• Sun, Mar 29 2009

Giveaway: Juicy Couture Pammy Tote

Only three days are left in the month of March. That means only three more March Madness giveaways remain. Today, we are giving away this absolutely fabulous floral tote bag by Juicy Couture.

Featuring a pretty pink print and sweet resin charms, the Juicy Couture ‘Pammy’ Tote is perfect for springtime. This extra large bag is perfect for days of shopping. It’s big enough to hold a magazine, water bottle, makeup bag, cell phone… even a light sweater.

Image: Nordstrom

Image: Nordstrom

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post and tell us what you love about spring. Your comment will automatically enter you in the giveaway. This is a one-day deal. You must enter by 11:59 pm ET tonight to be eligible to win.

If you don’t win, you can pick up this tote bag at Nordstrom and other stores where Juicy Couture products are sold. It retails for just under $200.

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  • mj

    I love the warmer weather- sadly it snowed all day today! Beautiful bag, I love how happy it looks!

  • Daphne

    I love all the flowers in the trees, especially cherry blossoms!

  • Jill

    My flowers growing. Everything else here is brown so I love seeing the flowers come up.

  • janet lindsey

    i love the pretty flowers and the butterflies and the fact that some disabled people can take a walk without a big coat and hat on.

  • Samantha Miller

    I love the warm weather and knowing that summer is just around the corner!

  • Lora Hadaway

    my favorite thing about spring is the inspiration it brings artists like the ones who designed this gorgeous bag!

  • cranepuffin

    It starts to warm up and all the flowers come out.

  • Cathy W.

    I love daffodils, dewdrops in the morning, butterflies, coffee on the patio, walks in the park, and picnics.

  • Pamela Lytle

    I love knowing warm weather is just around the corner, with all of the fun that comes with spring & summer! Oh, and my name is PAMMY!!!!

  • Kate

    I LOVE this tote! My favorite part about Spring is the warm air!

    Thank you for the chance to win :)

  • Lisa K.

    I carry the same-old same-old black purse everyday! I need a fresh, spring one! This looks so inspiring! (and it could hold everything I need for 2 little kids) =)

  • Jennifer Monteiro

    I like the flowers and the sound of birds chirping.

  • Isaac A.

    I love spring, cause its warmer, and all the snow is gone.

  • Theresa

    This tote looks great for packing along for all the fun of summer.

  • http://n/a Sydney Hathorn

    I really love spring because The birds are coming back and in the morning I get up, I hear them singing away. It makes me happy. Plus, I love to watch my tree growing back again, and the flowers in my backyeard are blooming.. and I smell the flowers! Also, I have honeysuckle in my yard, and it just started to grow. The weather is perfect; not too hot nor too cold.

  • Hesper F

    I love the warmer weather, seeing the landscape become green again, and being able to take walks outside again.

  • JLawson

    I love the tulips and the spring flowers. Thanks for the awesome contest!

  • Melissa J Zimmerman

    Little flower buds.

  • Angie O

    I love being able to get outside.

  • Pam T

    I love being able to open the windows and have fresh air flow through the house and all the smells of spring!

  • Apple

    Spring is all about flowers and pinks and sunny colors! I love them all!

  • http://mom2anutball.blogspot.com Sheila H

    I love the smell of the air, and being outside all the time!

  • Anne

    I love the “new life” that spring brings. New leaves, new flowers, new warmth!



  • gena dalton

    I love planting a garden!!

  • Allison

    Spring is my favorite season!!! I love when the trees start growing leaves, and flowers begin to bloom!! Also, I love packing away all those winter sweaters and getting out my cute short-sleeved tops, capri pants, and springy skirts! :)

  • Karen A.

    I love Spring because the flowers start blooming, the trees start budding and I don’t have to wear hats, gloves and boots.

  • Rachel Newman

    I love the sense of renewal – in the trees, with the animals. It makes me happy!

  • nikki

    nature – flower power – colors – freshness – wow !!! i feel so good…:)

  • http://breakfastatsaks.blogspot.com Ashley K

    I love everything about Spring! Most importantly, the fact that everyone is wearing color! I get so bored with the greys and blacks of winter, bring on the neon pinks and yellows!

  • Karen Dunn

    Very coool….

  • Lee Taylor

    Spring Time! My favorite season of the year! I love the smell of the air in ‘spring time’! And all the beautiful flowers!

  • Tanda

    I planted a bush in front of my house a few years back (the only plant that I have been able to keep alive) and every Spring it comes back to life. I love Spring because of the life it brings.

  • Catherine

    The warm weather!!! I am so done with the winter cold and snow.

  • Mary D

    What I love about spring is FLOWERS – from tulips to Tulip trees! I love seeing nature come alive and all the beautiful colors bursting on the scene! My favorite time of year :)

  • Nina

    I love the colors, the flowers and the sunshine!

  • chris h

    love the warmer weather

  • Darcy B

    I love the fields of tulips in Washington.

  • Jennifer M

    Everything coming into bloom and spending more time outdoors are my favorite things about spring.

  • shannon Baas

    The warm weather.

  • Marilyn Wons

    What I love about Spring is the smell of all the blooming flowers and the beautiful sunshine!

  • Rose Roberts

    I like all the new plants and flowers that start growing – it’s so beautiful!

  • Janice B

    I love being able to go outside in the warm weather without being confined in a heavy winter coat! Also have a cardinal who comes back every spring.


    love baseballs opening day…love the fresh air and the colors of the flowers. Unfortunately we had more snow dumped on us last night so it feels like winter forever.

  • anna

    i love nice weather and that i can wear sexy clothes again :)

  • http://grammyjanetsplace.blogspot.com/ Janet F

    I love Spring flowers, especially Tulips!

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com Michelle

    I love the smell of lilacs blooming and freshly mowed grass.

  • Jennifer

    I love the warmer weather and the colors, no more brown grass and bare trees! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jessica

    I love gardening in the spring. I spend all day building a beautiful garden and then I am able to enjoy it all spring and it attracts the most beautiful butterflies.

  • Cindy Chau

    I love my flower garden right out front :)

  • Vivian Chiang

    The baby birds chirping~

    *chirp chirp*

  • Jeff Jiang

    being able to go on picnics with my g/f.

  • Carol

    I like the warmer temperatures, this winter has been brutal.

  • Erica L

    I love the way the trees bloom, and my daffodils. I love not wearing a heavy coat!

  • Kikee

    Wow, this is a cool idea :) What I love about spring? The sun, the fresh but warm air, the cats playing in the grass… One of the best thing is the possibility to wear beautiful dresses and shoes ;)

  • Jen gersch

    th warmth in the air

  • Susan

    Spring “smells” hope to me!

  • Vicky Boackle

    i love the flowers and the warmer weather.

  • Connie G

    I love seeing the daffodils, they are my favorite flower.

  • D Johnson

    Nice givaway

  • arielle

    I love how everything is so green after a long and dreary Winter!! I also love seeing all the gorgeous flowers in the parks…. :)

  • Tracey Byram

    Splendid bag! So bright and cheery. This just screams SPRING!!!

  • Pamela Muldowney

    I love the flowers of spring!

  • hazel

    I like that it gets warm enough to wear dresses!

  • Darlene Alexander

    I love spring because it means I can get back into my garden and start digging. It gives me special delight when I see the tulips poking through the soil (sometimes the snow). I love it! WELCOME SPRING!!!

  • Marcia

    The best thing about Spring is the increased sunshine – I miss the sun on gloomy days and we have had a lot of gloomy days this year

  • susan varney

    things turning green again birds chirping and the end of cabin fever

  • http://Splendicity Deb Anderson

    Watching everything and everyone wake up after a long winter!

  • Mary M

    I like the beautiful spring flowers and the warmer days of Spring.

  • Lia Casson

    Spring brings the Flowers in bloom that’s what I love about it. skyxsky27(at)gmail.com

  • Cynthia C

    I love the warmer weather, flowers and the ability to enjoy the outdoors. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Lynn H

    I love the warmer weather…the flowers that it brings, the new clothes we get to wear with our tans. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • Jackie O.

    I love seeing the flowers blooming and hearing the birds chirping. It is a time of newness and refreshing, a new beginning! Thanks for the giveaway, blessings!

  • Darlene

    I love seeing the flowers bloom. We have a few daffodils blooming now. I love the warmer weather and the hope that the snow will be gone soon.

  • http://splendicity.com maria reynolds

    What I love about spring is waking to the sound of birds chirping in the morning, the smell in the air after a sunshower has passed. Most importantly the ora of everyone you come across, it seems they are in such a friendlier mood with the warmer weather.

  • Maxine

    Love the new life springing up everywear, and being able to run while it’s still daylight.

  • Kathleen S.

    My favorite part of spring is that it is still light when I get home from work, so I don’t have to walk my dog in the dark. Thanks!

  • Jill Miller

    I love that is stays daylight longer each day, and I love seeing all of the baby animals!

  • Teresa

    I love being able to sit on my back porch in the warmth having a cup of coffee watching all the wildlife running through my yard

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  • adrienne Gordon

    the fact that the kids can play outside

  • Valerie Furr

    I love the way the Trees just come alive with leaves. I look out my window and I can see the changed day by day and the wonderful green grass instead of brown dead grass. Thanks for the contest awesome tote.

  • Vicky H.

    I love how beautifully everything turns out once the snow and cold are officially gone. I appreciate the vibrant, living colors of spring. That and I finally get to put away my coat and wear my cute sandals. :P

  • Kristi C

    I love all the flowers that bloom in spring taking away the dullness of winter.

  • Becky

    I love that we have mild weather which allows us to enjoy the outdoor activites. I also love seeing all of the flowers blooming.


    dbkagrayson2002 at gmail dot com

  • liz carlin

    Spring is a reawakening.

  • Deborah R

    I like to see the trees flower in the spring.

  • Michelle Jadaa

    Well i’m in canada so spring takes away the last of the snow so thats a great thing LOL.But i think the thing i love the most is that spring brings back the singing of the birds…i just love to sit outside with a coffee and listen to them.
    That bag is so fun,its brightness and femininity would remind me to smile and take care of me!

  • Jeanne G.

    I love the sweet, fresh smell in the air, I love to see the dormant grasses become green again, and when the trees begin to bud and blossom — a wonderfully exciting hope arises of all things new once more!

  • Sandra K321

    I love spring because you can go outside without a coat and all of the crocus and daffodils start blossoming.

  • Aliah D

    I love Spring. My favorite part is taking a hike and seeing nature emerge from its long winter nap. It is beautiful!

    This tote is so vibrant, a perfect Spring bag…better yet, an all-year round handbag.

  • Nanette Olson

    I love seeing the daffodols and tulips sprouting through the soil in the spring.

  • Sharon Seneker

    The warm weather in Spring and sunshine makes me feel more cheerful! Great giveaway! Thanks!

  • Ali

    I love watching my seeds sprout, and the trees green up!

  • Pamela Callahan

    I love the smell of fresh cut grass!

  • jffryclough

    i love the smell of spring

  • Audrey

    I love that is stays daylight longer each day, and I love seeing all the trees and flowers coming back to life!

  • http://myloonyverse.com Dddiva

    What I love about spring is all of the flowers in bloom- and knowing that summer will soon be here.

  • Charity S.

    I love that it’s the end of winter!


  • Margaret Smith

    I love everything about Spring! Spring is my favorite time of year. I love the birds tweeting, the trees getting buds on them, the flowers starting to pop out of the ground and the warmer whether.
    What a wonderful prize! This Pammy Tote is so adorable! Thanks so much for offering this great giveaway and please enter me. Thanks.

  • Karin

    I love the special scent in the air– and the lilacs!

  • Denise Davis

    Spring is the time to clear out all the cobwebs! House cobwebs, garden cobwebs, garage cobwebs…..time to spring clean!

  • JH

    Spring is a time of renewing !!!

  • mickeyfan

    I love spring because around here because a new cycle of life truly begins. Calves and lambs being born, fields tilled in anticipation of a new crop, the air takes on lovely smells. My favorite season!

  • Marsha

    I love spring because walking is my main exercise. When I walk outdoors, I can see and smell the lovely spring flowers and feel the sun warm my skin. This is so much nicer than walking on a treadmill and watching TV.

  • Kirsten

    I like the fresh scents of the flowers and that it isn’t hot yet but the days are nice. But then again, it snowed yesterday…sigh….

  • Patti Sherman

    I love it when the forsythia begins to bloom in my yard…I know that summer is on its way. My yard will be filled with glorious yellow blooms!

  • Harriet

    The Bluebonnets in the fields in Texas, though they are less plentiful this year because of the drought.

  • Faith

    What seems to be the renewal of the cycle of life, rebirth, after the coldness of winter.

  • Shellie Seering

    I love the smell of the air first thing in the morning, it’s so promising!

  • Christie

    I love the colors, delicate but bright. And the sunshine and the showers.

  • Doug

    The “HONEY DO’S” of spring cleaning, facetiously remarked.

  • Kathleen Fick

    I love the smell of all the flowers in bloom

  • Virginia Murr

    Strangely, I love the smell of spring . . . just the smell of the air, filled with new life. It is a great contrast to the staleness of winter air.

  • Kathy Scott

    That I don’t have six feet of snow in my yard anymore.

  • glenda obanion

    Beautiful tote I would love to have it.

  • Carol G

    I love the fresh green of the trees and lawns and especially the flowers popping up all over.

  • Amber G

    I love that the days are getting longer!

  • http://pregnantkatiesmom.blogspot.com/ Susan C

    I love the sunshine!

  • Emily F

    I love the warmth, and the flowers!

  • Debi P.

    Being able to meet in the cul de sac with other families in the neighborhood, watching the kids play, catching up and staying out ’til dark.

  • Denyse

    I love that the flowers are begining to bloom.

  • Dee

    The Sound of the birds

  • scarlette

    I love planting my garden and seeing all the flowers starting to peek through the dirt

  • Janine

    I love that cold season will be over! I’ve had a cold for like the whole winter! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  • Carol

    I love the trees are full and not bare.

  • Shari D

    I love seeing all the trees in bud and I really love to see the end of the snow and cold weather.

  • Teresa

    New life emerging from the earth.Thanks!

  • dianne

    Spring is great because the kids have off school for a week!

  • Jean F

    I love hearing and seeing the birds. Right now, out my window, I can see them.

  • LindaD

    Daffodils, tulips, and putting away the snowblower ~ these are a few of my favorite Spring things.

  • Rosanne Murdock

    More daylight.

  • Melissa Barnes

    I love longer days and tulips that bloom in the spring!

  • Quanda

    I love the change of weather from snow to cool breeze & warm temperatures! Also, I love the thought of “spring cleaning”.

  • http://theluckyladybug.org/ Cheryl F. (The Lucky Ladybug)

    I love the warmer weather and the chance to spend more time outdoors :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  • Susan P

    I love the warm weather and going to the playground!

  • Sharon A

    I like the sound of the bees pollinating the treees.

  • Linz

    The bag in the giveaway shouts out … Spring !
    What I love the best about spring are the blossoms on the trees.

  • Laura

    What a great bag!! and my favorite thing about spring is the flowers!

  • Bettijean Yergens

    Being from Atlanta, spring means the bursting forth of the azaleas and the dogwoods, making everything magical and new.

  • Carol S

    My favorite thing about spring is that I seem to come out of “hibernation” and feel inspired and energized once again.

  • Sarah Z

    I love watching the daffodils and tulips bloom and then the later flowers too! And how green the grass is!

  • Veronica Garrett

    I love gardening and yard work.

  • Jason

    I like how the snow melts and it warms up.

  • Jessica Gugel

    Spring is my favorite season. I love when everything starts to come back to life, the trees, the grass, flowers blooming, etc. I love the temperature most, not too hot, not too cold. I don’t like those hot summer days when the temperature is over 90 degrees, I like the 60′s and 70′s. Reminds me of Hawaii weather.
    Thanks for the great contest.


    I love being able to BBQ outside again and getting the yard work done

  • Amir

    I love coming home from work and getting extra day light.

  • Cheryl

    I love being able to take the kids outside and play in the sunshine!

  • Shirley Hodge

    I love being able to take off my heavy socks which keep my feet from freezing and into my flip flops. Oh what a relief that is. My toes jump for joy.

  • http://redefinability.blogspot.com deepikaur

    Spring is beautiful! Everything comes to life again in the spring, with spurts of color everywhere. The scents of rain, freshly cut grass, and blossoms fill the air. It’s when gardeners go out and begin planting seeds, and when birds begin to sing their songs in the early mornings. Spring is simply filled with life. :)

  • R Hicks

    I love the sight of new flowers and trees getting their beautiful leaves

  • Alice C

    the sun, so starved for it after the winter

  • Jennifer W.

    I like springtime because I can open my windows and let the breeze in!

  • Chrislynn Craig

    Spring!@ Going to work in the light and coming home in the daylight. Oh, and the hummingbirds start coming back and we get to put up our feeders.

  • Michael

    Spring is like a breath of fresh air after being somewhat confined indoors from Winter’s cold, ice and snow. Life all around literally ‘blooms’ again. :)

  • Debra Bashford

    Love the birds returning and hearing their calls, the flowers starting to come out, trees starting to bud and the smell of spring rain.

    What a hot purse! This would look sooooo good on my arm lol

  • Charlotte Padgett

    It is a new beginning and everything looks so fresh and promising.

  • Heather S

    I love the pretty spring flowers.

  • jayne

    I love all of the flowers and trees that bloom in spring!

  • Denise B.

    I love how fresh the air smells.

  • wendy wallach

    I love that I dont have to bundle up in a winter coat.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  • pat

    i love the smell of grass, flowers, and fresh air.

  • Tracy Holder

    I love to see all of the decorative trees blooming. My favorite is a weeping Cherry Tree. So pretty. I also love to see the birds coming back to the bird feeders, and the squirels trying to figure out how to get the bird seed.

  • Eleanor Twiss

    This tote would be perfect for me this season.

  • Rachael Webber

    I love Spring because I can wear cute outfits without getting cold. The smell of the breeze in the air carrying the freshly blooming flowers is also very enjoyable.

  • Sue Farrell

    I love the smell of green grass and the sound of the birds.

  • amber

    I love the smell of Spring, it always smells fresh and new. Flowers and colors blooming everywhere. Spring is always gorgeous. That bag is too cute. Thanks!

  • amy delong

    I like seeing the flowers&taking walks with the kids

  • Francine

    I love being able to take my puppy for a long walk without us both shivering to go back inside!

  • Leigh Nichols

    Not having to use the heat anymore!!

  • Margaret Lee


  • Suanne Giddings

    I love that Spring is a time of growth and renewal. It is a time for butterflies, flowers and being outside. The weather becomes warmer and plants revive, trees bud, and the animals come out of their winter hibernations. There seems to be a promise of new birth and color in the springtime air. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  • Terry C

    I love the beautiful colors of Spring after all of the dull brown of Winter. Thanks for the giveaway!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  • nana

    I love almost everything about spring (muddy dogs, not so much) everyday something new pokes out of the soil or forces it’s way out of a bud on a tree. such wonder!

  • Melina P

    How the flowers bloom so effortlessly – even despite being totally ignored all winter.

  • shanna wilson

    i like spring b/c i can take my 2 kiddos on walks…

  • Sarah Mitchell

    I love the colors and smells of spring. The sweet fragrance of blossoms in the air.

  • Beckie

    Spring is my favorite time of year, and the Pammy Tote exudes my definition of spring: My most loved pink tulips peak from under the grass signaling spring is around the corner. The yellow in the Tote is the sun shining on my body, thawing it from the winter chill. The Juicy heart and butterfly dangling from the tote symoblizes new love, old love warmed by the thrill of spring, or the butterfly’s season metamorphosis from winter to spring.

    Thank you so much for hosting such a grand giveawway and reminding me that spring has sprung!

  • Catalina

    My favorite part of Spring is listening to all of the birds singing as they are busy preparing their nests. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  • mark

    Everything is blooming and beautiful oh and the warmth is great. It is the most beautiful time of the year.

  • kathy maiewski

    Great weather and ice cream. It was a very long New England winter this year!

  • http://pcolamus.blogspot.com Ann Hill

    What I love about spring is shedding sweaters and coats and walking bare-armed in the sun with my new juicy couture bag at the ready for adventure.

  • http://vdeliz.blogspot.com/ Vivian Deliz

    I like spring because it is the season of renewal. Everything that looked dead starts coming alive. The drab gray color turns into beautiful colorful flower, leaves, trees. I also see birds! What is there not to love about spring.

  • http://thriftyjinxy.blogspot.com/ Chrysa

    I love the warmer weather and NO MORE SNOW!

  • Grace Papaseraphim

    My favorite part of spring is getting out of the house again! Springtime in Central Park is the highlight of the year! Thanks for the contest!

  • Lydia S

    The end of the long dismal winter. Trees leafing out, flowers, chirpy birds.

  • Elena

    I love the warm weather coming back! Thanks for the great contest!

  • ktanjatk

    I love everything about it, the smell, the flowers, the sun, my birthday…

  • HannahLee

    I love Juicy Couture !
    This would be the icing on top of the cake for me

  • Tesa

    I love the smell when the grass gets mowed.

  • Angela J

    The warmer weather and blossoms.

  • Samantha

    I love Spring because my kids can get out and run in the sunshine and my tulips are blooming!

  • alicia wallace

    What I love about Spring is opening the windows in the house and letting the fresh air in.

  • Patty

    Thank you so much for having this contest. I really appreciate it.

  • Sherry

    I love the smell in the air. Fresh cut grass. The sun on my face. A warm windy day. I love spring flowers.

  • Alyce

    I love the weather, not too hot and not too cold.

  • Jill Myrick

    My favorite things about spring are the greenery coming back to life,the warm sunshine on my skin,fresh cut flowers and the smell of fresh cut grass.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  • Valerie

    The warm weather, and the flowers are lovely. Wearing dresses and skirts and is fun. I Love this bag!

  • Ruth Bousquet

    The flowers appearing to let us know that warmer weather is here and we can enjoy all the beauty of the outdoors. This bag is springy, very nice. My favorite time of year is summer, lazy and long days to enjoy and of course the gardens.

  • JennyJo

    I love spring cause it lets me finally wear shorts!!

  • http://sonyasparks.blogspot.com Sonya Sparks

    I love Spring because of flowers blooming and the temp warming up. Thanks!

  • Linda

    I love the blue skies, the birds chirping, bright tulips coming up, and the sound of kids playing outside.


    I love the flowers and the warmer weather

  • Colleen S

    The thing I love most about spring is the warming weather and discovering new plants coming up in my garden each day.

  • Jennifer

    I love warm weather, and finally being able to enjoy our roof top deck again!

  • Sylvie W.

    There are two things I love about spring.

    First, the bright green color of the leaves, they’re almost neon green. By summer, they’ve matured into a dark green.

    Second, after five months of cold weather (my winter’s start with November’s cold airs thru March), the warmish breeze that arrives in April is wonderful.

  • Jammie

    I love spring because I can get out in the yard and do some work also because yards sales start popping up.

  • Candie L

    I love Spring because the weather is warm and I do not have to wear my coat (as much)

  • Tania

    I love the warm weather & being able to wear flip flops & cute spring outfits!!

  • http://confettidreams.wordpress.com AmandaK

    I love the birds chirping, the warm breeze, and the ability to be outside and play with the dog!


  • janeh

    the sunshine and the fresh air……everything comes alive again…….

  • shelly berg

    This is so cute for spring.

  • Teri P

    I love the colors of the multi-toned daffodils I planted come up every year now without the extra work of replanting. And the smell of the hyacinths and the sight of blazing yellow forsynthia bushes.

  • Jovita

    The best part about Spring is the warm weather
    and the BEAUTIFUL flowers!

  • Cindi

    I love living where there are four seasons in a year! The springtime brings the promise of renewal through budding trees, daffodils, crocus, and tulips!
    There are a variety of colors again in the landscape and taking long walks with just a light jacket on. Also, the daylight hours are longer, thus more time to enjoy the outside! Many thanks, Cindi

  • Wally

    I love spring for the shorter skirts on all the fine ladies. Yes, I am a leg man.

  • joanna smith

    What I love about spring here in Upstate New York is that everything comes alive and with that comes a new sense of rejuvenation, hope and energy for the coming months! It seems as though everyone and everything comes out of their cocoon so to speak and the future always seems to have a bright and cheerful outlook!

  • Herb Sussman

    The flowers are blooming and the trees are green again, I like spring.

  • Julie Brown

    When you are first able to catch the smell of flowers in the air.

  • Laurie C

    The best part of spring is being outside and packing up the winter clothes!

  • Candis Hansen

    I love the warmth and the colors – all the flowers blooming and everyone dresses so colorful.

  • michele farmer

    my favorite part of spring is the beautiful soft colors of the blooming flowers

  • paige chandler

    I love when the birds chirp and the windows are open.

  • Danielle

    I love that spring is the start of daylight savings and the days are brighter longer, which makes me happy. I love the blooming flowers and trees and watching the rebirth of nature all around me!

  • Ronni Fox

    Simply stunning!

  • Jan

    I love spring when everything turns green and I can open my trailer for summer fun!!

  • Meghan

    I love being able to keep our windows open in the day and waking up to chirping birds!

  • Valerie C.

    I love flowers! New England is so colorless in the winter…..and spring brings such vibrant colors!! I’m not a gardener…..I just like to look at the flowers! Thanks for the giveaway…..very nice.

  • juedy

    Opening the windows and seeing the heating bill nosedive.

  • http://www.superdumbsupervillain.com Naomi

    Springtime holds the potential for open-toe shoes and dresses without tights!

  • alexa

    I would love this for my graduation this year!

  • Rose

    I love my roses in bloom!

  • Cynthia Painter

    I love the way the air starts to smell…and the birds start to sing!

  • gena dalton

    I loove spring because everything is fresh and colorful. This Juicy purse would make me love it even more :)

  • Jeanette Jackson

    I love not having to bundle up before going outside and I also like the Spring foliage bursting out everywhere.

  • Linda Gilbert

    I am thinking about spring, with everything appearing as fresh and new!

  • Helen

    I love being able to plant in the spring. It’s so much fun to see everything grow daily.

  • Susan

    Spring brings a renewal of spirit for me.

  • estella miller


  • Debi

    The rebirth of the grass, flowers and trees. The clean (well as clean as can be) fresh air, the sunny days, all of it makes me feel so good.
    Thanks for a great contest :)

  • angelface0821

    What don’t I love about the Spring?!?! It’s my favorite time of year — the fresh air, the warm sun, the new grass and flowers, the trips down the shore to smell the ocean breeze… I love Spring! Thanks : )

  • Holly

    I love the warm weather!

  • B. Lechowicz

    Fresh green grass.

  • Judi R

    I love the colors of Spring, the sounds of the birds and the fragrances of the flowers. I still like it to be cool enough to need a sweater as night darkens the sky, though.

  • anntje

    i love the perfect weather… not too warm or hot and not too chilly. i also love the occasional rain!

  • Kim

    I love getting into my yard and planting flowers. In fact, that’s what I did today! Thank you for the terrific giveaway!

  • Anne D

    The flowers and all of the colors.

  • mary

    spring…….time to get away from my blacks. Spring makes me want to wear color.

  • denice p

    what i love about spring is that the birds are starting to hang around my house. i have a birdbath in my front yard and i like to watch them take baths and play. I also like to see the flowers start to bloom! thank you.

  • Jessica Cote

    I love beautiful spring flowers and the nice weather. I hate the constant rain!

  • Christy W.

    My favorite part of spring is the nice weather and the pretty flowers. I also like going outside and doing fun things with my daughter such as taking her to the park to play.


  • http://mybestfeature.blogspot.com/ Robin

    Perfect for Spring.

  • paul haddock

    Leaves on the trees, flowers on the ground

  • Pamela Ray

    I love seeing the nature come back to life. It’s a colorful time of the year.

  • Deb

    Spring means new beginnings. It is so pretty to see everything come to life after being covered in snow all winter. It also is a time I can go barefoot outside again.

  • Becky Grady

    I love opening up my windows and airing out my house. I also love taking walks when everything starts to bloom.


  • Gayle

    I love seeing my Lilacs bloom and my windows are open and I can smell the Lilacs throughout my house!

  • Christine

    I love the feeling of new-ness in the Spring.

  • Rita A.

    Everything is so fresh and green. It just feels invigorating.

  • Aisling

    I love everything about Spring. I love the showers (instead of storms), the leaves budding out and dressing the trees, the little flowers starting to peek out, and that I can open my windows and let the fresh air in once again.

  • Louise Brouillette

    I love planting my garden!

  • http://liza767.blogspot.com/ liza767

    omg so many comments i love to hear the birds in morning exept the crows they annoy me but the good with the bad right

  • susan

    I love just relaxing and tending to my garden!

  • C. clemens

    i love the green grass, and the world comes alive again!

  • http://anoceanoflove.blogspot.com Sheila@Pieces

    First, this tote totally rocks! Fabulous giveaway…would love to win! Second, I love the smell that spring brings…you know it, that freshness. The newly grown grass mixes with the budding flowers and trees. I love it and try to spend as much time outdoors taking it all in!

  • Mariela

    The flowers blooming. My favorite is the rose buds. Spring is just beautiful!

  • McKim

    I love the tulips, daffodils and other spring flowers. They all seem so sturdy and brighten up our world once again.

  • http://www.moodymamasays.com Andreah

    I love hearing the birds sing in the mornings when I wake up, I love the smell of the grass, I love watching the flowers come up and the trees bud out. I mostly love being able to get back outside again and enjoy nature.

  • Marilyn

    The flowers, definitely the flowers.

  • kathemc

    little bits of green grass and leaves just beginning to peek out :)

  • Denise

    I love watching everything turn green again and the birds chirping.

  • Gianna

    I love all the flowers in bloom and all the scents that come along with it :)

  • Carol Lawrence

    All of the plants and animals coming to life after a hard winter.

  • Kris T.

    What do I love about spring? Winter is done, finished, gone, over, no more!!!!

  • http://www.giveawaysonblogs.blogspot.com Janet Carpenter

    Something i love about spring…..new spring bags! and shoes! and bright colors! and going outside without a coat!

    yummmmmmy giveaway – better than chocolate, thanks so much!!!

  • Emmy T

    I love walking the dog without a big coat, boots, hat, gloves, and still being cold! iwontru@yahoo




  • Ruth Utterback

    I love the the sounds of the first birds and watching for baby birds

  • amy h

    I love Spring b/c you don’t have to hid under layers of clothing to stay warm. It is also nice that you don’t have to worry about getting 2 ft of snow anymore.

  • Nicole

    I love the warm weather and the cool breezes of spring. Overall, it’s the perfect weather.

  • melissa

    i love spring because the big, beautiful cherry blossom tree in my front yard starts to bloom and is so pretty!

  • http://www.blazeofbeauty.com Heather

    I love the first little sunburn of spring, because you know the Earth is finally close enough to the sun to make everything grow and glow! Finally gonna be warm enough to throw open the windows and break out the Capri’s!

  • http://zestywonderland.blogspot.com/ Marcy Strahan

    Of course I love all the usal things about Spring: warmer weather, birds singing, trees turning gren , flowers everywhere.
    Other wonderfuls things about spring: lowest electric bills of the year & getting to wear open toed shoes & sandals again~showing off my pretty painted toes!

  • Pamela Brigance

    I love wearing capris and sandals – no sweaters !!!!

  • cathi rushing

    the flowers blooming, and birds singing, green grass, just all the color spring brings

  • http://www.orchardviewcottage.blogspot.com Rachel

    I love that spring means life and summer is on it’s way… no more snow!!! YEah!!

  • Monique Bradley

    I love spring because it feels like everything is finally thawing out after a cold winter. I love the flowers on the cherry trees that line the streets in our neighborhood. I love feeling the sunshine on my face as I watch the kids play in the park.

  • Jennifer Elliott

    Thanks for the chance, I love spring, because there is no snow!

  • Paula H

    I love planning and planting my garden then watching it start to grow.

  • Kim

    I love the spring sales!!

  • M.A.

    LILACS—their blossoms and their scent!


    There seems to be a new chance for everything in life. A fresh start.

  • Halifax

    I love the fact that winter is over and spring means warmer weather

  • patricia skinner

    I love watching the trees come to life in the Spring. I also love planting the garden. We are putting in a home orchard and that is very exciting. We are tying our hand at grapes which we hear are very tough to grow.

  • http://americanmade1.blogspot.com Patriot

    I LOVE being able to run and go biking outside in the sunshine!!! Thanks!

  • Stacey Brown

    I love the warm days, the blooming flowers and the new smell

  • Michelle H.

    I love the blossoms and I love Easter.

  • D.

    I love to see the greening up of the world, to feel the gentle rains from heaven, to smell the flowers in the air, to hear the songs of birds in the morning, and to taste the first asparagus.

  • Aaron


  • Gina Stratos

    I love the smell of fresh cut grass

  • Kayce Crews

    I love seeing the rabbits.

  • sarah woods

    What a deco tote witha ll the fun and style together

  • alice cartelli

    Spring Is my favorite season for many reasons. Aside from the beautiful warmer weather and the beauty of nature, I feel that spring is a time for new beginnings.

  • Jennifer M

    I LOVE that the birds are chirping, the trees are blooming and the weather is the ideal temperature!

  • Beverly M

    Spring is my favorite time of the year. I love to see the spring bulbs blooming, the trees leafing out, the grass turning green and all the different birds returning and my favorite, of course, is the warmer weather. Cute handbag! Thanks for having the contest!

  • christine

    I adore Spring…It’s just gorgeous outside. Coming from the horribly cold winter months to the warmer weather seems to brighten everyone’s day! I love seeing all of the flowers blooming and the trees line the road like a picture. It puts everyone in a good mood!

  • Nancy

    One thing I love about spring are all the lovely fragrant and colorful flowers starting to bloom after a long, cold, dreary winter!

  • Renee We

    Spring has a fresh smell.

  • Candice

    Love is in the air!!!

  • Glennyce

    We live at the end of our neighborhood road, just at the edge of a forest. All through the winter, we can see cars driving around on the hill behind us, we can see the lights from the house across the street well into the night, and we always see when our next door neighbor is in his back yard, because tree skeletons leave nothing to the imagination. But when the weather starts to warm, our forest flowers, and the little green leaf buds on our trees shiver and pop, and one by one, our neighbors disappear. It’s the coolest thing in the world, being able to watch yourself become more and more surrounded by nature. When we can no longer see the house across the street, we set out the binoculars to watch our deer family, because the animals of the forest are the only neighbors we’ll see until November.

  • Patty

    I love the warm weather!!!!!!!

  • http://www.arfp.blogspot.com Sharon Gray

    I love spring because it means I have passed another year cancer free. The birds start chirping, flowers start blooming, and the sky is a lovely blue in my part of the world.

  • Pam

    Wow – what an awesome bag with an awesome name! My favourite thing about spring is the snow melting and the new life and new possibilities that come with the fresh grass and newly budding flowers and singing birds…

  • Ana

    I love the weather and the beautiful flirty clothes and shoes that can finally come out of the closet after the cold is gone. Love to show the colorful pedicure in the open toe sandals.

  • A. Ozair

    i love spring b/c there IS NO SNOW TO SLIP ON!! :D

  • Debbie Terry

    I love Spring because it means Winter is over and Summer is on the way!

  • Lily Kwan

    I love the flowers blooming in spring.

  • B. Newton


  • Michelle

    I love all the flowers that bloom during spring

    “The Complete Book of First Experiences

  • Kathleen yohanna

    I like Spring because you can put away the drab, heavy cloths of winter and bring out the pretty colors and breezy clothes of summer. It just seems like a happier time.

  • Shannon


  • Charlene Kuser

    I love the fresh fragrant smell of spring with all the flowers blooming,
    and truly enjoy the lilac bush.

  • Ruth

    Sunshine on my face, blue skies, cut grass… yeah right. I mean strappy sandals, spring dresses, tank tops, any excuse for new clothes.

  • Brigitte Walsh

    I love everything about Spring; warmer weather, thundershowers, long walks with the dog, flowers, green grass, fresh-smelling air, warm sunshine, blue skies. I could go on and on! Winter in the my part of the midwest is so dreary and can be very depressing…….spring is a life-saver!

  • tanya

    Lilacs and peonies. Love the fragrance!!!

  • Heather

    The warmer weather and the flowers!!

  • Rochelle K

    I love the flowers and the warmth.

  • Albert

    No more snow!!!!

  • Toby

    The warmth of the sun makes me more energetic

  • Roslyn

    I love all of the color spring brings with it!

  • L. Dyson

    I love spring, even tho we’ve got white-out conditions right now, because we get so much more daylight. Also gotta love the gorgeous spring colors…clothes, nails, makeup. Now, if it would just STOP snowing!!!

  • Danielle

    I love the flowers and the clothes. I miss wearing bright colors and flipflops!

  • samantha

    the weather and beautiful flowers!

  • http://aik-friendsnfamily.blogspot.com Aik

    I love the weather of spring! Nice and warm…

  • shaz

    The brightness, warm weather, and flowers blooming bring out the best in me.

  • Evelyn

    I love spring because it represents a new start!

  • chris Conanan

    all the flowers blooming

  • Michele Green

    What I LOVE about spring are all the pretty clothes, shoes and accessories that come out. I also love the bold colors this year and the fabulous new sandals! I can’t wait to wear them!

  • Shelly T.

    I love to see all the tulips, daffodils and other spring flowers in bloom!

  • http://LaTUrsin@aol.com LaTasha Ursin

    What I love about spring is that we are finally coming out of winter like a bear coming out of hibernation. We can finally enjoy some warmer weather and people seem to be bit more nicer than usual. The spring is a time to let you hair hang down a bit more than too have it hidden under rain jackets, hoods, and caps. Winter is just a nice time to change.

  • http://www.mygc.com/LaTasha101 LaTasha Ursin

    I just stated what I like about winter.

  • shonda h

    I love the smell of the spring time air.

  • Zara

    I love painting my toenails and wearing cute little sandals!

  • Tina Renee

    I love painting my toenails and wearing cute little sandals!

  • Erika

    I LOVE IT !!! i love this bag its sooooo cute !! i love the spring and flowers =]

  • Alyssa

    When the sun finally comes out and our lives can start again . i love spring and this bag . =]

  • http://www.jesusluvus.webs.com Brandy Vincent

    What I love about spring is the freshness and newness of the season, to see the rain again, and grass and trees budding and blossoming ones again. It is so beautiful!