Win a TRIA Laser Hair Removal System!!!

As everyone is very much aware, I’m sure, for the entire month of March, every day we’ve been giving out AWESOME prizes as part of our March Madness event.

tria-laser-hair-removal-systemWell, today, in honor of the final day of March, I am giving out the grand prize – and it’s the most awesome one of all.

Behold the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System – worth close to $1,000 – and just about the best thing to come to laser hair removal ever. It takes the concept of the pricey salons, and brings it home (or wherever you are most comfy).

Basically, this couldn’t happen at a better time – it’s the recession. Professional hair removal can cost as much as 10K (per body part!!!), so it seems to make sense to just invest in something that can pay for itself over time. Plus, it’s sort of fun to play with and shows results the first month! (Complete results vary by person, but usually takes around six months of use.)

(I kid you not. It’s fun!)

We have one TRIA to give away to one very lucky reader – to have your chance, simply comment on any three EBeautyDaily entries from the past week including this one (remember to include your name and email address!) by 11:59 tonight (EST). Winner will be chosen at random from our responses. Thanks so much for playing, and good luck!

Image: TRIA Beauty

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    • Mary D

      what an INCREDIBLE prize – we’d so love to try this out, thank you!

    • Danielle

      Ever since I found out these existed I have wanted one. I have lots of hair I would like to disappear!

      Good luck to everyone.



    • Sarah Mitchell

      You did save the best for last. Thanks for the giveaway. Bye-bye hair!

    • Audrey

      wow, i’m crossing my fingers!

    • Michelle

      Oh the money this would save me at the salon.

    • Autumn H.

      i would love this one!!

      autumn398 (at)

    • Lathres B

      I’m going to try the honey facial toner. Honey and apples sounds delicious!!!

      Thanks for the giveaway!!!

    • Donna R.

      I really could use this. Thanks for the contest.

    • Sarah

      This would be such an awesome thing to win!

    • Bev

      You have no idea how much we could use this. Saying goodbye to hours spent with my tweezers–could such a miracle happen??

    • april

      My miseries would be solved with that prize!!!!

    • anna

      i need this so bad- especially that the summer is coming up and i love to bare my skin :)

    • Vicki Andrew

      love to try this out, hoping it really works

    • Erica C.

      this would be a total blessing…thank you!

    • Rt

      Wow! this wud surely make those ‘bad hair’ days a thing of the past ;-)). Thanks.

    • girlrobot

      Oooh, I’m definitely going to enter in this one! I would love to win this!!

    • girlrobot

      ok nevermind, i just realized i was late :(

    • Christie

      Unbelievable that it costs that much.. “per body part” ! I think I need the Tria!

    • Isaac A.

      I really need this, I have a hairy back, and I have a six pack, but you would never know it, cause my stomach is hairy. Basically, I’m in really great shape, but too hairy to remove my shirt at the pool or beach. I would be so happy if I won this, so please pick me :)

    • Joanna

      This would be wonderful to win, I’m so sick of shaveing. Thanks.

    • clifford panter

      The first thing that pops into my head is Absolutly Amazing Gift!

    • Shawnna

      between the Tria , the honey facial toner, and the coconut oil. I’d be a new person!

    • Darlene

      That Tria looks nice. I remember the Epilady (was that the name of it?) that was so painful.

    • Jen gersch

      I am so hairy and this would make me less of a babboon

    • ky2here

      I’m not exactly Chewbacca but I could benefit from this.

    • Janie Luten

      I have some facial hair above my lip and I would love to try this.

    • Pamela Callahan

      I have been wanting one of these. Hope I Win!

    • Darlene Alexander

      Please count me in!

    • Sarah W

      This would be a miracle for me.

    • Kathleen S.

      I have been wanting to get laser hair removal done for years, but can’t bring myself to splurge on it, so this would be awesome. Thanks for the chance to win! I’m off to go make my other 2 comments now =)

    • LindaD

      To be rid of unwanted hair – forever! What a dream! I’d love to win this, but meanwhile I’m trying the honey facial toner witten about on the 30th. Thanks for the chance & Happy Spring!

    • Kim White

      This looks like a fantastic product and prize.

    • angelface0821

      I enjoyed reading about the secrets of coconut oil — smells divine and I can’t wait to try out the tips! And a Swedish massage in St Louis is just what the doctor ordered — the pictures of the spa were beautiful. This is a great contest, perfect for the sides of my face so I can finally put down the tweezers, and feel confident at my 20-year high school reunion this year. Thanks!

    • debi welbon

      I have reached the age where strange hairs seem to be growing – I could use thiis!!

    • adrienne Gordon

      this should be my third or fourth


      This is an awesome prize!

    • Sylvia Belle

      It seems I spend 1/2 my life getting rid of unwanted hair.

    • SANDY

      this looks great- yep those stray hairs that you swear where do they come from and sometimes you wonder I just looked at this an hour ago where do that appear from

    • Apple

      I could use this! I just hate body hairs. :s

    • david basile

      This looks great sso sick of waxing

    • Karen

      What a wonderful prize to win! This is comment # 1 for me :)

    • Vicki

      This would be an awesome prize!


      For those of us cursed with dark hair in unwanted places, this would be such a blessing. Thanks for the opportunity

    • Kirsten

      Oh, wow….I have wanted one of these for the longest time!

    • wendy wallach

      This would be comment #3 for me and I have heard lots about this item and would love to win it!

      madamerkf at aol dot com

    • Craig Johnson

      I sure hope I win!!

    • Doug

      Would love to give this to the ladies in our household to use as they see fit.

    • Vicky Boackle

      my husband could use this ,i think he is part gorilla.

    • hetal g

      best thing since the sliced bread. Oh, I would love to have this so much, I am already dreaming!!When we as a family were planning our finances, I have put a budget for this, but I know it is never going to materialize.


    • Pam T

      I need this! no more razor cuts!

    • Kelly L

      I would love to win this. I have been waiting for a home product to use on my own. Thanks!

    • Kathy Scott

      I have a 16 year old niece that really needs this. Please!!!

    • Kathy Scott

      I have a 16 year old niece that really needs this.

    • Ali

      This thing could change my life!!

    • Kristen Murray

      I am hairy for a chick and this would be fantabulous to own. Even my eyebrows are catapillars! It would be so nice not to have hairy knuckles.

      I know it sounds like I’m joking and I am exagerating, but only a tiny little bit. Please let me win this so I can be a hairless ape-girl.

    • Nancy V

      Sure could use this. Thanks for the contest!

    • Harriet

      Would love to have this, would save me lots of aggravation.

    • Faith

      Thanks, what a great prize.

    • Lynn H

      My lifelong struggle with unwanted hair would come to an end if I win this great giveaway!

    • Erin Walsh

      I have always wanted to try laser hair removal but the time and money factor always made me hold back, thanks for the chance to win an alternative.

    • Alyse

      I am Italian with thick, dark hair, so this would be AMAZING!

    • Kikee

      Wow, what a cool and useful idea :D This site is so interesting and hot, I put it on my bookmars… Moreover, I’m a little mad this March, so the march madness is perfect for me ;)

    • Maria

      Would love to win the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System, can’t afford to go to the spa. also, I will be giving my self a honey facail toning this weekend.

    • Jennifer

      Awesome prize, this would be a great win.

    • Mineola

      I admit, I’m intrigued- having paid for a round of laser treatments that were very successful. However, you have to really keep those appointments, which was a hassle, so I need a touch up…

    • Felicia Shapiro

      This would be great to use!

    • Shellie Seering

      This prize sounds like a dream come true!

    • Michelle V

      That is a great prize.

    • LHE

      I have such sensitive skin, it would be amazing to cut down on the shaving!!

    • Randy Bailey

      Tria Laser Hair Removal System, Spa At Four Seasons St. Louis, Honey Facial Toner & M. A. C. Glitter Eyeliner

    • Shannon

      Cool! My chin could really use this one.

    • koalajoe

      Wow great prize! It will come in handy :D thanks!

    • Gambina

      Having this would be life changing for me. I h ave struggled with an over abundance of facial and body hair since I was a very young teen. I would be over joyed with any reduction in it. It would definitely give me a new outlook on life. I know that might seem a bit much to say but when you have lived everyday shaving like a man for years it makes you feel less about yourself and if you could do anything at all to change that it would make all the difference in the world.

      Thank you, I appreciate just the chance.

    • Nanette Olson

      I have some hairs on my chin that need to go permanently. Please enter me.

    • julie

      what a generous and amazing gift! I’ve been promising myself for years that I would save up for laser hair removal…but stupid things like student loans and mortgages get in my way. ;)

    • Carol

      This prize is just insanely great! I would DEARLY love to win.

    • LKG

      What a great prize and a great beauty blog! I have been eyeballing the Tria for awhile now. I have tried laser hair removal in the past but did not schedule enough sessions to really see a difference. If I could do it myself I might actually win the war against unwanted body hair.

    • Ann

      The older I get the paler my skin gets (ghostly white) and the darker my hair gets. Hair grows in places it was never before, so gross! It would be a dream to win this awesome March Madness prize and have it all gone and retire my plucking method as it is time consuming and embarassing.

      Thank you for the Honey Facial Toner recipe, I am so doing that one this weekend.

      Happy end of the month to you Splendicity :)

    • Sheila H

      I’ve wanted one of theses since I first heard of them!

    • Lisa K

      this would be an amazing product to have

    • Alice C

      i have been saving my pennies, trying to buy this. have heard only good about it. thanks for the giveaway :0)

    • Jane

      I’ve been wanting to try this–so convenient to use in home!

    • Kimberly

      This would make my life so much easier!

    • Maxine

      Great prize. Thanks.

    • Cynthia Hagood

      I would love and use this a lot. Thanks

    • Maxine

      I would like to look less european

    • zeliha senturk

      I really need this…
      hope to win..
      thanks for the giveaway…

    • Vergie

      tell me more would like to have this

    • Teresa

      I would love to try this it sounds wonderful!!

      :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

    • Kat

      I would love to try this TRIA – I’ve heard so many good things about it. Winning it would be fantastic! I’m looking forward to trying your Honey Facial Toner recipe. Thanks for the recipe on Friday! And I completely agree with you about the benefits of coconut oil – I’ve been using it for a while now for my hair and it works wonders.

    • evelyn

      Great prize

    • mary

      this would be excellent to own

    • MONICA


    • L.Gilbert

      Great prize.
      Could use this for awhile,to get rid of those pesky hairs on my chin.

    • Teresa

      I really would like to give this a try!

    • Terra Heck

      I would like to try this. Please count me in to win.

    • David

      I would love this! I have been thinking aboutlaser hair removal for years but cannot afford it. What a great option!

    • Cathy R.

      This would do wonders for me! I am unable to shave certain areas do to a skin condition and cannot afford professional laser treatment. I would love to try this!

    • Therese C

      Count me in!

    • Helen

      What a great gadget!

    • Jill H

      Still hoping to get rid of that bothersome facial hair :) So you requested we comment on 3 things in ebeautydaily.

      1) I didn’t realize that you can do laser hair removal at home!! I thought a professional would have to do it.

      2) I liked the entry on how to conceal circles under the eyes. I always have had that issue because of sinus problems growing up, and not getting enough sleep :) So using the silvers, golds, or pink shadows to get rid of the extra-dark circles is a good idea.

      3) And I’ve been pretty dry lately so thanks for the tip about Lamas Beauty Spa Sensuals Hand Scrub !

    • Denise

      I could really use this product. I have hairs growing where I’d rather they did not grow!

    • Kathy Wilson

      This would be great for me!

    • Sherry Conrad

      I would so love this and have the perfect combo of skin/hair that it works best with. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

    • Denise

      Cool product! Thank you!

    • Laura G

      boy could I use this!

    • chris Conanan

      the tria laser hair removal would sure come in handy, love to try the honey facial toner, and i definitleuy need to conceal my eye circles also

    • Carol LuBien

      This could be the answer!

    • reeva

      wow i’d love to have this. thanks for the entry

    • Therese C

      This is a dream product for me! Plus the fact that is has gotten so much great buzz, it would be an honor to be chosen & I would take good care of it! ;)

    • Patricia Yeo

      What a neat product. Even if I don’t win, I might like to save up for one!

    • Sheree Warner

      1) I need this wonderful TRIA laser hair removal system. I am a nudest so you look best bsby smooth and I cannot afford to go to a Doctor for hair removal. Why do you think I am a nudist, I can’t afford clothes eithre.

      2) I would also love to try the Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer System to get rid of my dark under eyes that really show my age and wear and tear on my poor old body. Its amazing how much just the wrinkes and darkness around your eyes that show your age.

      3) I really enjoyed the article of “The Secrets of Coconut Oil!” and can really use this on my feet. I’m diabetic and we are known for dry skin anyway but the feet are so important. I can’t be shaving off the corns anymore due to the chance of infection so it is important to keep the skin soft. I love the smell of coconut and am going to go out and get me some of this.

      Thank you for such a wonderful daily “online” magazine. I have learned a lot. Please enter me into your contest also for the wonderful TRIA laser hair removal system.


    • Ellen Concannon

      1. Are you sure the TRIA system is ‘fun’? I don’t know but if I win it, I’ll let you know.
      2. The Mally Beauty Cancellation System is a must for me! My friends tell me I look tired, it’s those dark circles…
      3. M*A*C Glitter Eyeliner, a perfect addition to my daughters Easter Basket, I’ll have to check it out!

    • Janice Whitaker

      this is a great prize. Who dosent need this!

    • mj

      Oh wow. I have been dying for one of these!

    • Debra Bashford

      This TRIA Laser Hair Removal System would be great, menopause is not kind.

      1. The M·A·C Hello Kitty Eyeshadows… I love their cute packaging and the names of the colours are so fun!

      2. The Lamas Beauty Spa Sensuals Hand Scrub helps to exfoliate and moisturize and made from natural products!

      3. I love that the Calvin Klein Infinite Lustre Blush is small and loaded with with different colours and shades!

    • Jennifer B.

      I would love to put my tweezers away for good. This sounds like a great gizmo.

    • Linda Peters

      would love to own a TRIA system, love the MAC glitter eyeliner and the Secrets of Coconut oil, andthe Honey Facial Toner sounds nice, thanks

    • Judy O.

      I would love to have this hair removal system! I also enjoyed the tips on “Conquering Dry Skin”, and the “Secrets of Coconut Oil”. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Charlotte Padgett

      I’d love to try this.

    • brenda helgeson

      i want to try this. looks painless. much better then waxing.

    • Teresa

      I need to give this a try.

    • Kathleen Root

      I’d love to win this!

    • Cathy

      Very nice prize! I’d love to try it out…thanks for the chance to win.
      I didn’t know that such a thing as Hello Kitty makeup existed, so I was glad to read about the fun M A C Hello Kitty Eyeshadow. Will definitely buy this for my Hello Kitty-obsessed niece!

    • nikki

      am sad that this is the last giveaway…:(….love the product…thanks

    • Helen

      This is a dream come true! I am so tired of shaving, waxing, etc. Sigh…

    • Kate

      I would so love to have one of these. My 40′s are turning pretty hairy and I can’t afford to go get laser treatment. I know I have the right skin tone (pasty white LOL) and the dark hair (yucky)

    • Katy Morris

      I can NOT belive you’re giving away a TRIA!!! This is like the holy grail of at-home hair removal systems and I’ve been pining away for one since they came out!!! Like you said, though…I just can’t justify the cost during this economy! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway and all of the March Madness fun! :)

    • ktanjatk

      what a great prize!
      I’d really like this one :)

    • Donna R.

      I could sure use this. Post-menopausal facial hair drives me crazy! Thanks.

    • Melanie

      This is so cool. The treatments at the doctora would cost thousands!

    • Jean F

      1. The massage at the Four Seasons sounds delightful. Any chance for pampering, sign me up.

      2. Sorry, but no way am I putting honey and apples on my face. Yes, it’s probably good for me, but I think food is for eating.

      3. The home laser hair removal system would be a great way to deal with unwanted hair privately. I’d like one.

    • Amy

      1) Win a TRIA Laser Hair Removal System!
      If you’re a dark-haired girl, at some point you have experienced the horror of finding a hair, that shouldn’t be there. It can be mortifying and terrifying at the same time. Some people may be blessed with blonde fine-ness, I, unfortunately, am not one of them. So, this would literally become a godsend.

      Conquering Dry Skin
      This is absolutely the product for me! In the winter my hands and feet become cracked and peeling due to lack of moisture. While sleeping with socks and mittens on might work temporarily, they’re not exactly the most comfortable method of easing the annoyance.

      MAC Hellow Kitty Eyeshadows
      This eyeshadow looks like it was brought back from the 80s. So I love it. And I love it even more because the colors look extremely rich and deep, instead of that weak, sheer look that some eyeshadows can give.

    • Linda

      I’m tired of conventional ways of removing unwanted hair.This could be a saviour.

    • Djp

      i need this

    • B. scott

      I would love to have this it looks great

    • Serge B

      Wow–what a great prize. I have lots of follicles waiting to die!

    • Cindy Choyke

      Would really really love to win this~

    • Valerie

      I soo need this! I’m curious to try it out

    • cheekie


    • shannon byus

      What a great product, I must live under a rock because I had no idea there is a product like this! GREAT contest! Thank you!!!

    • Huguette E.

      I would so love this .. to be able to do any body part yourself and one little spot is so expensive would be great!

    • Frances Carty

      My hairy body could really use this.

    • Barbara McCrea

      1. Calvin Klein Infinite Lustre Blush, Love the colors

      2. Tria laser hair removal at home Love that it can be done without a professional, too embarrassing!

      3. Mally Beauty Concealer System, I could sure use a good concealer!

      Thanks for the chance!

    • Heather D

      This is awesome!! I would love this~

    • Carol louer

      Ooh. My armpits and upper lip is in need.

    • Frances Carty

      OOps need to comment on 3.

      1. need the Tria for hairy bod.
      2. I would also love to try the Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer System
      3. my feet are in desperate need of the Lamas Beauty Spa Sensuals Hand Scrub helps to exfoliate and moisturize.

    • cc

      Wow what a system ;great product!

    • Colleen C

      I found out about this blog from your giveaway – it was posted on a website that I frequent. What an interesting blog. I liked the postings about coconut oil and the apple and honey toner. I have to admit, that MAC cosmetics are terrific, but I have never been a glitter gal (too shy, I think). Anyways, I would love to win this getaway, as I have some hair in some areas that no one should need to see…and at least this would be a private way to handle removal.

      Thanks for the contest!

    • Brandlyn

      This product will really come in handy for me, I hate using razors.

    • Alana Starkie

      What an awesome giveaway!
      I am very intriqued by the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System, i have had laser hair removal for one COSTLY session and couldnt afford to go back. This would be great!

      The Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer System would be a great addition to my routine, as my dark circles seem to be getting worse.

      The article about “The Secrets of Coconut Oil!” was something i did not know, i actually have pure coconut oil in my pantry and will try some of these options.

      Thank you so much for such a great site!

    • Saneeya

      Never tried laser hair removal before..excited and slightly scared

    • Estelle

      Concealing Under Eye Circles
      I always have circles under my eyes. I’m going to try this method and hopefully it’ll help. Thanks for the advice!

      Win a TRIA Laser Hair Removal System
      I really need a product like this. I’ve heard great things about it!

    • Melissa Barnes

      TRIA Laser Hair Removal System would be a fabulous giveaway to win!!! I have been wanting to get hair removal for my upper lip and armpits!!! LOL

    • John B

      The TRIA would be a great win. I’d never go in somewhere to get laser stuff done, so this wuld be awesome.

    • Brigitte Walsh

      Great product….wonder if it would work on men’s back hair…hmmmmmmm…….I could practice on hubby first!
      Also left comments on “Spa at Four Seasons-St. Louis”, and “Concealing Under Eye Circles”.

    • Mariela

      The AB skincare was an awesome giveaway so was the Pearl necklace. The most amazing they left for last the Tria laser hair removal system. This would be such a money saver for me. There are multiple parts of my body hair I would love to get rid of, definitely. Now that it’s getting warmer and summer would soon come I need this :)

    • brando

      i want one!

    • ashley

      I tried to post here with my entries, not sure if it went through though! So if this posts twice, my apologizes. I posted in the blog entries: Honey Facial Toner, MAC Glitter Eyeliner, Concealing Undereye Circles, and MAC Hello Kitty Eyeshadows. I would love to win this, I was blessed with hairy genes from both sides of the family ;) If I win, I will post the results of using the Tria over 6 months on my blog so everyone can see how well it works. Thanks!!

      ashley at lipstickncandy dot com

    • Liz H

      I have very light skin and dark hair so this Tria laser hair removal system would be a god send.
      the under eye concealer is something I could use, sgain because of my fair skin everything shows

    • Danielle

      I’ve been looking into hair removal but I haven’t been able to afford it. This is great!

    • Jennifer Jones

      Thank you for this contest. Here are my four comments:

      TRIA Laser Hair Removal System — I had professional laser hair removal a few years back, but I need a new touch up. This would be a GREAT product to own.

      1. Lamas Beauty Spa Sensuals Hand Scrub- my skin is so dry. This looks like a fantastic product that I’d love to try.

      2. Honey Facial Toner — I’m a little concerned about putting honey directly on my skin, but I’m willing to try just about anything to get my skin in better shape.

      3. Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer System — In inherited dark circles from my dad. People always think I’m so tired, but it’s really just the natural coloring of my skin. I’d like to try this product.

    • Mil

      I have too many misplaced eye brow hairs, that is, on my chin, under my chin, & above my upper lip. This would be a great device.

    • Sarah

      Shaving is a pain! This sounds perfect.

    • Bonnie Day

      I would love to win this I’ve looken into having lazer hair removeal done but it is way to exspensive for me Would love to have this

    • cindy c

      wow…looks like a great system. would loooove to win!

    • Cindi

      I have been trying to win one of your daily giveaways all month! Hopefully, today will be my day…..Many thanks, Cindi

    • paige chandler

      I’ve had professional LHR and love it. It’s just too expensive to continue with. I want this more than I’ve ever wanted any other giveaway. Didn’t know that it can also help with under eye circles. Wow!

    • Christine

      I can’t afford the expensive laser treatments that are available so this would be such a blessing! What a great product!

    • Heather

      I would love to win this!

    • Rochelle K

      Wow – What an amazing prize. I think of everything you’ve had, this is probably the one I really need the most. I have already given several $1000′s of dollars to have laser hair removal performed and, while it worked well in some areas, didn’t work quite 100% in others…so this would really be probably the most amazingly perfect thing I could even get my hands on…if I win that is (which i won’t. I’ve already lost all hope of winning anything). It almost stinks that you have such a great prize because at least if I don’t win some makeup or something like that, it isn’t life changing – whereas this WOULD be life changing if I won. It would mean less paranoia about going to the beach, not being so self conscious around men, and FOR ONCE not having to shave my legs EVERY DAY in order to keep them just one step from stubbly. God – if you’re listening – please pick me…

    • cathi rushing

      Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer System, Honey Facial Toner and Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer System. I would love to try this

    • mariathemezzo

      Wow! What a great giveaway. A life-improving appliance if ever there was one!

    • Tammy

      I pluck and that is not fun. I would really like to try LHR

    • Michelle

      Oh WOW this is a great giveaway! I would love to win the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System. I’m sick of shaving and plucking!

      Three other products I am very interested in trying are;

      Concealing Under Eye Circles. In the mornings I spend so much time trying to cover up the dark circles under my eyes. I need something that is actually going to work!

      M·A·C Hello Kitty Eyeshadows. I love the color of these eye shadows!

      Honey Facial Toner. This looks very simple to make and would like to try if it actually works for my skin.

    • paul haddock

      My whole famile could use this, looks hifi

    • Denise Bentley

      I would LOVE to win this!

    • Susan

      I can’t believe that you are giving away such a wonderful product. The Tria laser hair removal systems would be a tremendous blessing to me…..

    • Susan

      The Lamas Beauty Spa Sensuals Hand Scrub seems like a wonderful product for dry skin. Dry is such a problem during these cooler months. My hands could really use this…

    • Susan

      I tried the Secrets of coconut oil. It is wonderful. I applied it to my legs and arms. It smells wonderful. I didn’t try it on my hair yet but I will!!!!

    • Teresa L

      Thanks for this awesome contest! I would love to try this I have fair skin and dark hair this would definitely help me!!! I also have dark circles thanks for the tips!! AWESOME!! :)

    • Jovita

      Oh how cool!
      I would love to win!

    • hazel

      This is so awesome! I’ve heard of the tria before and always wanted to try it!

    • Hannah

      OOOOH! This is pretty awesome!

    • mark

      I would love this!! you have no idea how much i need this item!!!

    • Rhonda

      Wow! What an excellent prize this TRIA laser hair removal system is, especially for those of us who are entering middle age and really need safe and effective hair removal methods. I so hope I am a lucky winner. I am excited to enter.

    • Valerie C.

      Hi! I saw this on TV a few days ago and fell in love with it! I sure could use it. It can add hours to your week for other things besides SHAVING!! Thanks!
      I also commented on: #1. MAC Glitter Eyeliner and #2. The Secrets of Coconut Oil!

    • Regina S

      Great prize and since I never leave home without my tweezers that would be great.

    • J chaborek

      I`d love to win this! I was sitting in a massage chair at a home furniture store where they also sold a bunch of a As Seen On TV items. I saw the smooth away, that thing looked so tacky.. & where do you buy the refills? Again, would love to win this! It`s great!

    • Kim O’Reilly

      Thanks for the great contest!

    • susan varney

      this would be a good thing to have

    • Crystal F

      I could really use this! Hairy women are just not attractive. lol Thank you!

    • B. Lechowicz

      Thank you.

    • Simone

      This would be fun to try, even better if it works! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

    • Ana

      This contest has just given me one last hope. YIPPEE!

      I am, like so many of the others begging to win this contest, united in the plight of the American victims of the big “R”. (OK, read financially strapped).

      As a result, hair removal has jumped from my to-do list to my self-esteem-building list under “girls with goatees are beautiful, too”.

      And really, being called Sasquatch doesn’t bother me one bit.

      But thanks to you, I still have one chance to hope.

      So, thanks,

    • Amanda

      I sure could use this for the summer.

    • Richard Morrison

      Great prize. I’d love to win a TRIA Laser Hair Removal System

    • Kathy Simpson

      Modern technology is great! The thought of getting rid of unwanted hair in such a way would be such a luxury. I didn’t even know a home system like this even existed.

    • Nancy Reynolds

      Wonder how it stacks up against the no no.

    • Carol M

      I have read several reviews on the Tria and they have all been positive. Hope I win!

    • Claudia

      Great prize, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

    • Jessica

      I would love to use this product Im on my way to go comment more.

    • Karen

      Awesome giveaway! I’ve wanted to get that done but just can’t afford it – being able to do it at home would be wonderful….

    • joan olson

      Awesome giveaway – I love reading about real results like you say 1 month and you can tell the difference. Thanks

    • Laura Gill

      Wow this is a really great prize. I’ve always wanted to get this done but have never had the money for it.

    • Stacy

      It would be wonderful not to have to shave again. Super giveaway.

    • Julia Magrath

      Wow, great giveaway! I was just telling my sister I want one of these!

    • Debbie

      What a great giveaway! I would share the TRIA with my friends if I won. I also thought that the Calvin Klein blush palette is beautiful. Also I appreciate the help with concealing under eye circles.

    • Todd

      I could really use this

    • james mabry

      This is great for my girlfriend, i definetely want to have it..

    • ece sat

      Please please, i really want to have it, perfect giveaway!!

    • Jessica Bird

      Well, this is exactly what I need. I have never really been satisfied with any hair removal system I have ever used. My legs are fine, I can shave them and be OK, but the real problem is my arm pits. The hair is so hard and my skin is so sensitive that I can only shave like once ever 3 days. Obviously we all know that would be embarrassing because most women can shave every day. This giveaway would be awesome!!!


      Fantastic Gift, who wouldn’t want this.

    • Jodi F

      You have no idea how thrilled I would be to win this.


      This would be the best win ever.


      Wow, Great idea for a gift.

    • Cecily T

      Wow…I have been trying to decide whether to spring for one of these, but am probably not making the plunge $$-wise. I hope I win!

    • Kendra

      thnx for the awesome giveaway !! :)

    • Debbie Terry

      This might be a great investment for a group of friends to purchase together?

    • Ann Stevens

      Wow, what a great prize!

    • erinn

      Getting this done would drastically change the way i feel about myself but i jus cant afford it!!! i hope i win!!

    • Alan

      My wife would love this! Great Giveaway

    • scarlette

      This would be nice to win


      what a groovy gizmo!

    • Michele

      This would be great in my house! I would love to try it but would never splurge for myself.

    • Michele

      This would be great in my house. Something we would never splurge for but would get great use.

    • Tommy

      OMG!! WHAT A GREAT PRIZE!!!!!!!

    • Kyndra Sherman

      TRIA Laser Hair Removal System would be perfect to use in the winter and by summer you would have results!

      themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

    • Lorie Corron

      This would make my life some much easier! Imagine never shaving your underarms again or your legs!! Better yet no more little red shaving bumps at the bikini line! I will give it a very good home I assure you!

    • amy

      Ok, so I commented on 3 entries: Honey Facial Toner, Spa at Four Seasons, and MAC glitter eyeliner. Thanks for this opportunity! Good luck to my fellow entrants!

    • Djp

      yep this is for me

    • Theresa Shafer

      I have light skin and dark hair. So this should work gret on my legs. I have almost always ended up cutting my leg.
      I have had my upper lip lasered.
      Enough sharing.
      Thank you for the chance to not end-up with little pieces of paper on my legs. lol

    • Michele Green

      I have to say, I love the Juicy Couture Pammy tote. I am a huge fan of Juicy and this tote is adorable! And so perfect for spring! I also really like the Fun in the Sun bracelet. It fits my style perfectly. But the Tria Laser Hair Removal System is by far my absolute FAVORITE!! Oooohhh…. What I would give to not have to shave anymore! No more nicks, cuts or next day stubble??? PURE HEAVEN!!!!

    • Deege

      I would LOVE this.


      I think I would pass out to win this laser hair remover.


      This would be a Great Anniversary Gift for my wife. 5 Years this June 2009.

    • Jeanette Jackson

      Wonderful way to end a great month of giveaways! Please include me.

    • Shannon Burns

      Pick me, pick me!!!!


      My wife and I both could use this. Awesome Prize!

    • Jaque

      Wow! What a great prize!!! I have been doing a little research on the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System and it is definitely the one to have. :-) Thank you.


      Winning Laser Hair Remover would take my breath away.


      My wife and daughter would argue who would get to use it first. They would love it.


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      WOW! I’ve always wanted to try this.

    • Melissa Sullivan

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    • Christine V

      exactly what I need, I would love to win

    • Angela Watson

      I want this so bad. Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Tammie

      I echo the sentiments of alot of women when I say “tweezers suck!” :)

    • Karen Gonyea

      Great prize :)

    • mary boemmel

      I could definitely use this prize! Thank you!

    • Catherine

      Fantastic idea- would make so many women happy. I hope these options become more affordable if we can’t all win one in a fab contest!

    • Karen Gonyea

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      I WANT THIS!! judy7885 at gmail dot com

    • Carrie Chastain-Little

      This would be great for the long hot summers in San Antonio!

    • Luke

      Could really use this!!

    • Randall Busby

      Hope it works on the manly type, I could test drive it for you and let you know if it conquers the steel wool. I would make a great test dummy. Thanks r

    • Christina Murray

      I wonder if it hurts as much as spa laser hair removal….well it doesn’t hurt too much, but there is a distinctive ping sensation with heat. I love the idea and convenienve. I would love this product…hope I win.

    • BILL

      great prize, lets go hairless

    • michael woods

      My wife has been tried clinical laser treatments before without success for hair removal and I would love to give her this opportunity as a gift…thanks

    • Stephen

      This would be fantastic for my wife. Never having to shave again.

    • http://LaserHairRemoval Cindy

      Boy does this sound great. I would really like to try this one. I recently had a quote on hair removal. This would be much better.

    • Emily

      Ooh man, awesome prize. Expensive, but a bargain compared to going to a medical spa. I hope I win!

      eeohlin at gmail dot com

    • Pamela Brigance

      I checked out Honey Facial Toner, MAC glitter eyeliner and the Spa at Four Seasons — THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY !!!!!!

    • Kim

      No more shaving would be a good thing! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

    • Dawn Horns

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    • A. Ozair

      this would be SOOOO awesome to have..would solve my BIGGEST problem!! :(

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      Cool prize, I’m in!

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      Thank you so much for offering this contest! This may be the best prize I have ever seen.

    • Joy F

      TRIA Laser Hair Removal System, HONEY FACIAL TONER, CONQUERING DRY SKIN. I would love to win this. Thanks.

    • eva

      *waving wildly* can you imagine life without tweezers? The freedom!! To not worry has that stray chin hair mysteriously reappeared!? To never have to sarong your buns due to the stinko bikini bumps?! Oh what a glorious day for a hair removal neurotic like moi! Thanks e-beauty for rockin the web with cool tips – lush beauty products and awesome prizes like this!

    • Phil Schneider

      No more expensive visits to the doctor.
      I would love to test drive this device.

    • Heather M

      I would LOVE to win this!! Thanks

    • Charlene S

      Heavens, but does this sound heavenly! No more ouches with shavers! Unwanted hair gone! Oh, how wonderful!

    • Angie P

      This looks soooo cool. I would love to have it.

    • tracy davis

      Could really use this!!

    • Janice Whitaker

      Who dosent need this!!

    • Jill Spackman

      I would love to try this. At my age, hairs are growing where they shouldn’t.

    • Shannon

      nice giveaway

    • Bennie Stauffer

      Wow, I would love this!

    • Deb Dahl

      I was thinking about starting the laser treatments. This would be even better…I could do it myself!!!

    • Jackie C.

      I could really really use this! I’ve never had hair removal done professionally because I can’t afford it. This would be perfect for me!!

    • Jessica B.

      OMG, I would love to have this. My hairy legs could give Sasquatch a run for his money!

    • Anne

      My daughter is bi racial and thus has quite dark facial hair and under her arms. We tried waxing but it didn’t work and we went to a laser place for a few visits, until I couldn’t afford it anymore lol

      This would be perfect for her!


    • Holly

      Wow! The tria sounds awesome! A little pricey, but when you take into account how much you’d save on normal laser hair removal it is totally worth it!

    • Quanda

      I would love to win this great giveaway!

    • Gianna

      Done and done :)

    • veedee

      worth a try!

    • Jennifer M

      I am almost embarrassed to admit how much I want this! I have tweezers everywhere (by my in-home office, in the tub, by my bed, in my purse) and I am constantly removing stray little hairs that I simply don’t want. It would be a dream come true to win this great prize and consider your other posts commented on! The TRIA Laser Hair Removal System absolutely rocks!

    • Megan

      That is amazing. You guys are awesome for giving this away!

    • shonda h.

      I really hope I win this!!!!!

    • marsha

      The tria looks great! I would love to try it! I have read alot of positive reviews. Hopefully the price will come down.

    • julia frost

      i really want one of these but it’s too expensive for me. God i hate having dark hair sometimes.

    • Brent

      My girlfriend and I would both be stoked to win this.

    • Rachel

      I would love to win this to get rid of my annoying hairs!

    • Amy

      I would love to have this product. I saw it in the Nordstroms catalog and wanted it then.

    • Michele

      I have been spending a ton of money on laser hair removal. I’d love to try this device to see how well it works. I’ve been reading good reviews on it online.

    • dee

      I have seen this product and it has gotten good reviews. I would love to win this to see the results for myself.

    • Lude

      Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Tiffany Short

      Wow….will it get ridof my boyfriends back hair,,,lol

    • ilana

      I could really use this. I’ve been going to an electrolysis for years and have also tried Laser removal but at this point (i’m in college) its too expensive to get all the time. Please, pick me to the win the Tria. It could help me out alot. <3

    • Mell

      I really have the big problem with hair on all of my body.
      I try’d everithing – nothing helps, I’d love to try this device – its mya last chance.

    • chris mills

      this would save alot of money

    • roula

      I Hope it works as lazer hair removal is very costly …..? if it did it will be the best invention ever…..?

    • Jennifer

      What an amazing product to win!!! I have been interesting in laser hair removal for the last ten years, as I am a light skined and dark haired girl! On top of having such dark visible hair, my skin is very sensitive to shaving. The major detering factor to getting laser hair removal done professionally in the past, is the high cost. If I won this, wearing a bikni would no longer be embarrasing. I will cross my fingers :-)

    • Maya

      I have read good reviews about the product – and am willing to post my experience with it should I happen to win it :)

    • fatima

      just been reading about the product, never sure anything is really true until you try it for youself!! would love to win.

    • Josie

      Who was the lucky winner? Has anyone tried the Tria for blonde hair? I have hair all over my body. Sad but true, as a child I was teased and told and even shown how to shave my hair. At such a young age, this has had a terrible outgrowth of course hair. It’s hard to go out in public anymore. I’ve prayed for a solution. However, been told lasers don’t work for light hair, after spending a lot of time and money professoinally.

      Thank you, and best to you that can relate…

    • Gavin Stilson

      Now we supply it at 539 USD with free shipping & one year-warranty.
      Please contact us:
      Website: www(dot)triabest(dot)com

    • Gloria Alemany

      This past two years have been some of the worst of my life. I have lost everything including my home so i cant afford the little luxuries in life anymore these days and i dream of not having to shave my legs anymore. I would love to win the tria just to brighten life up some. I have read articles on the tria and it is currently on my wishing wall.

    • angel

      This would save time and money!!!

    • angel

      This would save time and money… Think i need to tell my friend to try this…


      I really would love to win this because I am one of those people who have black hair on my legs and lots of it when it has grown in.No matter what i do,it grows back so fast,i can’t keep up with it.I can’t afford to go to those hair removal places either.This would be perfect.

    • Dolph ziggler

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    • Fiona

      I’m tired of shaving, wearing out my razors, and cutting myself, I want to rid of my hairs once and for all.