Melora Hardin is Not Skater Chic

At the MyHouse Parks & Recreation premiere, Melora Hardin brought the humor with this ridiculous combination of almost fedora, skinny jeans and…clogs.

When has it ever been appropriate to wear clogs to a social function? Maybe if you’re gardening…or having a lazy day around the house. But clogs spawned Crocs, so really…you can’t trust them. Ever.

For such a lovely woman, it’s more than a little disappointing to see her pulling together such an unspeakably strange outfit. If the statement is supposed to be “I’m young and hip”, well Melora you failed this time…would it not be better to aim for “I’m mature and fabulous” with a nice cocktail dress? Something that shows off her figure instead of making Melora look like the mom who’s trying to be cool. But isn’t.

Image: Splash News

Image: Splash News

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