Baby Fashion Don’ts: Peaches and Jagger

Pamela Anderson’s boob making an appearance on the runway wasn’t the only atrocity at Vivienne Westwood‘s show at Paris Fashion Week. My favorite spoiled reality TV show brat, Peaches Geldorf and Georgia May Jagger were sitting in the front row wearing outfits that one would expect a child to pull together. Oh, wait.

How did we get to the point where an 80′s resurgence meant that these kind of multicolored neon tights were acceptable? Who told you to part your hair so far to the left Georgia May Jagger? Was it Peaches? She told you this was a good look for you…didn’t she? Damn you Peaches and your hideous green one shouldered sweater. Find a dress that isn’t transparent, shut your mouth and stop looking like you just rolled out of bed after a long night working the streets.

And sit up straight.

I said…sit up straight.

Image: Splash News

Image: Splash News

Update: Jezebel‘s quick eye noted one Parisian woman’s disgust and yet another display of rotten Peaches.

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    • Tallulah De Lars

      Sorry but I think you’re comments are irrelevant and ridiculous. I think Georgia looks great, the dress isn’t see through, and she really is quite stunning. By the way, some people who like to have fun with fashion and that are young and beautiful might find ’80’s resurgence multicolored neon tights’ acceptable.. its vivienne westwood not who-can-be-boring-and-conform.
      anyway i doubt this comment will even be published.
      please find something nice to say if nothing at all, about young beautiful girls who have done nothing to deserve you’re comments.

    • Kate E

      Sorry dude but the girl sitting next to Georgia isnt Peaches geldolf hahahahah if your going to comment about these girls then get it right!!!!!

    • Joana

      Georgia and her pal look wicked!!! There outfits are fun!! There beautiful girls. Im afraid the one next to Georgia isnt peaches geldolf though. Peaches prefers to just wear black and be compeltly boring, these two look like there acftually having fun with their looks

    • Snarkstress

      Oh, how sweet…Georgia has groupies! Who even stick up for her silly little flop-haired friend. How adorable!

      The tights are heinous, but I applaud your desire to perpetuate smelly neon on your legs. Good luck darlings and stay well!

      (though, you are right – that isn’t Peaches – and Joana while I disagree with your enthusiasm over these henious ensembles, she did look boring at Vivienne Westwood…like a cheap Duffy ripoff…why would someone rip that off?).

    • joana

      why are you so full of hatred and s— to hate on these two girls who have done absolutely nothing wrong apart from be a hell of lot more attractive than you will ever be as well as full of life and fun. you are a compeltly sad piece of s—.

    • joana

      and who gives a f— what two young girls are wearing at the end of the day, why dont you just go and spread some positivity and some love instead of your sad bitter negitivity towards teenagers, how sad!!

    • J-C

      am i the only one who actually really likes those tights?

    • Sass

      Sorry Snarkstress but I have to agree with joana. The only way to spread positivity and love is through a dedicated and persistent use of expletives.

    • amy lynn

      You all don’t seem to realize what “Snarky” means. :) If you want to go talk nice about clothes, go to Nice-stress. But this is SNARKSTRESS. You get snarky comments here.

      Not much more to explain!

    • amy lynn

      I <3 Sass’s comment! :)

    • alice

      I think thats its crazy to judge like this, that dress is wicked and original. if you don’t like it then maybe you should take up you issues with vivienne westwood, she is certainly not a child and she put that outfit together. i am sure she could teach you a few things about originality and fun….