Phoebe Price’s Dandelion Ensemble

Somehow, Phoebe Price has become the queen of bad fashion. It’s bad enough that the shock value of each of her outfits, the long red hair, and the ridiculous attempts to get attention is enough to make me roll my eyes into a forehead cramp, but somehow Phoebe’s outfit outside the Beverly Hills Cheese Cake Factory is almost…acceptable.

I wouldn’t pair pastel yellow and mustard yellow together. And the state of her hair makes me want to weep. However…it’s not so much the hat (lovely) or the bag (expensive, but out of place here)…it’s the dude to the left that is going to end up with food falling onto his lap from that wide open mouth.

Amazingly enough, Phoebe gets a pass on this one. But that guy needs a lesson when it comes to playing it cool in the face of a sort-of-celebrity.

Image: Splash News

Image: Splash News

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