney Hill

      I love Halloween because I can dress up crazy and it’s like being a little kid again. Plus, who doesn’t love free candy?

    • Jo

      My favorite holiday would have to be Thanksgiving because I love cooking a big traditional dinner even if just for my family of five. My kids love knowing they can always count on mom making certain dishes that one day.

    • Holly

      I love Christmas!

    • Vergie


    • nicole

      christmas. the tree, decorations, food, parties, gifts, friends and family. everything makes it a perfect time.

    • Ana

      Mine has to be Christmas, especially when it morphs into New Years as one big collective holiday of cheer. Yummy green bag!

    • Toye

      Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love to decorate for it! I love the black cats, ghosts, pumpkins, witches, etc. I guess I’m just a big kid at heart!

    • Laurie Penman

      I’m an Irish gal in Chicagoland….what more can I say! Green Chicago River and Green Beer just go together…I would have to say St. Patty’s Day is my favorite party holiday!I would love to win this!

    • Cathy W.

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. Watching the little ones during this holiday is amazing.

      Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    • Dddiva

      My favorite holiday is Christmas- no particular reason other than it is so festive.

    • christina c.

      gorgeous bag!

    • Jacob LaFountaine


    • Sharon

      My favourite would be Hallowee. I love dressing up!

    • grecia martinez

      My favorite holiday is New Years and St. Patrick’s day because New Year’s is my Birthday and St. Patrick’s DAy because I love wearing green and pinching people. Green is such a bright and vibrant color, Iwould love to get this purse………… if u dont believe my b-day is on New Years email me and ill send u pic of the shirt I received when I was born…..

      Juicy Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Misa

      I love Easter!

    • Tina Renee

      My favorite holiday is May Day because it’s also my birthday!

    • Mariela

      I love food, gifts and my family!!! My favorite holiday is Christmas!! The meaning behind christmas is also important.

    • Michelle

      I love Christmas time!

    • Stacey Brown

      easter would have to be my favorite holiday because it means SPRING!

    • Deanna

      Easter is my favorite holiday because it’s so beautiful in the spring.

    • Diana

      The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday, because it only involves eating, no presents of any kind.

    • ChachaHustle

      my fave holiday is my birthday, of course! Because it is all about ME! Love the bag, must have it in my life!

    • Kayleigh

      My favorite holiday is bonfire night in the UK on Nov 5th (guy fawkes day), everyone has fireworks and bonfires in their backyard. I’m a big fan of roasting marshmallows :)

    • anonymous

      my favorite holiday would be christmas. it’s a beautiful time of year, and i really appreciate the religious aspect of it.

    • Maysee

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. It’s actually the only holiday my whole family can get together and do something…since most of us are still college students.

    • M Segars


    • nikki

      my fav holiday is the day i get to spend the entire day with my family…even a simple Sunday can be lots of fun with you and your loved ones around…i loooovve this bag..:)

    • http://glammoblie samantha

      my fav. holiday is X-mas its one of the few times that the whole family gets together! its amazing when everyone is there…all ur loved ones!
      im soooo in love with this bag! <3

    • Susan Kieu

      My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love to receive presents and it gives me a break from school.

    • Joan

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love having everyone together around the table.

    • Judy Norris

      My favorite is my birthday,My family takes me out to dinner and i spend time with my friends.

    • Rita Chappell

      My fav is T/giving. Lots of food and no pressure.

    • Camry

      Christmas is my favorite holiday, I get to go to so many parties and see all of the people I love!

    • cheryl f

      Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s always fun and no added stress like other holidays tend to bring.

    • Tammy Harper

      I love Christmas and what it means! Not presents and Santa, but the day our Savior was born!
      This would be a beautiful Christmas purse–just add a little red ribbon!!

    • Paula

      My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love the fall, chilly air and the leaves all over the ground.Then seeing all the kids dressed up in costumes laughing and having fun .

    • Kendahl

      My favorite Holiday is Halloween. Who doesn’t love free candy, and an excuse to dress up?! Plus you don’t have to worry about buying anything for anyone or getting anything from anyone. Best Holiday ever.

    • joanna smith

      My favorite holiday is the 4th of July! There is no pressure involved, no worries about finding the perfect gift for all your loved ones, the weather is always warm and sunny and the evening is always balmy and festive, there are cookouts and fireworks, and lots of fun socializing and dancing going on, it is just a wonderful holiday to celebrate for all that it represents and stands for in our wonderful country of the USA! Oh, and shoes are optional, hee, hee :-)

    • LHE

      Halloween = best holiday of the year!! Great excuse to dress up and go out with the girls! Plus no stressful family gathering!

    • evelyn


    • Christine

      My favorite holiday is Christmas, but a close second is Halloween; lots of spooky fun. This bag is gorgeous! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

    • Kelly Johnson

      I love New Years Eve! Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Gayle

      I love Memorial Day, not only to remember our ancestors and Military but its the start of Summer!

    • Hannah

      I love Christmas! Not the shopping or the sales, but hanging out with friends and family, and eating a big dinner! And pretending that it’s snowing outside (no snow in CA!).

    • Kim M

      Love Halloween. Always have, always will.

    • Penny

      Halloween wins hands down for me! Though Easter is a close second as my daughter was born on it!

    • Laney

      I like Easter cause bunnies are cute!

    • Monique Rizzo

      Christmas, by a mile. I love the cozyness, magic, warmth, hot chocolate,presents,tree EVERYTHING! Thanks for the Chance.

    • Lydia S

      4th of July..summer weather, fireworks,vacations,cookouts…no expensive gifts to worry about..just lots of food, fun!!!

    • Kirsten

      Christmas! There is such a great spirit to it and the colors are beautiful.

    • Julia Magrath

      Christmas – I love the food, the colors, giving presents, shiney things, you name it!

    • Dawn

      My favorite holiday is halloween! Hands down!!

    • Sarah Hirsch

      Halloween. I love to see the kids having so much fun, and I enjoy decorating the house and passing out candy (not to mention snacking on it while I wait for trick-or-treaters).

    • Amy

      Memorial Day is my favorite holiday. But not for the BBQ and fun. It is a day of remembrance of those that have lost their lives protecting our country and our freedom. Just like most of the holidays that we celebrate, much is lost in the real reason why they are holidays in the first place. It is not about getting out of school or off of work for the day, and all the foods that we all do enjoy. Every Memorial day I go to my grandfathers’ graves and out a flag out for them. One was in the Navy and the other was in the Army.

    • Catherine

      Halloween. Boo!

    • Elizabeth J

      I like all holidays but Christmas is my favorite

    • Josh

      definitely christmas, when it isn’t stressful.

    • jennifer s.

      its a toss up between halloween, dressing up and being silly, or st. pattys day, parades, live irish bands, and everything green!

    • Val

      I love Easter the best.

    • joni chadwell

      Easter… then Spring is here!!!

    • Bonnie Day

      Thanksgiving–thats when all 7 of my children and 19 grandkids come home and we have a fantastic time

    • MarilynT

      My favorite holiday has got to Christmas! I enjoy all the family get togethers, sharing, decorating the house and tree, and watching the grandchildren enjoy themselves! It’s truly magical.

    • nancyb

      Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s wonderful seeing the childrens faces light up on Christmas morning.

    • Shay Williams

      My favorite holiday has to be Samhain or Halloween

    • Karen Gonyea

      My fav holiday is Thanksgiving !!

    • Stephen

      Christmas, because of the beatiful colors

    • lupita

      i love valentines day because it is the juiciest and sweetest of them all!!!!!

    • Maureen Hinsey

      Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday since it’s a gathering of family & friends without the pressure of gift-giving! Also, I really like the idea of setting aside a special day to give thanks for all we are and all of our blessings!

    • leah p.

      The 4th of July is definitely my favorite holiday! It’s hot outside, people want to start the summer off right…I just love it!

    • Yamonie

      I really love that emerald green.
      It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz…

      My favorite holiday has to be St.Patrick’s Day simply because it’s an excuse to wear green. I also get to wear my “Kiss me,I’m Irish”sticker. Overall, it’s just a really fun holiday full of my favorite color.

    • joe gersh

      fourth of july

    • trishden

      Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Thanks for a great giveaway!

    • Vivian Deliz

      My favorite holiday is christmas… I love seeing the happiness in my family’s face when they open their gifts.

    • Trisha R.

      My favorite holiday is Christmas!

    • desiree kelley

      easter, with all the candy

    • meghan

      New Years Eve!! I love to ring in the new year with all my girlfriends, and get all dolled up for the night!!

    • Carol S

      My favorite holiday is Christmas-it is magical to me. Thanks.

    • Marjorie

      Christmas is my favorite, because no matter how far flung my kids get, Christmas always means they are at home.

    • Pamela S

      Oh definitely Christmas!!! Such positive feelings all around and spending time with our family at the holidays!!!

    • Shirley Hodge

      $th of July is my favorite. So many memories attached to it as it was the day of the big family picnic when I was a kid. Aunts and Uncles, grandmas and grandpas and cousins of all sizes and shapes. Sometimes it was the only time of the year when I met some of them but even that once a year meeting gave one a great sense of family and coming from a family of second to none cooks the food was endless and delicious.

    • Cherie

      I love Thanksgiving. It’s about gratefulness, not commercialism. The family is more relaxed, there’s a big dinner and people gathering in the kitchen. There’s something really special about a family cooking together. Besides that – football!

    • jacque

      I love Halloween and the candy that goes along with it. lol thanks

    • Sherry B.

      My favorite holiday is Easter with it’s promise of the Ressurection and renewal. Sometimes we all need that hope in our lives!

    • Jen Baweja

      I love the 4th of July. Its the time of the season when your outside. At night the sky lights up in beautiful colors. Oh and the Juicy bag is my favorite color!!I love Juicy Couture!!

    • Patty Smith

      Christmas is my favorite holiday

    • Yvonne Horton

      Love this green bag!!! Green is about the only color of bag that I don’t have. It’s b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!!

    • Yvonne Horton

      oops. I got carried away with the bag and forgot to comment on my favorite holiday…Thanksgiving –all the yummy food!!

    • raija Jenelle

      My favorite is Thanksgiving. I love when all the family gets together and acts a fool. But its mainly for the food!!! lol

    • Terry Vanderpool


    • Nikita

      I love Halloween!

    • lori c

      I love xmas because of family gatherings, although thanksgiving comes in a close second :)

    • Karen

      I love the Fourth of July: the fireworks, picnics, sunny days at the beach, all of it.

    • Melissa P

      My favorite holiday is Christmas.

    • ashley

      I love Christmas!

    • Valerie M

      thanksgiving :)

    • Pamela Brigance

      I would have to say Christmas because we do so much to prepare — THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY !!!

    • Steve Scott

      Fourth of July because we go to the lake with three other families and enjoy a weekend of water skiing.

    • Deborah Wellenstein

      My favorite holiday is Halloween! Thank you!

    • true

      Thanksgiving, with no doubt.

    • Vicki Wurgler

      I love Halloween-I love to decorate my house

    • Dierdra Byrd

      My favorite holiday is Christmas.

    • Christie

      Christmas is my favorite, for the decorating and the baking. I love Halloween too though, it’s so much fun.

    • Marc Anderson-Yeager


    • Xuxa

      My favorite holiday is 4th of July because we celebrate our independence- love the fireworks too!

    • Jessica P

      My favorite holiday is Christmas

    • Angie Brady

      I love Christmas.

    • Aretina


    • Lisa Hering

      I love the smell of fireworks on Independence Day!

    • Rose

      Christmas – time spent with my family!

    • TaraW

      My favorite is Christmas, because most of the family get together.

    • Sara Amos

      I love Easter

    • Catharine

      I’d have to say Thanksgiving is my favorite.

    • Terri

      My fav is Thanksgiving!

    • joel

      I love Christmas with all the lights and celebrations!

    • Cathy

      Christmas! Favorite color is green too :)

    • Debra Bashford

      My favourite holiday would have to be Halloween.

    • PATRIC

      This is and for my wife by the way. We love Xmas. All the lights and good feelings abound.

    • Elizabeth

      Christmas is the most wonderful holiday because of its religious significance and the childlike wonder that comes with it; however, Daddy’s birthday is the best because we all come together to honor and appreciate his love, kindness and support throughout the years.

    • B. Newton

      St. Patty’s Day- on what other holiday is green beer encouraged? Plus this bag would totally keep me from getting pinched.

    • Sarah Z

      I love Christmas because of the Christmas Trees – they are so pretty all lit up!

    • Cecilia

      My favorite holiday is Valentines Day. This is such a fun bag. The green is wonderful! Thank you for the nice giveaway.

    • Jamielee

      My favorite holiday is one that I created, the day my one and only daughter was born, December 5, 2008. Although we haven’t been able to actually celebrate it yet, she is such a beautiful gift and worthy of a day called her own.

    • Dawn

      My favorite holiday is Halloween. We always have a big party.

    • Amy B.

      My favorite holiday is Halloween, love the costume parties and because it means that fall is here and that’s my favorite time of the year!

    • JenJapan

      I love Christmas but all the shopping kind of stresses me out…

    • Jennifer Meyers

      I love Christmas, all the family together, the warm cozy fires, and the great food!

    • Molly Capel

      Christmas is my all time fave.


      Thanksgiving. The turkey. The fellowship. The happy good times.

    • Chrystal Davis

      Love the 4th of July because of the fireworks!

    • Kathy Scott

      I love Christmas because I get to get my santa collection out.

    • Patti Berry

      Thanksgiving. No pressure or need to impress.

    • michelle d.

      I love Halloween! Because we don’t really see the change of seasons where we live, it is fun to decorate our home with all the vibrant colors of fall.

    • Edie Lamirand

      It is a spring bag. Green & the beginning of a new season of growth. A beautiful purse.

    • melissa

      my favorite holiday is easter!

    • Sandy M

      Christmas, Christmas and Christmas … in that order.

    • Ellie

      Well for me it’s a toos up between Halloween and Christmas. But if I had to pick one I would say Christmas. family getting together, love the feeling of giving. Thanks for this very generous giveaway.

    • Jessica

      My favorite holiday is Valentines day! :) <3

    • Casey H

      My favorite holiday is Halloween!! Its a great chance to wear whatever you want and little kids all dressed up is just the cutest thing. Plus I steal all my daughters candy… shh….

    • Hilary I

      My favorite holiday is Christmas because it is the day that Jesus was and all of my family is around. There is nothing like gathering around the Christmas tree, listening to Nat King Cole, and hanging out with people you love the most.

    • Holly B

      My fav is christmas because I get to give gifts to everybody!

    • LissaC

      Easter is my favorite holiday! It symbolizes the end of cold weather, the beginning of all things new. There’s such a feeling of freshness, with blue skies, blossoms, baby bunnies – and of course, there’s the chocolate! How can you beat that? ;-)

    • FPresley

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving—no gifts to buy, no extensive re-decorating—just the 3 F’s (family, friends, food)!

    • James Coyne

      I like Christmas

    • Bobby

      St. Patty’s Day of course. Nothing better than celebrating your heritage with corn beef and cabbage and some Guinness.

    • Shanea


    • eline

      i love summerholiday. because of the sun, the light and the bright colours, outside and in fashion.

    • Sean Ramach

      Mardi Gras!

    • Carla

      I love christmas the very most!!! The bright colors, the festivities, and the family times!!

    • Tom Williams, III

      In one respect, every day is a holiday. It is a blessing to be able to wake up each day in America – the land of many freedoms and the greatest country in the world! I suppose if I had to choose a specific holiday, and I like them all, I would choose Christmas because of the length of time and many ways it is celebrated.

    • Tonya Williams

      Christmas for sure!

    • Connie G

      Thanksgiving, it is a good time for the family to be together without all of the stress that sometimes comes with Christmas.

    • Denise

      I love Christmas and Easter.

    • ky2here

      Sorry to be boring but it is Xmas. I love being able to be as tacky as I want without fear of ridicule (at least to my face).

    • Wendy R Gardner

      I love Halloween!!!!

    • Sheila D.

      My favorite holiday now is Valentines Day. For almost 25 years I worked as a florist. Now I’m retired and get to enjoy this day off!!

    • Carole Bell

      This green bag is so gorgeous. The name of my company is Chartreuse Organic Tea and I would love to carry this bag on business.

    • Jill Myrick

      My most favorite holiday is Christmas.
      I love spending the year before Christmas picking and choosing just the special gift for each of my family members and close friends.
      But even more so I love seeing the surprise and excitement on their faces as they open their gifts.
      Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway :)

    • christiec

      My favorite holiday is Christmas

    • Piper

      July 4th! Barbeques, friends, family and summer!


      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

    • Rachel

      My favorite holiday is Halloween. Fun parties, costumes, free food. It’s all in good fun.

    • Casey Becher

      I love Mother’s Day! It’s the only holiday I can say that I earned. And it’s the one holiday where I am not resposible for the cooking, shopping, wrapping and organizing.

    • Tina J

      I love the holidays that get me day off from work!

    • Ashley

      i like the 4th of july, it screams summer!

    • Sherry C

      I love Thanksgiving because my whole family gets together and we have tons of good food. Good company and good food, what more could you ask for?

    • Chelsea Daigle

      My favorite holiday is Halloween.

    • Kayla D

      I actually like all the holidays about the same. If I had a favorite it would probably be Mother’s Day, because I like doing things special for my mom, and hope one day my children will bring me breakfast in bed.

    • Cynthia Shern

      Veteran’s Day is my very favorite holiday. I think it is time for all Americans to get the day off of work on that day. I think Non-Vets should pamper the Vets on that day too.

    • michelle mays

      Christmas is my favorite .You can’t go wrong with snow, holiday lights and fattening food .

    • SOPHIA

      days off are fun. so are presents.

    • Angelface0821

      I have two favorite holidays — my birthday and Christmas. I love Christmas because I enjoy spoiling my friends and surprising them with “the perfect gift” — things they wouldn’t think of for themselves, and my birthday because on that day I pamper myself and let myself be self-indulgent… Thanks!

    • susan carpenter

      my favorite getaway is disney world and orlando

    • Eileen Deliz

      My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. We have a family picnic where all I have to do is bring ONE dish and go to the picnic. No stress, no fuss, just a fun day with the family.

    • Melissa D

      St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday because my birthday is March 21st, and I’ve always started “Birthday Week” on the 17th! Thank you!

    • Sarah

      my favorite holiday is christmas because my mom always has an awesome christmas eve party!

    • Nicole

      Halloween. I never think of The Great Costume until it’s too late, but I’ll get it one year.

    • Pauline M

      My favorite holiday is christmas! I love putting up the boxes and boxes and boxes of christmas decor I’ve collected through the years! And, I do my best to keep the holiday very magical for my kids for as long as I can! We Love it!

    • stacey rice

      Christmas Day! Because all of the colorful lights!~

    • Lisa A

      My favorite holiday is Christmas! I love decorating the house and getting together with family to celebrate. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • Teresa

      Mine is Christmas :)

      Beautiful bag!!

      :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

    • Mary

      Valentine’s Day because it’s always a great excuse for chocolate and lots of cuddling!

    • Denise

      Christmas- I love the warmth.

    • RA

      The holiday, when I am on a warm sunny beach!

    • Kathy

      Christmas is my favorite time of year. It is a great time to gather with family and friends!

    • corrie C

      oh gosh, thats a hard question i love christmas i get presents and time with family. but i love valentines day, i get to spend with honey and eat candy hearts. lol
      enter me i would love to win this awesome bag

    • Miranda K.

      My favorite holiday has always been Independence Day. I love how every 4th of July the family all gets together for a huge BBQ, some fun in the sun, and just hanging out until the fireworks start. It’s just a fun day to spend with family and friends.

    • Stephanie Adkins

      I love Thanksgiving because its one time a year when the whole family, immediate and extended, comes to together at the dinner table and create happy loving memeories.

    • Mariza

      I love Christmas and the atmosphere!

    • JF

      My favorite holiday is my Birthday.

    • Nycole K

      My favorite holiday is probably…(does MLB opening day count?) Memorial day. We always go to see The Presidents Own Marine Corps band at Wolftrap Performing Arts center. It’s become a great tradition.

    • Christina

      My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day, since in the past I’ve had some very lovely ones! – Also, the green giveaway bag is just WONDERFUL!

    • Theresa DeRosa

      My favorite holiday is 4th of July

    • Mikala M

      My favorite holiday is Easter!

    • Holly

      I would have to say Christmas because I love giving presents to others.

    • Becky K

      I love St. Paddy’s Day because it’s my daughter’s birthday. What a great reason to celebrate! Thanks!

    • Angelique Smola

      Christmas. I just love the feeling in the air around the Christmas holiday

    • Brittney

      Christmast. Its the one time of year when the whole family drops whatever it is they are doing to get together and enjoy each others company… oh and HAM!

    • Eva D

      I love Christmas. Its the birthday of Christ and I love the look on my childrens faces when they open there gifts

    • Cailie

      I like St. Pat’s because my University is know for its St. Pat’s Day celebration! (We even get a four day weekend just to party!)
      Plus the holiday color, our school color, and my favorite color is green!

    • Tara Becker

      My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. Everyone, no matter race or religion, can enjoy this holiday, there are no presents involved. It’s also warm out, which I love, there’s picnics and barbecues and games, and of course fireworks, the capper to the day.

    • Jay F.

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, at least as long as Mom hosts…

    • Sharon R

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. Although it is a very hetic time I love getting the family together.

    • Angela Palmer

      I love Halloween! I can’t help it, I just like dressing up and being silly.

    • Kathy R

      My favorite holiday is Easter. A true miracle happened & it changed billions of peoples lives.
      Just have to say WOW, what a great bag…I love it.

    • Patricia Treskovich

      christmas is my favorite holiday

    • Tad

      Cool prize! Yes please!

    • Tina Rath

      My favorite holiday is Christmas – Christ being born for us!

    • SHauna

      Christmas, thats the only holiday I get to go home and see my family.

    • Karla

      Christmas – I have the whole family – immediate and extended – over for the day. It gives us a chance to share a wonderful occasion together.

    • Patti

      Definately, Christmas. It brings back so many wonderful memories of years past.

    • Ann

      My favorite holiday is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, crazy answer huh? lol. Reason behind it is because my birthday is the same so growing up I always had the day off, on my first job they gave that day off, it has just been a good relaxing day for me through the years and it is not a holiday people stress out over which makes it even nicer. Holidays for the most part are blown up (Christmas, Valentine’s…), I like taking it easy and just spending it with the people I care about.

      P.S. This bag is goregous!!!!

    • Jo Ann Hrouda

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. It is a way for our whole family together and it is just so much fun

    • Allison Gillette

      My favorite holiday is Christmas because of the gifts and parties.

    • Sherry R

      Christmas is my fave! Especially now that I have children!

    • Chrysa

      I love Christmas!

    • Kayte CookWatts

      I like Thanksgiving. All the family togetherness but with no crazy spending.

    • Aaron

      Labor Day

    • melissa

      I love Thanksgiving.

    • Shari K

      This purse is gorgeous and will spark my summer wardrobe prefectly. I would love to have it. Please, please pick me out of all the entrants, I need a new purse the most! I promise.

    • Shari K

      I got so excited about winning, I forgot to say that Christmas is my favorite holiday because of the worship, great food, and family.

    • Nick

      My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day.

    • R Schulz


    • michele

      my favorite holiday is new years, where i spend quality time with family. thanks for a great giveaway!

    • Robin Robaszkiewicz

      My favorite holiday is easter because it represents Christ dying for our sins and rising from the dead to save us.

    • Kathleen S.

      I really enjoy the 4th of July. I love the bbq’s and fireworks. Thanks!

    • Melanie

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. Whats not to love about giving and receiving presents. This bag would make a very nice present…to me.

    • Therese C

      Mine is Christmas, & if I win this it will be like Christmas for my DD who LOVES Juicy! :)

    • djgroz

      It’s so hard to choose one, but I guess I like Easter the best!!Every one is in a good mood and the food is great!!

    • getpalmd

      Loooove that color! Guess it’s christmas after all, yes, much stress involved but then again it’s the one holiday when the whole family is together including grandparents as well, so it’s a very special day.

    • http://NiemannMarcus JA Toth

      Christmas is my favorite holiday. I like the family traditions and surprising my family with the perfect gifts.

    • pat

      my favorite holiday is christmas

    • Elsie

      My favorite holiday is Memorial Day, a day to respect and remembrance for courage and sacrifice. It is just one of my favorite holidays, seems to be more and more important to me.

    • http://none Vivian Goltzman

      Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. My family spends the whole day together including the two recruits we invite from the military. Having the recruits there really makes you realize what Thanksgiving is really all about

    • Deborah Cobb

      4th of July! Picnics, fireworks and the celebration of all we have as Americans

    • Kathleen L

      My favorite holiday is Christmas.

    • Misha

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving!

    • Ruth Fichter

      CHRISTMAS! LOTS of work, but I love decorating the whole house to celebrate the Lord’s birthday with my beautiful creche and welcome the extended family to rejoice and share together!

    • Nita H

      My fav holiday is Xmas.

    • kara Greene

      My favorite is Halloween. No expectations you can celebrate as much or little as you want.

    • Jay

      Has to be Christmas!

    • Teresa Iverson

      My favorite, favorite holiday is Christmas!!!!

    • Christine

      I love the 4th of July because it is warm and everyone seems so happy! Thanks for the chance!

    • Larissa

      The 4th of July is my favorite holiday, because thats the day I met the love of my life!

    • chris fisher

      Christmas is my favorite holiday because its a time to spend with family.

    • shawna

      My favorite is Thanksgiving because the whole family is together and giving thanks for being so blessed!

    • Doris Peterson

      That would have to be Christmas, Yep…no doubt.

    • Doris Peterson

      This IS a great purse, I would actually carry this one.

    • Pu Ye

      Just win



    • pamela beachler

      Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. no one is worrying about presents or money, they just come together to enjoy a great meal with no hassles. Family and friends spending good time together

    • tiffany gomez

      Christmas! I love everything about…cold weather, decorating the house, christmas music and all the stores decorate.

    • POLLY

      Halloween is my favorite, being able to wear a costume and pretend to be something else. Like being an actor for a day.

    • Jillian Veit

      My favorite holiday is Christmas becuase I get to see all my family and eat great food.

    • jennifer b

      I guess my favorite holiday would actually have to be ST. Patricks day. The main reason it focuses around my favorite color..GREEN!
      Love the purse and its already in my color. Just go ahead and send it to me.

    • Steff S.

      Christmas is my favorite holiday. All the scents and sounds of the season bring back so many wonderful memories of Christmases past.

    • Theresa Prue

      Thanksgiving, even tho I cook, having family together is great. I am so
      glad I found this site – I am bag inept. I need to update and get some

    • Sue Farrell

      My favorite holiday is Memorial Day because it signals the start of summer.

    • Terra Heck

      My favorite holiday is Easter. I enjoy all the activities that surround it.

    • Sonte Buie

      My favorite holiday is July 4th. I love the fireworks and cookouts.

    • Paula H

      I love Thanksgiving. You get to spend time with family, eat good food and know that the holiday season has begun.

    • Amanda B.

      Christmas with the family.

    • mir

      It has to be Christmas. I love cooking and spending the time with family.

    • Samantha Miller

      My favorite holiday is Halloween!

    • Janie Tedder

      Chirstmas is my favorite holiday, because I love to cooks cakes, cookies, and


    • Therese

      My favorite is definitely Thanksgiving. Family, friends and lots of stuff and gravy!

    • Laura G

      Easter is my fave because it’s the celebration of our risen Lord and a time the whole family can get together

    • Ellie W

      Christmas is my favorite holiday. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • philip halter


    • Gloria Dornin

      Thanksgiving, just food no gifts

    • Doreen R

      Almost wicked to ask a lady to choose her fav bag….we love so many. One of my favs is the Bally – Meg-T – Caramel. I like about 96% of all of them.

    • Laura

      Christmas because I love to give gifts!

    • dtgville

      ABsolutely – thanksgiving. Family without the pressure.

    • http://deleted Kathy Conley

      Christmas is my all time favorite one!

    • cindy A

      I love Christmas. the lights, tv shows, music, decorations and it seems if my son gets to be home from overseas, it’s Christmas season and that’s the best ever!

    • Mark W

      i like the 4th of July- picnics, fireworks and family….

      thanks for the entry

    • Erin Daly

      I have always loved Easter! Great candy, warm weather, and who can resist the cute little bunnies, lambs and chicks?

    • Lydia Wilson

      Halloween is the best. You put on a costume and you get to be a kid again!

    • Pamela Ray

      I love Easter and the great colors.

    • Janette

      I always look forward to Christmas.

    • jjean

      I love all holidays and reasons to celebrate, but my favorite is Valentines Day. My mom always made it such a fun, loving holiday while I was growing up that I think of it and celebrate fondly. Pretty cookies, little cute notes and lots of fun sweets make the day a real joy for me. It would only be better if I had my mom nearby to join in the fun.
      I am trying to make my own fun at St. Patrick’s Day, though. (Mom made that fun, too!) An since Valentine’s Day is over–and I love holidays–my next bit of fun will be March 17th. IT would be fun to have such a lovely bag to celebrate. Thank you for the chance! The bag is so gorgeous!



    • Gabriel J.

      I love Christmas as it allows me to see my family.

    • Devon Weisz

      I love Valentine’s day

    • Sherri B.

      My favorite holiday isn’t really a holiday at all. My extended family always gets together for a big party in between Thanksgiving and Christmas since everyone is busy with their own immediate families on those 2 holidays. We have a huge blowout and it is so much fun!!!

      sherri419 at gmail dot com

    • dani

      My birthday because it my day eventhough I do share it with others I still consider it my day!

    • Carolyn D

      Halloween. We have a huge party. You can dress up and eat candy and in general act like one of the kids!

    • Zoey

      My favorite holiday has to be Christmas – good food, family & presents!

    • Jennifer I

      Thanksgiving because of all the great food!

    • Tiffany S.

      Christmas! I love giving gifts and eating good food! thank you for the giveaway!!

    • MELINDA Smith

      Thats a very nice handbag-I love the color.

    • linda

      my fav holiday is the 4th of july since it is close to my birthday. :)

    • Deborah

      Easter is my favorite holiday, because it’s my birthday! Well, okay, I was born on Easter but I have yet to have a birthday actually fall on Easter. Strange, huh! This bag would be perfect for my Easter-time birthday. That lovely bright green is the color of spring!

    • sarah woods

      Love the bag style with class yet femine with functionality

    • Dara Nix

      My favorite holiday is the Independence Day — but probably only because my birthday is the day before!!

      Thanks for a generous giveaway!!

    • Dolores Olsen

      My favorite holiday is one that is yet to be discovered. Probably 4th of July.

    • Jean

      My fav holiday has to be Christmas. Not because of the presents (I used to get) but because I save up all my work vacation for December so that I can spend 2 straight weeks with my family! It’s the best break ever and I look forward to it every year.

    • Becky Davenport

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It is a great time for family.

    • patricia

      Easter is my favorite holiday because after Easter, you know spring and summer
      are just around the corner.

    • Kimberly Dull

      Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s got everything – great food, family, and no gift pressure!

    • joshua drumm

      My favorite holiday is valentines day because its a chance for me to spoil my little lady with gifts and loving

    • michelle rosborough


    • Angela C

      Christmas is my favorite holiday! Thanks for the giveaway:)

    • Karen M

      My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. I just love fireworks. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Brenna

      My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day because it is a great time to be creative, and even if you don’t have a guy to spend it with, it makes a great excuse for a girls’ night!

    • Karen A.

      Easter is my favorite holiday.

    • samantha lawson

      My favorite holiday is Halloween because everybody can just be who they want to be.

    • na seay

      Thanksgiving’s my favorite. The food, the family, the fall day. It just doesn’t get any better.

    • Rose Roberts

      ooh i just love that green bag

    • SGuzman

      Christmas is always my favorite holiday b/c it is such a strong family holiday with many warm memories.

    • Tesa S.

      Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.

    • Vicki Andrew

      love Hanukkah … presents and food and family for 8 nights

    • R Hicks

      My favorite holiday is July 4th Independence Day. Love the fire works and excitement

    • Amy L.

      Christmas is my favorite holiday.



    • Martha J.

      Christmas is my favorite because its the only time my entire family gets together.

    • Chris Hendrickson

      My favorite is New Years Day. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Shaudi Adel

      This bag is the finishing touch to what would become an amazing outfit!

    • Sherry Thomas

      My favorite holiday is Christmas I love the peace it brings to everyone.

    • Patricia

      Bag is beautiful and stylish…

    • Melanie B

      Hmmm. It’s a toss up between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving because of the family and friends and food! Christmas because my daughter was born the day after and because my family and I celebrate the birth of Jesus.

    • Leigh Nichols

      My favorite holiday is Christmas- I love the warmth and the feelings of togetherness :)

    • Darcy

      What a gorgeous bag! My favorite holiday is Christmas. It’s always a special time for our family. I love Christmas lights, Christmas carols, and all the Christmas festivities. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

    • Xela

      This may seem weird but I really love the fourth of July. Everyone just seems so happy and it’s the one time of the year where I actually get to see my neighbors out and about. It just gives off a sense of togetherness especially during the fireworks show. Plus, there is no need for gifts and all that =)

    • dawn

      It would have to be the 4th of July I love all the BBQ’s, friends and family all around and the fireworks too!

    • jennifer gersch


    • john fink

      4th of july cold beer hot dogs and fireworks

    • janice hiltz

      I’d have to pick New Year’s, a time for looking back and looking forward, a celebration

    • Linda Russell

      Christmas is my favorite holiday by far! I love the spirit of the season, choosing special gifts for family and friends, and the snow! Thanks for the chance to win (a gift for a good friend).

    • michelle lopez

      Halloween is my fav holiday. I just love decorating and costumes it is so much fun.

    • Margaret Yannucci

      My very favorite is Christmas. We were poor growing up but Christmas was always very special. I try to make it just as special for my kids and grandkids

    • Leslie Mobley

      Halloween is my favorite holiday! Its great to dress up as someone (or someTHING) else once a year. So much fun to get to play make-believe like you were a kid again!

    • Gabriel Alcantar

      My favorite holiday is Halloween because I love to decorate the outside of my house and have it be the scariest house on the block.

    • Laura

      I like Thanksgiving the best, Turkey and pumpkin pie, yum!

    • Audrey

      My favorite holiday is Easter. My oldest son was born on Easter.

    • Bebe


    • kim v

      Christmas — love the spirit, the baking, the decorations etc.
      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Laurie C

      My favorite holiday is Christmas because it lasts the longest and spreads the love!

    • Sharold

      I love 4 th of July. Not only is it our nations birthday but my garden is producing fresh veggies, the lake is warm and I can just sit in theshade and enjoy the day.

    • Nina

      My favorite holiday is CHRISTMAS :) because thats the only time I get to bond with my relatives even those who are far away from us, and I enjoy going to the 9 morning masses during this holiday season.

    • Renee Borders

      Probably Thanksgiving would be my favorite. Somehow I started a family tradition two years ago when I invited all my husband’s family over for Thanksgiving at my house. What was I thinking??? LOL….I love it. My house smells soooooo good! Thanks! :)

    • Veronica Garrett

      Christmas is my favorite. Everybody is in a better mood.

    • Tiffany

      I love Christmas! I like watching the kids faces as they open their gifts.


      I love International
      Womens Day in March. It is celebrated all over Europe and though it is announced in the US, it is not universally celebrated. I take the opportunity to read about great women, grab a video, or try something new for myself. If all women celebrated, we can spread peace and good will.

    • Jane Marie

      I have always loved Thanksgiving. Especially if it isn’t at my house. I love having the family together with nothing else to do but eat and be merry. Chritmas brings with it the stress of present giving,(will they like it? was it the right gift?) but no such strings are attached to Thanksgiving, and we truly do have a lot to be thankful for even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes.
      Thanks for a great contest.

    • Sascha

      My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love creating costumes, dressing up with the kids, and enjoying the expressions of creativity.

    • Cynthia Hagood

      boy this would be a great St Patricks Day pocketbook

    • SharonK

      I love Christmas the best. I love to watch the grandchildren open their
      new toys and get so excited. I love the holiday foods, decorations, Christmas parties and getting together with friends and relatives.

    • Melissa Thomson

      My favorite holiday is definately Christmas. No better family time!

    • Mike Huang

      What else? Christmas!

    • S Carter

      Thanksgiving is my fave. Family and food

    • Rachel Ceja

      I have got to say that my favorite holiday is Christmas. I don’t need presents. MY family is all i’ve ever needed, and Christmas is the one time when my whole family can see eachother. AND…..Eat lots of ham!!!

    • Aurelia Casson

      Christmas and thanks. skyskyaa11(at)

    • Jennifer M


    • shannon byus

      I love this bag so much! The color is GREAT!

    • Jay

      Great gift for my mom

    • Lee Taylor

      My favorite holiday is definitely ‘Thanksgiving’! Family and friends gathered around the dinner table sharing grandma’s pumpkin pie and their love for one another….What could be better than that?! Thanks for the ‘awesome’ giveaway offering and good luck to all!

    • Charlotte Lapham

      Love the color…perfect for this

    • Karin C.

      My favorite Holiday is 4th of July. I love the fireworks, the flags, the
      bar-b-que and family fun. The parades, and pride in our country make this
      the best and favorite holiday for me.

    • Angela J.

      I love the weather for Halloween – but I gotta say that I look forward to Christmas all year long!

    • Amy Griffin

      I love Halloween. It’s such a no stress holiday! No gift giving or big holiday meal to prepare. Just a big pot of Chili and some family time while we take the kids trick-or-treating.

    • Dixie

      My favorite holiday is Christmas-It’s all about family.

    • Peggy Houston

      I love all the holidays but Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas are probably my favorite, because you get together with all your family and have a great family time.

    • Tina Harris

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the extra family, decorating etc.

    • estella miller

      What a lovely color!

    • Louise

      When I was a little girl I always loved Easter because I new I would get a new dress, shoes and a purse. My values have changed now… somewhat. I still love getting new clothes and accessories anytime.

    • Huguette E.

      I love Christmas and the feelings it brings to my heart :)

    • Steph

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the lights and good treats.

    • M.Spilane

      My favorite holiday by far is Easter. The day we remember that blessed day over 10,000 years ago when Jesus, with help from his dad, God, bravely chased all the bunny-rabbits out of the Middle East using only his stick and a pair of sandals. In so-doing, he ended a million-year rabbit plague that had spread disease and sorrow throughout the region. Ever since that glorious day the proud people of the Middle East have lived rabbit-free lives. To commemorate the day, we celebrate Easter, the Arabic translation of which is, “get rabbits right the heck out of here.” Let us all rejoice and bask in the glow of a rabbit-free Middle East.


      (pssst… I’m just kiddin y’all. I like St.Patrick’s Day – I’m Irish – my name is Molly for cryin’ out loud…)

    • Eyvette Hassan

      My favorite holiday is Easter! It’s just a day kicks off warm weather, pretty dresses, chocolate, and family! Easter reminds me that the warm season has arrived and I can now show some skin!

    • etirv

      St. Patrick’s coming up, thinking green!!!!

    • Susan Ledet

      My favorite holiday is Mardi Gras. Great fun for all.

    • Arlenee

      I would love this bag – green that is sooo cool

    • sandra

      i love christmas because i love giving and receiving presents

    • Michele Green

      I love, love, love Halloween! The weather, atmosphere and the decorating. In fact, I love it so much I’m getting married this Halloween dressed as a garden fairy! hehe

    • Kayce C

      This is a fabulous color!

    • Kayce C

      Now that I’ve read the instructions, I love Easter because I like Easter Egg hunts, new dresses, and the message.

    • Betty C

      My favorite holiday is Christmas, but every holiday is special. I love celebrating Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Easter and all the others.

    • Kelly

      Christmas! You get gifts that day!

    • DianeP

      I’m a Christmas junkie – tons of decorations, carols, and eggnog PLUS it’s the only time of the year I can walk around smiling to myself and greeting everyone on the street, and folks don’t think I’m totally crazy!

    • Kelly

      I like Christmas. I like baking, decorating and wrapping surprises!

    • Barbara Hunt

      Thanks for the contest!

    • Catherine KingChuparkoff

      I love Easter because it is such a beautiful time of year and the children love the simple easter egg hunt tradition-not so commercial.

    • amy delong

      christmas is my fav holiday,I love seeing kids and hubby opening all the gifts they wanted

    • Helen

      Halloween is my favorite holiday!

    • Tammy

      New years eve because a new year is a time to start anew

    • Jessa

      I would have to say Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday! =]

    • Alyce

      Christmas is my favorite.

    • Colleen Conrad

      My very favorite holiday is Halloween! I love the spirit, the time of year and the children’s excitement. It is a great way to kick off the fall season.

    • Phyllis Jenkins

      Easter is coming! God bless.

    • Pamela White

      My favorite holiday is 4th of July. It represents freedom and sacrafice.

    • Bernie Nordman

      My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love to decorate the yard and scare the neighbor kids.

    • Kat

      My favorite is Thanksgiving – family, friends and food!

    • Cairine Stade

      Christmas is my favourite holiday. Everyone is making an effort to enjoy themselves and each other! I love the shiny decoratons and lights, the traditions that make up the holiday, childrens excitement over their presents! The turkey dinner isn’t bad either!

    • Lee Anne

      I love Thanksgiving…I just love the family time and all of the good food.

    • Mae Behling

      I like st patrick’s day, and I LOVE that bag!

    • Lee Anne

      I love Thanksgiving…I love the family time and the good food.

    • Gianna

      Christmas :)

    • J.C.

      Christmas is my favorite holiday

    • Jennifer Jozwiak

      My favorite holiday is Halloween. Love the candy, the costumes, the decorations!

    • Ann Hill

      My favorite holiday is Mardi Gras! Toss me that handbag, and I will fill it with beads next year!

    • ktanjatk

      Beginning of Spring :)

    • Marie N

      My favorite holiday is probably Thanksgiving because its one of those holidays when everybody comes around for all the goodies you don’t make the rest of the year. I always turn into a mega chef around Thanksgiving…spend a fortune but its so much fun watching family and friends enjoy themselves.

    • Kim


    • amy h

      My favorite holiday is halloween. I really like the candy. I also like that the kids have fun dressing up and going trick or treating. Oh yeah, and I love carving pumpkins. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Heather

      I love Thanksgiving :-)

    • Kathy Vallee

      My favorite holiday would have to be Christmas when all my family is home and we can just be togeather.

    • CCB


    • Latrice Harrison

      I love Christmas the best because it just may be the one day out of the year that my family comes together no matter what is going on in their lives.

    • christopher b.


    • christopher b.

      christmas morning

    • Julie Cummings

      I love Thanksgiving!

    • Kathy H.

      My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love decorating my yard and the inside of my house! I start planning my children’s costumes months in advance. I do goody bags for school and tons of candy for the trick or treaters. We go out trick or treating in a good and back to my house for pizza. I take whoever still has some energy back out after dinner for as much candy as they can walk for!

    • Heather

      I love Christmas!

    • Allison O.

      I absolutely love Christmas! There’s just something about it that makes me smile all the time! I love how everybody around the world seems to come together during that time….Now with having my first baby it makes it even more special to watch her experience Christmas! That bag would be a great early Christmas present!

    • Lily Kwan

      My favorite holiday is Christmas.

    • Chris

      Love the color!

      And my favorite holiday is Halloween.

    • http://n/a susan carpenter

      I think it’s all great.

    • Marc

      My favorite is Thanksgiving.

    • Sharon

      It’s definately Christmas … and I aslo love Thanksgiving too!!!

    • kerri r

      I love Halloween

    • DianeG

      My favourite holiday is Christmas. I love the lights, the food, the “goodwill to all”, and the joy in the eyes of children’s.

    • SHARON

      I love Christmas!!!

    • DianeG

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the lights, the food, the “goodwill to all”, and the joy in the eyes of children.

    • DianeG

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the lights, the food, the “goodwill to all”, and the joy in the eyes of children’s

    • Katie G

      Christmas is my favorite. Thanks!!

    • Charlene Kuser

      My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.Thanks for the giveaway

    • Suanne Giddings

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

    • Heather C

      Fourth of July. The watermelons are ripe, we get to watch fireworks, we get to love on our country and, last but not least, we get to have BBQs in invite too many people.

    • Heather C

      Fourth of July. The watermelons are ripe, we get to watch fireworks, we get to love on our country and, last but not least, we get to have BBQs in invite too many people.

    • Rachel Belkin

      Thanks for offering this contest. Hope we win.

    • Michelle H.

      I love “Christmas”. I love the sharing of gifts, the excitement in children’s eyes, the cool weather, the lights, etc…

    • Lathres Ballou

      Thanksgiving. Food, Family and Friends.

    • Kate

      Christmas. It is usually cold (which I hate) but it’s a season of giving, you get to spend time with the family and friends, and there is a lot of eating. I’m a big fan.

    • Felicia Shapiro


    • Felicia Shapiro

      New Year’s

    • Kristen Henricks

      My favorite holiday is Christmas. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

    • Nanette

      Christmas Eve by the fire and opening “one” present!

    • Jen

      Even though it’s not a really official holiday, I love Valentine’s day because I love love. :)

    • Marcy Strahan

      My favortie Holiday is the 4th of July!
      It’s a day to rejoyce in our freedom, eat BBQ, Boil Some Mudbugs(crawfish) & watch fireworks with friends & loved ones!
      How perfect is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marcy Strahan

      My favortie Holiday is the 4th of July!
      It’s a day to rejoyce in our freedom, eat BBQ, Boil Some Mudbugs(crawfish) & watch fireworks with friends & loved ones!
      How perfect is that!

    • Shannon


    • Donna K


    • SallB

      I love Thanksgiving! One because all of my family comes into town every year, even though it may not be so much fun, we all get to see eachother and spend time with eachother. A second reason would be that the leaves are starting to change colors and it is starting to get cooler outside, Fall time, and it is just the best time of the year (I think).

    • Seena

      i love the Indian holiday “holi” it is the day we play with powered colors and by the end of the day we all look like clowns covered with every color possible. it just a fun holiday to go crazy with friends and family. According to the Indian calander, TODAY IS HOLI…so HAPPY HOLI..

    • linda

      Christmas is my favorite because of the unity of giving. Plus it gives me a great excuse to do more shopping!

    • MA

      The July long weekend!

    • mindy

      i guess my favorite is new years, a new year a new beginning thanks for the giveaway

    • Elizabeth

      y favorite holiday is Christmas, I get to give, give and give, our femilies get together and we get to enjoy each other, share our food and gie out gives to our love ones and total starngers

    • Jill

      my favorite holiday is christmas, its the only holiday in my family where everybody gets together and not worry about any problems, so much fun!!

      hope i win green should be lucky

    • Michelle

      favorite holiday would be new years. we always throw a great part every year. love the bag. perfect spring color.

    • http://none Debbie Sexton

      Ah! Holidays are the lovliest of days..especially valentines day! , Leave the insecurity behind you ….proceed to drink martinis till sundown! au revoir

    • Tamera Davis

      My favorite holiday is Valentines Day too. The idea of love and romance and frills and lace. The pinks and reds and the allowance of candy and no thought of diet for that day. I am a romantic at heart and this has been my favorite day since I can recall!

    • Pamela Romero

      I know it’s odd but I really like St. Patricks day! I like it because it’s a holiday where we gather with our friends and cook Irish dishes and have dinner and visit. Unlike other bigger holiday’s like Thanksgiving and Christmas, there isn’t a lot of stress behind gift giving or getting the turkey done just right. We try new Irish recipes and it is always a fun experience. Plus we get to do everything up in my favorite color….GREEN!!

    • Mel

      My favorite holiday has to be Thanksgiving!

    • Rose

      Christmas Eve!

    • Hayden Lee

      When I think of which holiday is my favorite, various memories of good times during many different holidays come to mind! Although I cannot single out my most favorite holiday, I can definately say that I am most excited about St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow because it is the most current one! I can’t wait to go out to a good old irish pub with my girls and drink some green beverages! :-)

    • Emily C

      Christmas is definitely my favouite holiday. My family live far away so it’s the only time we get everyone together for a few days.. it’s always hectic and crazy but that’s party of the fun!

    • Chelsea

      My favorite holiday is St. Patricks day! my familly is very big with St. Patricks day! my hole family gets together. I love getting all dressed up in green for this specal day.!!



    • Toni Coultas

      I love St. Patricks day because my family is so relaxed not trying to be prim and propper. We laugh and just enjoy being together! It is really nice now that I have to boys I can share with them our herritage in such a fun way.

    • Mindee Larsen

      Christmas !!! It’s so amazing…i look forward to it all year long. I live where it starts snowing in november so christmas morning is that much better with snow outside !!

    • lida L

      st-Patrick’s day is my favorit eholifay, caus greens my favorite colour

    • Leighanne

      I like my birthday… because I got to be born!


    • http://n/a susan carpenter

      My favorite holiday is Halloween…..scary….plus lots of candy.

    • anayansi

      i love christmas i love when it snow its just really beauifull and that light s they look really awsome and all the food u can eat cristmas is really just a great holiday and everybody just seems more joyful in this holiday

    • Crystal

      Ringing in the NEW YEAR’s Eve/Day. There’s something magical about that minute between the end of an old year and beginning anew.

    • Carly


    • Lauren

      my favorite holiday would definitely have to be christmas! I love snow and presents and family. so it couldn’t be better!

    • Kim B.

      My favorite holiday is..of I just love getting together with family and catching up. Plus the food!

    • Kiki

      Mother’s day is my favorite! Which is coming up pretty soon~!!! i live overseas and dont see my mom very often. I’d love to go shopping with her!

    • Kathy Vallee

      Hi I was looking at google and my name it said I won this contest ending March 11h 2009, the Juicy Couture Green Leather Bag. I was wondering if you could let me know why I was not notified so I could respond. This is one of the contests I really wanted to win.

    • Adeeba Khan

      my favorite holiday has to be “Eid” its a religious holiday after the month of fasting (Ramadan). Me and my family go out and pray and go to a fancy restaurant. We get gifts, money, and a full stomach !

    • Jewelia

      My favorite would have to be Halloween
      I love to dress up in something different and had fun

    • Stephanie

      My favorite would have to be Thanksgiving. Cause i love being with my family and we make amazing food. And i always help in shelters too.

    • Joyce

      Christmas, a time for laughter, a time for sharing, a time for caring. Christmas, baking sugar cookies, preparing spiked egg-nog, roasting the ham, and giving Santa a great big kiss!

    • sylvia kriksic

      my friends will be green with envy, i hope i win

    • Ana Alvarez

      My favorite holiday is Holloween. I love to see all the different costumes people come up with. Also all the children going trick or treating.

    • Ana Alvarez

      I would love give this to my daughter who’s favorite color is green and nickname is Juicy.

    • Ashling

      My favorite holiday is St. Patricks Day because you dress up in all green, witch is my favorite color. I am also Irish! : )

    • Iridian Cruz

      My favorite holiday is New Years because it’s the beginning of something new. You can change everything, start out nice and fresh, get rid of all the bad stuff and just leave it all behind. Honestly when the year starts I feel like a whole new person and change for the good. Another year has passed and many lessons were learned so when the new year starts I know not to make the same mistakes again! Not to mention that New Years is another excuse to get together with the family and celebrate together. It’s a wonderful holiday.