New Root Awakening From John Frieda

Looking for some new hair products that wont break your bank account? beautyreport1
John Frieda has just introduced his newest line called Root Awakening. Every product in the line is formulated to purify, stimulate, and nourish the roots and scalp. One of the key ingredients is Natural Eucalyptus and essential oil which gives a tingling sensation when you use, but no worries just a sign the product is working.


There are three different shampoos and conditioners to choose from. The Health Infusing for normal hair, Nourishing Moisture for dry hair, and Strength Restoring for hair that is prone to breakage. Also included in the line is a Health Boosting Detangling Spray for all hair types.

John Frieda has some amazing products for hair. His serums for getting rid of the frizzie’s, his straightening products which I just love, love, love, and the shampoos for color treated hair. These newest will probably be in my cosmetic closet before the weekend is over:-)


image credit: John Frieda

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    • Beth

      They really are. I bought everything on Sunday and of course had to try them that day. So far so good:-)

    • Amy

      Usually, when I shampoo a few hairs here and there will fall out. I purchased the nourishing moisture product it made TONS of hair fall out while I was gently massaging the shampoo onto my scalp! I have NEVER before or after using this product have had SOO much hair fall out while washing.. I’m talking clumps. It did smell nice and made my hair soft but so NOT WORTH IT!!!!!

      • Linda

        Hi Amy,
        I know this is a late reply, but i have had the same problem… I was using another range but decided to change and try something new and my hair falls out every tiime i wash it and i mean a whole hand full. Is that normal??? what did u do about it?? thanx

    • Beth

      Wow! That is crazy. I am so sorry. Did you contact John Frieda Corporate and speak to someone about this? I have been using the Health Infusing but have not noticed any difference in the amount of hair lost when I wash it.

    • sirenna

      I’ve just bought this product Im thinking so far so good .. I cut my hair short and after using it I felt that “tingle” and the itch in the scalp. not a bad thing its that my hairs growing. I have colord hair so its noticable when my roots are growing out and this product has made my hair better less breakage & I can still use the flat iron without hearing my hairs getting crispy at the ends.

    • sara

      ive been using john frieda for a while and ive noticed that my hair is getting stronger. and it doesnt fall out and its a LOT softer.

    • paije

      hello, can somebody please tell me where i can purchase this product?

    • EM

      @Amy…the exact same thing just hapened to me!!! Normally I do lose about 20 hairs or something while shampooing, but when I used the Root Awakening – OMG!!! CLUMPS of hair…tried it 3 times (not 3 days in a row), just to be sure…I normally LOVE John Frieda products :( :(

    • Emily

      Hey ! i read your comment about the john frieda root awakening. :P by any chance has your hair grown faster? please reply :)

    • Beth

      Hi Emily:

      No I haven’t noticed that my hair has gotten any longer using these products. Are you using them and if so, has yours?

    • alina

      i have the conditioner and detangling spray, and just before i got them i trimmed my hair thinking it would help it grow faster. but sadly i havent noticed anything /: .. ive had them for about 3 weeks now sooo i dont know if thats its purpose.

    • Julie

      I am having the same experience of too much hair falling out when using this product. I went to my hair stylist today and she recommended I stop using it. I’m kind of relieved to see someone else having the same problem. I am notifying John Frieda.