Make Me a Supermodel week 3 “Athletics” photo shoot

Last week, the Make Me a Supermodel contestants were broken up into teams for their photo shoot. It looks like they were suspended from wires to create shots with a major impact. Honestly, most of the pictures look great and it looks like most of the models are showing drastic improvement. This wasn’t as ornate as the Eye Candy photo shoot the week before, but it did give the models a chance to show off movement and how fluid they move in front of the camera. You be the judge!

Photos: Justin Steele

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    • scottie

      Hi does anyone know this song from our most recent episode of make me a supermodel? its featured as the models are walking the runway and it goes “just listen to the bass” i would love to find out! thanks!

    • Samantha

      Scottie – I’ll look into it for you. Maybe try the Bravo messageboards (I think they have one you can sign up for from their site – Thanks for stopping by!

    • scottie

      Hi samantha, Thank you sooo much, i actually registered for the message board last night and im just waiting for my confirmation e-mail, Thanks again, if i find it within the next couple days i’ll let you know, Thanks, Best regards

    • Samantha


      I asked my Bravo contact, so we’ll see what she says.

    • Michelle

      I am actually also trying very hard to find that same song!! I can’t find it anywhere. D:

    • charles

      I really want to know the name of this song as well. please find it out and post it here. Thanks so much.

    • James

      I’m looking for the same song. Looks like a lot of ppl are. I posted some messages on some boards that djs/producers/promoters hang out on. Hopefully something comes up.

    • Cassandra

      I swear, it’s like this song doesn’t exist. I’ve been looking everywhere.

    • Brynn

      I have also been looking for this song…
      I don’t want to give up =(

    • charles

      why is it so hard to find this song? isn’t there a way to contact the show’s producers? or some assistant at bravo who could easily find out.

    • Emily KK

      Seriously! Do they not want us to have the song or something??? JUST LIST THE STUPID THING WHEN THEY MAKE THE WALK!!

    • Samantha

      I asked the PR gal for the show and she was not able to find out. I will keep hounding her, but as of now, I have nothing.

    • scottie

      hey everybody, i cant believe its so hard to find this song! lol it is such a good song though, well i guess sooner or later someone will find it and then we can put it up here : D

    • samara

      So I have carefully listened to the lyrics and it goes something like this:

      If you’re ready to start the flow,
      If you got it common let’s go,

      (techno beat)

      If you’re ready to start the flow,
      if you need some other(?) space,
      just listen to the bass.

      I googled this with no results.

    • Josh

      I emailed Bravo and they replied the following….

      Thank you for your comment. Within three weeks Bravo will make all popular catwalk music available through iTunes including the “Listen 2
      the Bass” song requested. The downloadable play list will be made available though the Killer Tracks compilation.

      Hope that helps!

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    • scottie

      woo-whoo! were gonna get our song!
      Thanks josh and samantha and everybody who helped! : D

    • scottie

      so on another topic, i think the final two should be jordan and jonathan…

      i like Mountaha as a person the best, but as models, i think jordan & jonathan are def the best

    • mic
    • scottie

      iii downloaded it : D

    • jay

      i couldn’t download it. because amazon is only for US. poor me. i want that music!

      anybody wanna share?

    • anmiha

      how exciting…. I heard the song on MMaSM and had to find it… then see all the comments and when I thought I couldn’t download I find it on Spotify!!! Yuhoo