• Fri, Mar 6 2009

Pamela Anderson Fashion Week Nipple Slip

Pamela Anderson’s wardrobe malfunction was the talk of Paris Fashion Week today. After sporting some questionable Vivienne Westwood creations, she came out to great the crowd and unwittingly gave the crowd a quickie peep show.


Image: Bauer Griffin

I’m not sure if I’m more offended by Pammy’s nipple or this soccer bondage ballerina ensemble…but both are causing me to gag a little and certainly don’t endear Ms. Anderson to my stoney heart. If her boob took attention away from the magic tricks hanging from her shoulders and hips, well then…so be it. But there has to be a better way to get people to stop asking “What ever happened to…” about you, Pam.

Image: Bauer Griffin

Image: Bauer Griffin

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