9 Patterns You Should Know

In continuing with my efforts in sharing with you all the tips and tricks from Esquire’s The Handbook of Style, here’s another installment dealing with the 9 Patterns You Should Know.

Glen Plaid

Glen Plaid

1. WINDOWPANE — This is like a 2-in-1 pattern because while it’s good for business suits, it could transition to a party suit as well.

2. HOUNDSTOOTH — This is good for bold jackets and special occasion suits.

3. CHALK-STRIPE FLANNEL — Perfect for cold-weather suits that mean business.

4. PINSTRIPE-WORSTED — This is for any kind of business.

5. BIRD’S EYE — For when you want the Women to notice you during cocktail hours.

6. HERRINGBONE — The pattern for casual blazers and cold-weather trousers.

7. GLEN PLAID — The office’ classic suits pattern.

8. MADRAS — This is meant for warm-weather blazers that paired with jeans.

9. SEERSUCKER — For sharp looking suits and pants in a torrid heat weather.

There’s a pattern for certain time, weather, and occasion. I hope you learn something.

(Source : Esquire’s The Handbook of Style) (Image : SmartBargains)

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    • Bubba Gump

      I have almost learned what a Glenn Plaid pattern is supposed to look like from the photo. You can almost see the squares clearly enough to allow a novice to distinguish it from other plaids. If I cared to convince the reader that I am writing this article with the slightest notion of making it useful, I probably would have included photos, or at least included some links and an apology.