• Sat, Mar 7 2009

When Your Dress Is So Tight It Hurts

Both for Brenda to breathe and for me to look at. Blonde playmate, Brenda Roderick, hosted the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice wearing a skin tight bright blue cocktail dress that must have taken six people to zip up. Ladies, there is such thing as the next size up – and you are doing your hips, boobs and bum a favor by allowing them to have a little wiggle room.

Image: Splash News

Image: Splash News

There is no reason at all why I should be able to practically see Brenda’s belly button. Nor should her chest look like massive uniboob floating device. You are a lovely girl, Brenda – but your skirt is bunching and pulling in ways that make one thing quite clear. Your dress, I’m sorry to tell you, does..not…fit.

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  • Trixie

    Just an FYI her name is Brande not Brenda. Seriously, just check the quality of your work before you publish it.