• Fri, Mar 27 2009

Courteney Cox Filming ‘Cougar Town’

Dear Lord, please bring back the days when Monica Geller and her cast of crazy roommates and neighbors ruled the airwaves…when Friends was the obsession of all yuppies and dinks across North America, Courteney had not been formally Arquetted and there wasn’t a show about to come on the air called…

Cougar Town.

Now, I usually wouldn’t take issue with the career decisions a girl has to make. Something has to pay the bills and there is no question that the occasional international commercial or product endorsement can do just that.

But a television pilot takes a certain degree of commitment. If for some awful reason this show actually takes off and does what Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle couldn’t, but Desperate Housewives could…then Courteney, you are in this for a long haul.

Speaking of Desperate Housewives, the Hatcher/Cox resemblance here is spooky.

Image: INF

Image: INF

The reviews so far have not been positive. Neither is Cox’s pinched, botoxed expression. Middle age housewives get all crazy with their suburban antics…snore. There must be a good old Friends rerun I can flip to.

I suppose the good news for Courteney is…given the flimsy, weak plot there is little chance this show will be on the air for very long.

Image: INF

Image: INF

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