• Tue, Mar 17 2009

Pretty Blue Eugenia Kim Fedora

When you think fedora you might picture something edgy and stylish, which can definitely be an awesome approach to standing out, but why not try a fedora that’s cute and sweet? Take this Rianna Fedora by Eugenia Kim, for instance. It’s got a really nice calm baby blue shade to it and I love the hat’s simplicity. Overwhelming patterns and bold colors aren’t always what you need to make your outfit stand out.

Image: Shopbob.com

Image: Shopbop.com

This woven fedora features a braided trim and a tan colored leather buckle along the brim of the hat. The crown measures about 4 inches in depth with a quilted brim measuring approximately 1.5 inches in width.  The Rianna Fedora isn’t busy or wild, so it should be really easy to match it up with just about anything. Especially a really cute skirt or a nice pair of jeans.

Order this casual, yet eye-catching hat online from ShopBop.com for a price of $209.

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