Care To Show Your O-Face?

Do you have an O-Face? Don’t start laughing, it happens to be a legitimate question, hahahah :) . You never know, you might win $10K for it.

What's Your O-Face?

What's Your O-Face?

Three-O Vodka is actually the one asking for your O-Face. To support their “What’s Your O-Face?” ad campaign, they’re inviting everyone (Women included) to upload their O-Face pictures at The pictures will then be featured in a gallery format where people could vote on who they think has the best O-Face. 5 finalists will be picked and flown to New York City on May 31st 2009 for a photo shoot. Out of those 5 finalists, 1 grand prize winner will be picked. $10K cash plus an appearance in the Three-O ads will go to the winner.

So, do you think you are up for the challenge? If you are, take a picture of your O-Face and submit it to

(Image : Three-O)

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