Playful Promises Pin-Up Girl Panties

Playful Promises offers beautiful collections of lingerie in vintage glamour styles. From retro Hollywood flair to flirty beauty queen looks, you will find everything from bras and panties to corsets and garter belts from Playful Promises.

This week at Shopaholics Daily, you can win a pair of their Pin-Up Girl panties. These panties come in a variety of colors and feature lace details along with a bow on the rear. Each pair of pin-up panties comes in a specially designed tin.

Pin-up Girl Panties - Image: Playful Promises

Pin-up Girl Panties - Image: Playful Promises

To enter the giveaway automatically, just leave a comment. The contest runs through Wednesday, March 18, 2009 at 11:59pm CT. We will select one random winner from all the entries to receive the panties.

Thanks to Playful Promises for sponsoring the giveaway!

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    • Jessica

      I like the idea of sending the panties in a tin, that’s cute. I would love to win & spice it up a little for my fiance =)

    • Sandy

      Wow Aly looks like they got a pic of you getting ready this am. These look sweet and love the sight.

    • bobbie c.

      those are lovely. Love the color of them.

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    • Jon M.

      Would look sweet on my sweetie.

    • Amanda

      I bet my husband would love me in these.

    • Halifax

      If this opens to non US readers, I’m in. Thanks

    • LHE

      I have such a weakness for good lingerie!

    • Carol

      These are hot, my husband insists you pull my name as the winner!

    • 216amyc

      I LOVE retro lingerie. These are really cute!

    • Juliana

      Lingerie my favorite vice!

    • Alicia Webster

      Seems like a better choice than my white granny panties with all the holes in them.

    • paige

      If I win these I will post a pic of me in them on my myspace!

    • Adrienne Gordon


    • Abby

      Ohhh la la are those fancy!

    • Ginger Gustavson

      I need them! More importantly, my husband needs them!

    • Sheila H

      Those are cute!!

    • Charity S.

      I really like these.


    • stacey dempsey

      definately love the color very nice would love to have them

    • Michelle

      Heckuva lot sexier than my Jockeys!

    • Renee

      Those are so much nicer than my mommy panties.

    • Maria Goulart

      Wow, that would make me look fab from behind!

    • sherry nickerson

      wow ..sweet i would love these:)

    • Kiki

      Ooooooh!!! sinfully delicious panties!!

      ParkingGoddessFTW at gmail dot com

    • Nancy

      I just love classic hollywood glamour!

    • Jackie

      Wow…these are really cute.
      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Heather

      Very pretty!

    • Vicky H.

      The pin-up panties are designed nicely: playful and sexy. The Rose one is my fave.

    • Aly Walansky

      OMG. these panties could CHANGE MY LIFE.

    • Cathy Morgan

      How FUN are these! Love them.

    • susan varney

      this is nice isn’t it

    • Katt

      I love the retro glam look!

    • Anne

      These are beautiful!

      Winning a pair of undies in a tin would be a first!


    • Samantha

      How cute!

    • Christie

      Oh my goodness they are just so lovely! This is the type of lingerie that I can’t get enough of!

    • Linda Peters

      Love good underwear

    • Brian N.

      those are classy AND sexy – my wife will ROCK these :)

    • HilLesha

      Thanks for the chance to win! :)

    • Shay Williams

      Oh those panties are sinfully delicious! Please add me to the drawing because I definitely see where they could add some spice

    • Gillian

      Just adorable!

    • http://yahoo NICHOLAS NIEVES


    • Erica C.

      these are so cute! and a way to feel extra sexy!

    • Vicki B.

      Rockabilly all the way.

    • C. clemens

      i dont care for lingerie but my hubby loves it

    • Robert Lockwood

      I think my wife would like these.

    • Roxanne

      What a great picture, that would make a great poster! I would hope I’d look as good as her

    • Karen Gonyea

      So cute :)

    • Jennifer M

      Super super cute!!!

    • samantha

      i would love a pair of these! so would my honey! <3

    • Matt M.

      I am in need to give my fiancee a pair of these sexy panties. She doesn’t think that I do enough for her, and this could change it all.

    • Matt

      My fiancee is in need. I’m tired of the same look all the time. Need something new.

    • Kiara

      I would love to win this!

    • Kat

      How wonderfully cute and glamourous :)

    • michelle rosborough

      My daughter would like these

    • LAM


    • Robin Stephens

      I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before. This is definitely a beautiful and unique idea.

    • Lindsay

      Those panties are lovely

    • Shelly T.

      so cute!!

    • Jean F

      Oh, how cute. I love these

    • Tari L

      Cute panties.

    • Alice C

      cute :0)

    • debbie c

      These are so cute. They look like something from old Hollywood.

    • Lynn H

      These are so cute…I hope I win!

    • Kelly

      can i win the girl? dont need the panties….they look more like pin down panties to me.

    • david basile

      great for my wife thanks

    • Kristi C

      These are really cute underwear.

    • kortney

      Please enter me to win these.

    • Shellie Seering

      These are so flirty and adorable! I’d love to own them!

    • Xiomara

      Very chic and sexy!

    • evelyn

      Those are soooo cute!

    • daphne

      very cute!

    • Naz

      It is so cute!

    • Denise Bentley

      Very cute!

    • Angela J

      Neat, colorful!

    • Monique Rizzo

      Very fun!! Thanks for the Chance.

    • Bree

      Very cute set.


      I LIKE IT!!!!

    • Shari D

      Oh, these are so cute!

    • tanya

      Cute AND sexy!

    • Charlotte R

      super cute!

    • Gary

      this would make a nice gift too

    • Rose

      These are so cute!

    • Anne Harding

      Oh, I just love these!

    • Kate

      What a sexy pantie, much better than anything I have seen in a long time. I am not a thong person so these would be great!

    • Vergie


    • John L

      Now that is a hawt look! Wouldn’t mind winning these so my significant other could wear them…. for me!

    • emily

      so cute, i want to win these grrr sexy baby!

    • Gina Stratos

      I have to have those!



    • Michael Kozlowski

      My wife would look so good in this.

    • Linda Chaput

      SEXY Super cute and would be fun to wear.

    • amber

      OMG these are so cute!! This giveaway ends on my birthday too, and I would love to wear these adorable undies, gorgeous and retro. Thanks!!

    • Christine V

      so cute

    • Paige

      It would be great to have some sexy new panties.

    • Vicky Boackle

      i would really love these.

    • adam gradel

      nice , i need some new panties

    • Deanna

      Super cute! Count me in! :)

    • Ruth Bousquet

      Very cute…too cute not to keep.

    • Annette Burke

      Very sexy! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Jessica A

      how cute! thanks for the giveaway!

    • Darlene M

      I love these and I know My man would also, great giveaway

    • wendy wallach

      I only wear sexy underwear. No matter what I am doing or what I look like, underneath I know I look hot.

      madamerkf at aol dot com

    • Susan C

      Very pretty and sexy!

    • Brianna

      Those are amazing!


    • Jessica Verdin

      Those panties are gorgeous. I would love to win this.

    • Ken Robinson

      My sister would love this. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

    • Charlotte Winters

      Such pretty panties. Not grandma panties for sure!

    • Robin Farnsworth

      Oh I love them count me in please, I’d love to show them off to my husband!

    • israel y

      thanks for the chance to win em!

    • joel

      Those panties are just so sexy! :) Thank you!

    • Jodi

      Way HOT!!!

    • Claudia

      sexy ! :)

      thanks bunches

    • Claudia

      sexy ! :)

      thanx bunches

    • Allison

      Oh my gosh; I absolutely LOVE these panties! I love the whole pin-up girl look, and would love to add these to my collection of sexy skivvies!

    • Sarah

      enter me!

    • Gena

      I love the style of these. I am certain my husband would love them (on me of course)!

    • Rhonda Clemens

      I could really use this, please enter me and thanks for the great contest =)

    • paul haddock


    • Cathy

      Very sexy..luv ‘em!

    • Caroline

      Please count me in.

    • Angela C

      I love them, Very cute!

    • Natalie

      These are extremely cute, I love pin-up girl inspired clothing.

    • Amber G

      These sound amazing – far better than Victoria’s Secret!

    • Nicole

      so cute and sexy!!

    • B. Newton

      I love them!

    • A. Ozair

      hehehe..interesting! ;)

    • jennifer bowen

      how cute

    • Sally Baldwin

      Sexy and cute. I love them.

    • Michelle

      very classy i think all women like to feel sexy under their clothes.

    • Abbyrae

      AHHHHH-MAZING!!! Now if only my tush would look that great!

    • Theresa

      These look fun

    • Nina

      These undies are so sexy!

    • ktanjatk

      Count me in, I love them

      Thanks :)

    • Kyrsten

      They’re gorgeous…please enter me in the draw!

    • http://none Debbie Sexton

      devilish derrierre!

    • Stephen

      Mmmmmmm ….. I would love to see my wife wearing these!

    • Aisling

      Nice panties – they have a vintage look with modern comfort.

    • Mariela

      I love the style. Its so sexy!! Beautiful design and color.

    • Jacob

      Thses would look so great on my wife. I hope I win!!

    • Ashley

      i would love to win this

    • Tamera Davis

      I so want these! I have a 21st anniversary coming up and I need this for a spark!

    • Amy C.

      Very cute!

    • SGuzman

      Could use a new pair of “pretties” after a couple babies.

    • Emily

      Oh man, so adorable.

      eeohlin at gmail dot com

    • keith reardon

      my wife would love these,they are very pretty

    • hazel

      Ohhh gorgeous! They are so pretty

    • Paula H

      Those are so cute.

    • Crystal Oliveri

      These are so cute and sexy!!!!

      thank you,


    • Jack

      Look nice on my wife

    • Kristen

      I’d love a pair of these!

    • Jay F.

      Looks like they got the look down. Very Vargas.

    • Kathy Scott

      I could use a little spicing up.

    • Sarah Goldstein

      I love the old-fashioned pin-ups. They looks much more like real women–like me!–than most models in modern day magazines ever do. I would adore a pair of these panties.

    • Huguette E.

      Cute and they look comfy … now those are panties I would love wear!

    • Ree Fultz

      I would feel pretty.. Oh so pretty!! They make we want to put a lil curl on my head & a spring in my step..

    • Heather M

      I would love to win those! They’re cute!! Thanks

    • Kelly Jones

      these look really cute. would love to win a pair or two or three. LOL
      i recently lost alot of weight and would love to win these to go with my new bod. thanks.

    • Jennifer Hedden

      enter me

    • Hannah


    • Heather B

      super cute, would love to win a pair

    • Karen

      Great giveaway, thanks!

    • felicia

      I would love to win these!

    • Theresa DeRosa

      Those panties are very cute, I would love to win

    • Deanna

      Those are sooo cute, I hope I win.

    • MELINDA Smith

      Some very nice stuff on that site.I am sure my husband would like to take off my clothes only to see a pair of those undies on. lol.

    • Tad

      Yes please!

    • Kyndra Sherman

      Even if I don’t win these playful promises panties, you know I will buy them anyways. And If I do win, I’ll buy more. These are awesome. Thanks for the giveaway.

      themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

    • Quanda

      I would love to win this giveaway!

    • Vicky Boackle

      theses are so cute and different.

    • joanna smith

      These Pin-Up Girl panties are just the cutest! And, very feminine and sexy too! What a special treat it would be to have a pair! I love to wear pretty flirty looking lingerie and these are so different from anything I have. Thank you for the opportunity to learn about them and enter into this giveaway!

    • Marion B

      These would be fun to wear for hubby!

    • Samantha Miller

      These are really cute. i would love to win!

    • Jennifer M

      Please enter me and thanks!

    • C. Brothers

      My Wife would love this!

    • Megan Martin

      Gracious! I NEED these!! :D

    • shawna

      Very cute!

    • Sarah Stern

      Those are beyond cute!

    • Christine

      With my second wedding anniversary coming up, I could use a little vintage glamour…these are fabulous!!!!

    • alana

      ooh i love pin-up style! i wish i was a vargas girl!

    • eileen

      These are adorable.

    • Susan Ledet

      These would be fun for “dress up”. Thanks for the nice giveaway.

    • seth

      i bet i wont win

    • Rosanne

      It’s hard to picture my big butt in those but it’s worth a try

    • Amy

      I love the color. These are so cute

    • chris h

      love to win this

    • Laura G

      These are smokin’ hot

    • Lisa G.

      These are so cute and would be so much fun to own! Thanks!

    • jessica

      I would love those panties there so freakin cute!!!!! OMMG

    • carol

      These are just beautiful and I love them!

    • Estela S

      I’d love to win. These are sooooo hot!

    • http://aol Connie B.

      Want them for my Husband.

    • Kim Ellis


    • Molly Capel

      So cute!

    • Cody Watkins

      I love the pin up girl look. I think it’s sexy.

    • Lisa Taylor

      These are beautiful panties which actually look comfortable to wear Please enter me

    • Melanie Dauterive

      Those are Amazing!
      I love all things pin-up.
      Its totally my style.

    • Liz

      Wow, those are so much nicer than my white cotton bikini briefs.

    • Harry Barbee

      My wife needs these

    • Chrysa

      These are so cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Jefferi Pullyard

      she would love them

    • Sarah Z

      Love Miss New York Doll!

    • Kelly Ferrari

      I love the vintage look!

    • S Carter

      Pin ups are very sexy, love these panties.

    • Terra Heck

      Cute panties! Please count me in to win.

    • kay

      thanks for the contest, very nice stuff! :)

    • katie

      I may even let him take some photos if I had these to wear :) Sexy!

    • Veronica Garrett

      I would love to win this contest. Great panties.

    • lida L

      cool……I would like to try those, they look glamourous

    • lida L

      I want them XD

    • Jennifer Jozwiak

      Those panties are so cute! And would really motivate me to get back in shape once I have my little one.

    • Suzanne Denys

      Too cute!

    • Tikitonic

      Very cute!

    • Patty

      Very sexy, my hubby would love to see me in these!

    • Alyss L.

      wow, very adorable!

    • Angie

      Sooo Sexy I would love these to spice it up!

    • Marianna

      Very cute! Thanks for a chance to win!

    • desiree kelley

      pretty panties

    • Mary D

      These are soooooooo pretty!

    • Stephanie Adkins

      I really would love these panties.

    • Leighanne

      OMG!!! Smashing idea! My booty wants to look this cute.

    • Leighanne

      My booty begs to look that good!

    • Don Amos

      gorgeous panties

    • loridee

      nice stuff !!!!

    • Helen

      Gorgeous panties!

    • Marie N

      All I can say judging from the male half of this households reaction to the photo….Whoooa! Please accept my entry because I would love some of those reactions for myself.

    • Jean

      Ooh! I like how they have several different themed collections.

    • Heather C

      Oh, yeah! These are too cute! Thanks for the chance.

    • Gianna

      Please enter me :)

    • Heather

      These are so cute!

    • Charlene Kuser

      Playful Promises Pin-Up Girl Panties are hot and sexy.Definately an
      eyeopener for the man

    • Holly

      I’d love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

    • Lily Kwan

      Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!

    • Jo

      Gorgeous panties , I would love to win some, their range is so hot, thanks

    • Rose

      Very pretty!

    • Ann Hill

      You can actually appreciate these panties – because you can see them! I think these are lots nicer than strings. :)

    • TJ

      So cute !!!

    • Laura P.

      Those are some really cute panties!

    • Elaine G

      I want them !

    • Maggie

      AHH! So cute and SO entering!

    • Carole D

      Wow! Sexy without being risque :)

    • clive

      Excellent, I wonder if my wife would look this good? Im sure such underwear would look great on any woman!

    • Nicole

      I ADORE these…

    • christy

      I would love those, not to outragous, not to plain, just the right amount of oh laa

    • April

      I love saucy panties, too, and I found a flirtatious selection of ouvert, bridal, and polkadot panties & thongs at !!

    • Jewelia

      I like them:)

    • Tayler

      Wow there beautiful!

    • Ghorbi

      yes very beautifu

    • sylvia kriksic

      very nice, i want new panties

    • si2811

      Great design, would look great on any woman!

    • Confucius

      uuh la la!

    • Lori Myers

      I love these panties,they’re so sexy.