• Mon, Mar 16 2009

5 Nail Polish Color Must-Haves

I’m not usually a big fan of nail polish. Call me klutzy, but I frequently bump my hands and chip the polish without even thinking about it. There are times when I wonder just who nail polish was made for…or how the heck some of my friends are able to maintain immaculate manicures.

Image: sxc.hu

Image: sxc.hu

However, I can’t seem to resist nail polish and even though I realize it’s a losing battle with my natural tendency to ruin them. Here are the five nail polish colors I always have handy.

Sephora Red Light 6
Bright and shimmery magenta, I love the playful girliness of this shade. It’s almost like a vacation for my hands. The price is right at just $6 too.

NARS Bohemia
This is a more muted, almost nude color – but doesn’t fade into something bland and boring. I have also found this kind of basic color is good for during the week when chips are most likely to happen. $16 each.

OPI Personal Shopper
I have always had a weakness for red nail polish, even if it’s so rarely an appropriate color for the day. It’s a daring, sexy choice – one that feels instantly glamorous and almost like a secret for my toes. $9 each.

L’Oreal Mang0-Get-Em
Here is a color your mom would have even been comfortable with you wearing when you were a kid. At least my mom was. Somehow, this peachy pink shade reminds me of summer – which is oh so almost here…!

Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1 Nail Treatment
It is always a good idea to protect your nails, even if you aren’t interested in color. Chipped nail polish is one thing…chipped nails is a whole different level of sloppy. To keep my nails strong, I find Sally Hansen has the right answer.

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