Malin Ackerman Wears Wallpaper to Premiere

Perky blonde, Malin Ackerman, has been getting raked over the coals for her apparently dismal performance in The Watchman. Another hotly anticipated comic book film (are we over these yet?), The Watchman comes out this weekend and I think I might saunter over to the movie theater to see what all the fuss is about.

But first…let’s talk about this gown.

Malin is a cute enough, with that whole perky Cameron Diaz appeal…but is this wallpaper? Leftover fabric from her great aunt Millie’s seat re-covering project?

Or worse…does she actually think this kind of color/style/shape/pattern is attractive?

Image: PR Photos

Image: PR Photos

Let’s take a look at the full silhouette -

Image: PR Photos

Image: PR Photos

Oh honey, this must be a distraction so we take pity on you for your acting sins.

Though we might not be able to get the image out of your minds of you looking like a hillbilly trying to make a run for Miss America…we’re still going to watch the movie.

Let’s hope Aunt Millie wasn’t your stylist on set too.

UPDATE: So this is where Malin’s beige atrosity came from

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